Wednesday, October 7, 2020

A Few Considerations on Choosing Dog Clothes

Purchasing new duds almost always gains momentum before and during the winter months. However, people don’t buy clothes just for themselves anymore, especially those who own pets. Pet fashion has been evolving with time, and today, the market is tremendous with immense variety. You’ll find sassy sweaters, cunning coats, cute frocks, and more. There are so many choices that you’ll surely feel confused while searching. Some people say that putting a dress on a pet creature is nothing short of cruelty. However, these individuals have no idea that dogs and cats can suffer from maladies like hypothermia. Nevertheless, you want to know the difference between functional togs and fun-filled, novelty wear. You also need to find out how to get the right fit.

birthday dog clothes

For birthdays If you don’t have a Husky, a Malamute, or a St. Bernard, then it’s entirely possible for your doggie to feel the chill during the winter. While searching for birthday dog clothes consider the following matters.

Thin or fat: Doggies with smaller frames or thin and underweight ones don’t have enough fat in their bodies to help them deal with the cold weather. They require winter garments to feel warm. 

Fur coat: The thickness of your pet’s coat of fur isn’t going to protect him from extreme cold or other forms of inclement weather. Then again, he won’t appreciate a jacket that feels too hot during mildly cold conditions. However, short-haired and wiry-haired pooches will be thankful for some added warmth. 

Illness: If your pet is recovering from an illness or surgery, then he would be susceptible to cold. Therefore, he needs an extra layer to beat the chilliness. 

Age: Senior doggies, especially those who suffer from arthritis will need extra layers during the winter. He will also benefit from warm bedding and jackets. 

Breed: The genetic makeup of your furry family member will determine whether he can handle the coldness of the winter efficiently or not. That’s why you should research the breed of your dog on the web.

birthday dog clothes

Incredible cutting 

Nobody knows your pet better than you. You will be able to choose the best dog clothes for him because you’re aware of his preferences and lifestyle. Knowing these two things would be more than enough to make an appropriate choice regarding the materials of the garments. However, your ultimate objective would be to keep him warm without making him feel itchy or uncomfortable. For that purpose, do the following.

• Take accurate measurements of the neck, the widest area of the chest, and the distance between the waist and the neck.

• The length of the garment shouldn’t go past your canine buddy’s waist. Make sure that the belly remains unconstrained so that he doesn’t have any problem while answering Mother Nature’s summons.

• Measure the weight of your pet.

Fitting like a glove 

Finally, you need to make sure that your doggie can move his neck and arms freely. There shouldn’t be any dragging of fabric anywhere. Double-check to see if putting on and taking off the dress is easy or not. No matter how well-behaved your dog is, he would get frustrated and impatient if he feels stuck in it.

Saturday, October 3, 2020

How to Choose Fashionable Dog Carriers Based On Airline Regulations

Finding that perfect pet creature was difficult. Now that you found your furry ball of love, you don’t feel like going anywhere without him. So, you’re thinking about starting your search for a carrier. However, you should know in advance that pinpointing the right item would be even more challenging. You need something comfortable and stylish. Additionally, you need to think about airline rules. Airline organizations allow only those people to travel with their pets who have the right tote or crate. Fortunately, this topic would be of help to you in your search. Here is a list of some practical tips regarding finding the right carrier for your pet.

The right fit: The most significant part of finding fashionable dog carriers at is selecting the right size. Dogs differ from each other not just in terms of breeds and sizes, but also in terms of behavior and disposition. That’s why finding a tote of the perfect size would be tricky. The height of the pet carry-on bag should come to the top of your pup’s shoulders, but it should never go over his head.

Fashionable Dog Carriers

Airline requirements: If you’re planning to travel the world with your pooch in one of those fashionable dog carriers, then you need to consider the norms enforced by airline organizations. There won’t be enough space inside an aircraft for a large pet carry-on bag. Therefore, you should keep an eye out for small products, but also have enough room for your furry friend to turn around completely. After all, dogs circle the area before lying down, and they do so while keeping their heads pointed downwards. Understandably, shoulder-height bags would be perfect for most doggies.


Get in touch with your airline organization: Do you travel frequently, and do you fly with one particular airline organization most of the time? If yes, then you should consider checking out the guidelines that follow. You can do this by calling their customer service number or exploring their website. Most airline organizations adhere to strict guidelines regarding pet carrier bags and crates. They expect pet-lover passengers to travel with small pet carry-on bags that will fit beneath the seat ahead of them. If your pooch is large, then he would be safer and more comfortable inside the cargo hold.


Don’t neglect quality: Indeed, inspecting the quality of the pet carry-on bags is mandatory. If you’re going to purchase a carrier, then think of it as an investment purchase and spend some money on it. High-quality pet carry-on bags are an investment towards the safety of your furry friend. You surely don’t want the fabric to rip while the bottom of the bag falls out, along with your pooch. While checking the products, choose something with sturdy handles, rugged bottoms, and high-quality stitching.


More airport protocol


You must do a few things before traveling with your pet in an aircraft. First of all, make sure that you clip a tag on the bag with all your pertinent information. Then, get in touch with your veterinarian so that he/she can prepare health records and vaccines required by the airline or the country that you’re going to visit. Also, remember that you carry enough food and water so that your pet doesn’t feel hungry or thirsty during long layovers.