Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Choosing Safe and High-Quality Discount Dog Toys

Did you recently bring a puppy to your home or has your doggie been part of your family for several years? Regardless, you need to choose the right toy for your pet, and this task can be a tricky one. The best way to start would be to match your pet’s personality and chewing habits. In doing so, you’ll be able to decide on the right plaything for your pooch. While you can always visit a local pet store, the better option would be to choose something from an online shop. No matter what you do, it’s going to be a trial and error process before you find the perfect product for your four-legged family member.

discount dog toys


Hard-rubber products: You’ll find some of the best discount dog toys on Posh Puppy Boutique. It’s a company that sells fancy dog toys that you won’t find in any local store. Now, hard-rubber products have several benefits that make them an excellent choice for aggressive chewers. They are extremely durable and provide jaw and mouth exercise for pets that enjoy chewing. These playthings will keep your doggie occupied for hours.


Vinyl products: The luxury dog toys made of vinyl are soft, and doggies can compress them easily with their teeth. These are right for your pet if he/she isn’t an aggressive chewer. Of course, these aren’t as durable as the ones made of hard rubber. Also, vinyl products contain squeakers that almost every pet enjoys. They are excellent for playing fetch, but popular among doggies if they play with them alone.

discount dog toys


Soft toys: Manufacturers prepare them from fleece or plush fabric. Some of these playthings have squeakers, while others only contain a filling made of polyester fiber. These toys are even better than the ones made of vinyl for playing fetch. These, of course, aren’t durable at all. That’s why you should choose them only if you know that your pooch isn’t destructive with his/her toys.


Rope playthings: These are fun to fetch and play tugging games with. Your pet can chew them for as long as he/she wants. Rope playthings come in a variety of flavors. They are also durable enough to last long, even after immense torture. You can choose them for both aggressive chewers and soft biters.


Rawhide bones: Rawhide bones and chews can be beneficial to doggies if they suffer from dental health issues. By chewing these playthings, your pets can get rid of plaque and tartar from the surface of the teeth. These can keep your furry friend’s teeth clean and white. They are good enough for an aggressive chewer too.

discount dog toys


Bones made of nylon


Finally, you can purchase bones made of nylon, especially if your doggie loves to chew. Just like rawhide bones, they can improve the dental health of your dog. They are non-abrasive and remove plaque. With one such toy, your doggie will never feel bored. He/she will chew it for hours on end. Some companies even offer flavored products of various sizes. As playthings for pets provide hours of fun and enjoyment for pets, choosing the right product is of the utmost importance for pet owners.

Monday, July 13, 2020

How to Choose the Best Dog Carriers for Your Pet ?

If you have the perfect, doggie-friendly bag, then you can use it to explore the world with your canine buddy. You can go anywhere, whether to a local grocery store or to an entirely different continent, with the right bag. Now, these carriers come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. If you search the web, then you’ll surely find something worthwhile. However, if you could have some information on how to choose the right one, then things would get much easier for you. That’s why this topic deserves your attention. Here you’ll get a few tips on choosing the right bag for your furry four-legged pal.

fashionable dog carriers


Consider the size: Some of the best fashionable dog carriers are available at Posh Puppy Boutique. However, you need to choose a designer dog carrier based on your pet’s measurements. If you own a large doggie, then carrying him/her around would be challenging for you. Also, if you’re willing to take him/her with you, then you’ll need a large bag. Conversely, for small dogs, you need to pick a luxury pet carrier in which he/she can snuggle perfectly.


Airline-acceptable: If you get the right Chanel dog carrier, then you won’t have to leave your pet at a boarding facility. Airline authorities accept specific bags in which you can carry your pets with you. They give a green light to both doggie crates and carriers, but the latter is the better option, especially if you want to keep your furry buddy close to you during the flight. However, you may need to research the dog purse carrier types to know about the ones that airline organizations accept. You should also know that these bags serve different purposes.

fashionable dog carriers


Convenience: The bag that you choose for your pet has to be convenient for you as well as your doggie. When it comes to design and style, most products are exceptionally appealing. Nevertheless, convenience tops everything else. For instance, if your pooch is too large, then it won’t be easy for you to walk around with a hand-carried bag. You should choose something that has wheels at the base. Wheeled products are the best when you have to visit the veterinarian or go through an airport that requires long walks to the departure gate.


Don’t compromise on quality: As already mentioned earlier, you should never sacrifice on convenience. Even if you do, the product that you choose should be of high quality. Fido can easily chew his way out of a low-quality bag and make a run for it out of excitement. You don’t want anything like that to happen in an airport. A high-quality carrier will ensure that your doggie doesn’t succeed in chewing through it. You’ll have peace of mind during the entire flight knowing that your four-legged pal is safe with you inside the bag.

fashionable dog carriers


To conclude


You should look for carrier bags for pets that are hard on the outside with a soft and comfortable lining on the inside. Also, check the security features to ensure that the clasps and locks don’t get loose while commuting.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

How to Pick the Perfect Luxury Dog Bed?

According to experts, doggies need to sleep for almost 12 to 14 hours every day. You probably slept that long during your college days. For puppies, this time limit can go even higher than 14 hours. Don’t you think that these reasons are strong enough for you to invest in a bed that suits your pooch? Buying the perfect product where your doggie will hit the sack will ensure that your house remains clean. By training Fido to use it, you can save him from dealing with ugly and painful calluses. Also, if one or more of your family members are allergic to pet fur, then a doggie cot will be a lifesaver for them. Here you’ll learn how to choose the right product.

luxury dog bed


Size of your pet: Before searching for a luxury dog bed at Posh Puppy Boutique, you should measure your furry family member. In a few rare cases, certain breeds can grow larger than expected. That’s why you should prioritize measuring your pet and checking the size chart before buying fancy dog beds. Regardless of the cute dog beds that you choose, it should accommodate your pet from the tip of his/her nose to the end of his/her buttocks.


Ease of cleaning: Whether you want high-end dog beds, unique dog beds, or princess dog beds, it has to be easy enough to clean. Since canines shed throughout the year, cleaning the cot is of the utmost importance. Cots that are suitable for small or toy breeds can fit inside a washing machine easily. You should go for machine-washable products for your small doggie. However, cots for large dogs aren’t going to fit inside any washing machine. For these creatures, you should choose a product with a removable cover.

luxury dog bed

Age: Indeed, the age of your pooch is an important point of consideration. It will dictate the type of bedding that you need to pick. When a young pup starts to grow teeth, he/she becomes aggressive, but in a fun-filled way. He/she will try to chew through anything and everything. Naturally, a cot for a small puppy has to be chew-proof. On the other hand, older animals tend to develop bone problems. If you have an old four-legged family member, then you’ll need an orthopedic bed. These beds are soft on the top but firm in the bottom. Furthermore, you need to worry about your pet if you didn’t potty-train him yet. If things get messy, a waterproof bed can save you.


Sleeping style: Another factor to keep in mind is the sleeping style of Fido. Some doggies curl up in a ball while sleeping, while others tend to stretch out. You need to consider both your pet’s sleeping style and size to choose the bedding.

luxury dog bed


The material used: The material used in the construction of the product is vital. Some animals are allergic to synthetic materials. For such a dog, you’ll need a bed made of natural fibers, such as cotton.


Design too


In the end, you should pay attention to the design. Fortunately, you’ll have more than enough designs and styles to explore at the website mentioned above. You can pick something that matches the overall d├ęcor of your house, or a colorful product that lets your pet take a nap in style.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Why Do You Need Designer Pet Carriers ?

When it’s time to take your doggie or kitty to the vet, for grooming, or to a boarding facility, you can’t make do with a carrier. It’s an essential accessory that you need if you own a pet. You can choose from crates, boxes, cages, backpacks, handheld bags, or sling-bags. They are ideal for almost any domesticated creature, such as dogs, cats, chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits, and birds. You can always use any spare piece of old luggage that you don’t use anymore to transport your doggie or anything else that you own. However, such alternatives aren’t suitable. Here are a few reasons why you must invest in them.

designer pet carriers


Travel companion: Why would you look for anyone else to be your travel companion when you have your doggie with you? Go through the unique collection of designer pet carriers. Then, choose a style and utilitarian product, and head out for a journey with Fido.


Convenience for both: The designer pet carriers sold by companies, like the one mentioned above, make things convenient for both you and your dog. It will keep your pooch safe and secure while traveling.

designer pet carriers

Designer products: If you own a small dog, then you get the opportunity to browse through the section of products that are suitable for small breeds. Manufacturers don’t hesitate to add extravagant embellishments to these bags and crates. You can choose from products made of leather, faux fur, canvas, and many other versatile materials.


Stylish and fashionable: Stylish bags and crates that allow you to commute with your doggie also let you make a fashion statement. The design and style of a few products will surely get a fair share of attention from people around you.

designer pet carriers


Airport-friendly: Indeed, some of the crates and bags that you’ll come across during your search for airport-friendly. Airline organizations allow pet owners like you to take their doggies or kitties with them while traveling overseas. It means that you can leave the country for vacation with your four-legged buddy. However, you need to make sure that you choose something that the airline organizations approve of.


Backpacks: Did you know that you can carry your dog on a backpack? Today, manufacturers create stylish backpacks that can accommodate your doggie perfectly. Besides, backpacks let your hands remain free for movement. Backpacks are suitable for slightly larger dogs as well.

Designer Pet Carriers


Some benefits


Now you have several compelling reasons to invest in a high-quality carrier. These products also have specific benefits that you should know about. The right crate or bag can provide a safe place for your dog to feel comfortable, especially when you take him/her to unfamiliar surroundings. It can reduce fear, anxiety, and stress. It also reduces the stimuli that you expose your dog too. As you can see, owning a pet without a carrier is like having a car without a steering wheel. You need to invest in one of these products at the earliest. You can search for them on the website mentioned above.