Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Importance Of High Quality Designer Dog Beds For Your Dog

Is there anything more rejuvenating than a proper night’s sleep? This is true not just for humans but your furry friends as well. Depending on their age, dogs sleep for around 12 to 18 hours in a day. To snooze peacefully, they also require comfortable beds. But as we all know they cannot purchase one on their own. To them, you are their whole world, owner, caretaker, everything. It is your responsibility to make sure that your puppy or adult dog is always in comfort especially during the sleeping hours. Manifold online dog product suppliers have emerged these days and from them you can witness a huge collection of high quality dog beds.

Why buy online?

The designer trend is applicable not just for humans anymore but for dogs too. There are not many physical stores that you will find where you can purchase really cool and comfortable The Posh Puppy Boutique designer dog beds. Going online is the best option. Time saving, discounts and deals, huge array of products, online chatbots for product selection, timely delivery are some of the perks of going online. Apart from that, it is beneficial for your dog as well because the product quality that you will find online is hard to trace elsewhere. 

Other pointes to be noted are: 
  • Superior quality utilized for manufacturing dog beds and these are eco-friendly as well. This means not only your dog will not be in discomfort while it sleeps but there will be no harm caused to Mother Nature as well
  • Luxury beds found in most reputed online stores are equipped with foamed pillows that make dogs super comfortable. They actually feel cozy, safe and secure and snuggle a lot which they really love to do
  • The dog beds come with high quality waterproof lining
  • Bed covers of the luxury dog beds can be easily removed and washed
  • Different colors, prints and sizes of dog beds are available
  • The surrounding of the dog bed comes with padded protection as well that is especially beneficial for puppies as it will prevent them from falling down on the floor
  • Most importantly, the base of the dog beds is furnished with Nylon material that repels dirt. This means that the dogs never have to face allergy issues
  • The price range for big and small dog beds vary and are competitive as well 

Some products to buy 
  • Enchanted nights bed in snow white
  • Crystal collection luxury pet bed in imperial silver
  • Louis dog brilliant boom bed in flower bouquet
  • Enchanted nights bed in baby doll pink
  • Louis dog happy Sunday bed linen in mustard
  • Cosmic grey micro jacquard scandinave pet sofa
  • Pink holic cushion
  • Furrari bed
  • Dream dog cushion
  • Louis dog brilliant boom bed in brown plaid

The options are too many. Take your time, browse through the website, sign up for their newsletter, avail coupons and discounts and get hands on high quality products for your fur baby. The buying experience from the reputed websites is also amazing. Once you shop from them, you will feel like shopping again.

Designer Pet Products In USA And Pet Insect Supplies Purchase Online

You love your pet but you also love style. So if you combine the two, what do you perceive? You get to buy fantastic stylish products for your dog that is eye-catching as well as highly functional. The next question that arises is from where you get such amazing products? The online world is nowadays vivacious and dynamic. You will find several reputed manufacturers of pet products that will pose quality life not just for the pet but for you as well. Pet food, accessories, carriers, apparel, furniture, grooming kit, jewelry, gift baskets, and strollers; there is nothing that you won’t find online.

Show love to your pet

All dog lovers will agree to the fact that both puppies and adult dogs require care, love and cuddles all the time. Either you can do it physically or else you can also choose to pamper your fur baby with superior quality The Posh Puppy Boutique designer pet products. As your dog constantly showers love & affection on you, this must be reciprocated. With these luxury pet products, you can make the life of your pet a lot more comfortable, relaxed, hygienic, safe, and fashionable and a lot more. 

Some products that you can choose to buy are as follows:

  • Hawaiian red hibiscus designer dog dress
  • Doggie chill full-spectrum hemp oil for pets – bacon
  • Doggie chill grain-free CBD dog biscuits  - Cheddar cheese
  • Doggie design sport hoodie – nautical blue
  • EasyCLICK harness – camouflage
  • The human cabana shirt “Blue Crush”
  • Mellow Yellow T
  • Aspen Puffer in pink
  • Fisherman hand knit sweater
  • Al the alligator toy
  • Wilbur pig toy
  • Hound & Horse in Ferrari red
  • Haute couture Spanish pearl in white patent and gold
  • Holiday crystal bit in white patent
  • Dublin bow tie collar
  • Jamaica bikinis
  • Leo bow tie
Say no to TICKS!

The term “TICKS” though small but its impact is huge. Ticks can prove to be very dangerous for your dog. It can lead to skin itches, allergies, rashes and sometimes death when the number of ticks on the dog’s body becomes uncontrollable. Also for humans, any form of contact with ticks is not good. While shopping for best designer pet products, you will also find shampoos, powders, conditioning sprays for dogs that guarantee complete tick removal. 

Few products are as follows:

  • John Paul tea tree conditioning spray
  • Flea and tick yard control spray refill
  • Flee flea flee – all natural flea and tick repellant for dogs
The products that you buy online from Posh Puppy Boutique are worth every penny that you spend. For indoors, travelling purposes, hiking, visiting the dog park or vet, or just when your dog plays in the backyard; there are dog products available for all kinds of events. This means that with your furry friend, you will have to face no hassles. The online vendors always supply products that comply with the international standards of security and safety and never compromise with quality.

Buy these products today and ensure a healthy and hygienic life for your beloved dog.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Massive Collection of Functional and Appealing Luxury Dog Accessories for Your Pet

When you go through pet circulars offered by the Government irrespective of the nation, everything you will find one thing common. It says that there is no such difference between a puppy and a human toddler except the anatomic structure. This call for caring for them in the same way you would care for your own child. Looking after every need, likes, discomfort, dislike, food, health; everything as a puppy owner is your duty as the pup entirely depends on you. There are a lot of dog accessories accessible in the current market that can prove to be highly beneficial for your dog. Some are functional and some are manufactured just so that you can make your fur baby look stylish and super cute. Let’s dig deep and actually learn about the massive collection of dog accessories that one can buy in the current times.

Amazing dog accessory collection at online dog boutiques

Did you know that there are dog designers too? Surprising right? But there is nothing in this 2st century that isn’t possible. Give to the rise of high-end technologies, more skilled designer teams, massive access to online channels; you can now get hands on high quality luxury dog accessories that can make your puppy look no less than a diva or a hero. 

We can know it better as we look at the varieties found:

  • Bike accessories like
ü  Dog bicycle basket
ü  Wicker pet bicycle basket
ü  Buddy bike basket in pink

  • Car accessories like
ü  Cloud car seat in ivory
ü  Car seat quilted teal green
ü  Car seat saver

  • Leash hooks
  • Portable bowls like
ü  Me love treats snack caddie
ü  Pitter patter chocolate snack caddie
ü  Credit card sized water bowl aqua bol
ü  Pet water bottle
ü  Collapsible water bowl in pink
ü  KlipScoop portion control

  • Huxley and Kent – lucky shamrock bandana
  • Let’s pawty – birthday dog bandana
  • Teal Polaris snood
With all these amazing products, you definitely feel like spoiling your fur baby right? Do so right away as your visit the website and start buying these amazing high quality dog accessories. As you land up on the products page, you can witness discounts and deals as well that will help you in staying within your budget.

Dog accessories that are a must

Not only for indoors but while you travel with your dog, some luxury dog accessories are a must. These will not only help the dog to be comfortable at all times but it will help dog owners in managing everything smoothly as well. 

The list goes as follows:

  • Dog pee pads
  • Chew toys
  • Crate or kennel
  • Leash
  • Water and food bowls
  • Treats
  • Identification tags
  • All grooming supplies like nail clippers, bristle brush, cotton balls, etc
So in case you do not have any of these products right now at your home, you must know that buying these is important. Especially when you travel, you and your dog can travel peacefully with the availability of such products.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Choosing The Right Dog Carrier For Your Pooch

Are you looking for a safer way of taking your dog to the vet or do you often travel with your dog on thrilling adventures? Whichever reason you might need it for, buying a dog carrier can bring in lots of advantages. You can get a look at the variety of carriers found these days online. The online merchants are nowadays gaining a lot of attention and popularity with their wide range of dog products. But there are so many kinds of carriers accessible in the current times that you might get overwhelmed while trying to buy the correct one. So let us explore the correct way of determining the kind of carrier you dog actually needs.

Picking appropriate products for your dog

It will be a lot easier for you to pick the dog carrier once you go through this guide:

·         Taking measurement – First weighing and measuring your dog is important. Start from the tip of the nose till the base of the tail & simply add three inches. After that measure your pet from the top of the head to the dog’s ground & again add three inches. When it comes to soft & hard dog carriers, the product that you choose must have good amount of space so that your dog can stand up & turn around easily. On the other hand for wearable carriers such as a sling or dog backpack carrier, a dog will not require so much extra room for moving around. Also every carrier specifies a particular weight and this has to be kept in mind always while shopping online.

·         Picking a style

ü  Travel kennels or hard dog carriers offer complete protection for any dog. These carriers are perfect for extended travels.
ü  Supple dog carrier bags are best for small and medium sized dogs and also appropriate for pets that are travel friendly. Dogs that suffer from anxiety and nervousness will try to run away by digging and for them this type of carrier is not recommended.
ü  Wheeled carriers make travelling with dogs highly comfortable for dog owners as it poses no stress on their shoulders & back. You can pull the carrier from behind and such products will prevent pets from getting jostled around. For airplane travelling, these products are perfect but are never recommended for hiking.

List of products

Some amazing The Posh Puppy Boutique dog carrier products that you can choose to buy are:

·         Wooflink You’re my honey bag pack
·         Dogline pet carrier pack
·         RIO rolling dog carrier – orange zest
·         Rio bag on wheels – black woven
·         K9 sport sack air in jet black
·         Cloudy dog carrier in pink
·         Susan Lanci velvet cuddle carrier – classic pink
·         Reversible 3 in 1 snuggle bug bed carrier – fancy black
·         Edgar carrier in Denim
·         Vienna sling in Lemon
·         Kelle – Camo
·         Tough shell wheeled collapsible carrier
·         World traveler with wheels – black diamond

With all these amazing products out there, what are you waiting for? Simply buy one or more than one dog carrier for varied purposes today & ensure absolute comfort for your dog.

Choosing Designer Dog Bowls By Keeping Important Factors In Mind

You might own a dog whose nose is a bit short and somebody else might own a dog whose ear is a bit long. When purchasing dog bowls, you might buy by depending on factors such as good taste, durability & price. But this is not the correct way of buying. This is because dog bowls come in varied designs and each one is meant to meet the requisite of different kind of dogs. The correct dog bowl is a product that helps your dog to enhance posture, get less stressed on the joints and eat at a slow pace. The current market can offer you a plethora of varied products from reputed brands. Purchase one for the utmost comfort of your dog.

Pampering at its best

We know how important the appropriate dog bowl can be for your dog. But this is the functional side of these products that we are looking at. If you wish to pamper your dog by bringing him super stylish and good looking products, then you must go for designer dog bowls. These products are extremely sturdy, made from high quality and safe materials, cost-effective & a lot more. The joy you will feel in feeding your puppy or adult fur baby in these bowls will be immeasurable. Few products are listed below so that you can narrow down your choices: 
  • Orange melamine couture sculpture double dog bowl
  • Slow feeder – large drop – teal
  • Buckle-down wonder woman pet bowl
  • Brake fast dog food slow feed bowl – large in black
  • Fung shui plastic pet fountain
  • Eyenimal electronic pet feeder
  • 5 meal automatic pet feeder
  • Chopper’s hot paws bowl
  • Moderno adjustable feeder graphite
  • Cedar elevated log diner
  • Southern maple single diner
  • Tiny oval double diners
  • Mash n stash collapsible dog bowl
  • Poochables to go portable food and water dispenser
  • Adjustable pet feeder

How to choose the correct dog bowl?

Doing little homework before buying The Posh Puppy Boutique designer dog bowls is important. This is because when it comes to mealtime, dogs remain super excited & often gulp down all the food really fast that can lead to gas, indigestion, etc. Find out the bowl that is perfect for your fury friend:
  • Shallow bowls are for bulldogs and pugs that have short noses. By this pets can easily reach to the food without any strain.
  • Elevated bowls are for big dogs or dogs who are recovering from arthritis or surgery. Due to the elevated height dogs won’t require to stoop & strain for reaching to the food.
  • Slow bowls are for dogs that eat too fast. Slow feeders will prevent your dog from facing gastrointestinal problems.
  • Deep bowls are for dogs like collies & dachshunds that have long noses. The steep nature of these bowls will offer dogs additional nose room that will make them feel more comfortable while they eat.

Wait no more & buy a dog bowl that is perfect for your dog today.