Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Dog Makes the Best Valentine’s Date Using Designer Pet Products

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and while some of us are distressed for we have no dates, there are some who have the best dates! Wondering what kind of a person would make the best date for this Valentine’s Day? Well, here is a simple answer- Your Pet Dog!

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Why do Dogs make the Best Valentine’s Date?

Given below are some of the top reasons which explain why dogs make the best dates:

A dog will never be late for a date. Be it dining out at a fancy restaurant or cooking a massively difficult French dinner, your date is going to right next to you, enjoying every moment of it. Your dog will not MISUNDERSTAND a single word or feeling. Dogs have the tendency to read the mood, so unlike humans, they understand for just the way they are and do not make it hard to have a conversation with them.


Another plus point: They do not talk unnecessarily and do not annoy you with weird questions!

No need to dress up and spend time with your appearance. It does not matter to your dog if you look like you just slipped out of bed,or you look as good as Brad Pitt, they will  love you all the same. They are definitely not going to nag about being “un-presentable!” (What a relief right?)

No sharing of Deserts! Wow, that’s the biggest reason to hang out with your dog this Valentine’s day. Dress yourself up and dress your dog by choosing verity collection of designer pet products. Even if your dog looks at you expectantly for some dessert, remember that sweets are not good for your dog’s health.


What can you do?

Well, now that we are done with stating why dogs should be your Valentine every year from this year onwards, here is what you can do with your dog to enjoy your day:

Spend the entire day indoors. Binge watch movies and bawl your eyes out or binge watch on the TV series you have been waiting to watch with your dog next to you. Did you know, nobody snuggles better than a lovable dog?

Spend the day outdoors! Dogs love being outdoors, play with your dog, exchanges some throws or take the dog on a hike along with you. Spend the day running around and enjoying every bit of it. After all, who does not love being outdoors?

Travel! Go to a beach or take your dog across borders to meet a friend. Whatever, just hop on a flight or rent a car, and go wherever you have been longing to visit!


With numerous plans and ideas, you could find this occasion to get your dog a beautiful present of designer dog collars. Show-off your new beautiful designer dog collars and makes the most out of your date! 

Take your dog to a nearby eating parlor or take your dog to the beach or simply spend your day indoors do what you do best- chilling, this Valentine’s Day!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Use Safe Grooming Pet Product Your Dog

Taking care of dogs is something every pet owner takes pride in. With many options out there, we know that you may be wondering which product to use for your dog. Additionally, you must worry about the safety of your dogs.

And which is why we are here to help you. With luxury dog accessories and luxury care products that we provide for your pets, it is easy to take care of your dog.

Grooming Products for your Dog

Pet owners, you do not have to worry about the safety of your dogs anymore. Here is a list of luxury care products for your dogs:

  • Angel Eyes Shampoo and Ear Rinser: Angels Eyes shampoo is a unique tearless shampoo which helps your dog’s coat to maintain its shine. The Angel Eyes ear rinser is made use of a unique formula to get rid of accumulated wax inside your dog’s ears.
  • TropiClean Teeth Gel: Looking for something to get rid of your dog’s smelly teeth? Here is Tropic Clean Teeth gel made with natural ingredients, which effectively removes the foul smell.

  • TropiClean Ear Wipes: The TropiClean Ear wipes are specifically engineered to give your pet’s ear a soft yet thorough cleaning. The wipes remove all kinds of debris as well as earwax from your pet’s ears without making a mess.
  • Bubbles & Beads Shampoo & Conditioner: Available on our website,, is a nourishing shampoo which gives your dog a bath packed with nutrients. The beads present in the shampoo is packed with vitamins, which makes the bathing experience more fun for your dog.


  • Organic Oscar’s Itch Relief Shampoo: The shampoo is infused with tea tree oils, neem extracts and organic citronella, which works well for the dogs who are healing from bug infections and bug bites. The shampoo is made of organic products which makes it a good product for dogs with sensitive skins.
  • Hot Spot Cream: Hot Spot Cream available at stores and on our website, is a steroid-free and fragranced cream. The cream reduces pain, inflammation, and swelling. Furthermore, it also moisturizes dry skin and works well on insect bites.

  • Antibiotic-Free Vegan Eye Pads: These pads are an essential part of your dog’s hygiene. The product is made of vegan products and does not include any elements derived from animals. Plus, this product is gentle on your dog’s eyes and fragrance-free.
  • EYENIMAL Pet Electronic Flea Comb: EYENIMAL is a pet-friendly brand. And its product, electronic Flea Comb, is quite effective in the fighting off the problem of fleas for your dogs.

At Posh Puppies, we hope to provide the best care for your dogs. We understand the need for safe products, which is why we help dog parents by giving them a variety of luxury dog accessories and luxury care products. Your dog and its care will be well taken care of at our place. Visit our website or a store near you for the collection of these products.

Dynamic Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy During This Winter

Winters are a tough time for us as well as our dogs. Taking care of your dog in winters may seem like a tough task, but by following certain tips and making use of some essential tips, we are sure you will be able to groom your pet easily.
Here, we provide everything you can imagine for your dog and puppies. So, feel free to pick out any of the products we offer for your dog’s grooming.
Some Dynamic Tips to help you Groom Your Dog for winters

Wondering how to take care of your pet during the winter season? Here is a list of certain tips that you can make use of for winters:


Although it is easy to wash your dog a couple of times a week in summers, you cannot do so in winters. However, a bath is required to fix a time for washing your pet once in fifteen days. Considering the degree of coldness in your area change your times for washing. Washing your dog within short periods of times may prove to be harmful to your dog.


Brushing your dog’s coat is an essential hygiene point. You could make use of the designerpet accessories or the simple pet brush offered by us to brush your dog’s coat. Brushing regularly helps your dog’s coat to remain untangled and flea free. Furthermore, the quality of your dog’s coat is maintained.

Like humans, dogs too suffer from dry skin. To tackle this, you bathe your dog with a moisturizing shampoo. To keep your dog healthy and clean, we advise you to try Angel Eyes shampoo for your dog or Bubbles & Beads Shampoo & Conditioner.
Nail Trimming

Be it summers or winters, nails will grow. And as a dog parent, you will need to clip these nails away. Clipping overgrown nails will allow your dog to live a more playful life. Additionally, you will be eradicating the problem of the dog hurting themselves with the overgrown nails.
Protecting your Dog’s Paws


You dog’s paws are soft and may hurt you do not maintain them. The paws of your dog need to be cleaned regularly and make sure you drive out the unnecessary dirt and gravel. Furthermore, make sure that you do not let the dirt accumulate there. Accumulated dirt may lead to a mighty infection.

Pets, like humans, need grooming. Regular grooming of your pets will allow the pets to live a healthier and happier life. You could groom your dogs on your own or take them out for grooming. During winters remember to moisturize your dog and keep them warm. Additionally, invest in warm clothing which will make your dog feel warmer.
Grooming your pets has become easier in today’s time. There are so many products for dog parent to choose from and fulfill their dog’s needs!