Monday, November 12, 2018

List of ultramodern designer dog bags online for your pet

A dog in the house means a lot of responsibilities. You cannot leave him or her alone and go for a venture for a few days. You have to either opt for a kennel or a take your pet friend with you. Carrying a dog with you along with the luggage can be very tough. Let us make it simple and easier by buying a designer dog bag. The bags are designed with utmost precision using the knowledge of the dog’s physical attributes. The comfort factor is considered the most to choose a fabric and give the design the best shape.


Best designer dog bags for travel
Posh Puppies Boutique is the best online portal to find the right set of designer dog bags. You will find an eclectic collection of the latest designer bags from the leading fashion houses which take dog accessories a serious affair. Designing best dog accessories, suiting the need and meeting the expectation of the dog parents in the best way is the prime motto of the dog fashion brands.

Exclusive backpack
The backpacks are designed to fit in most of the small breeds so that you can carry them easily on your back. These bags are made of a sturdy material which will provide a breathable environment for the fur-babies. You will find K9 Sport Sack and On-The-Go Travel Bark Pack the best in class for small and medium sized dogs. These items have an ergonomic design that can impart comfort to both the owner and the pet.


Canvas side bag carriers
When you have an exotic pet as a style statement then you will need these exotic dog bags to carry it outside. The canvas style carriers come with large handles that can be used to hang them from the shoulders too. These bags have ample space for smaller breeds. Choose the Haylee, Perth, Metro and other brands in this section to come up with an exotic collection.

Faux Fur carriers
The small fur-babies are delicate in nature and cannot be packed in a sturdy carrier. They will need a softer environment to travel comfortably. The right choice in this aspect will be Louis Linenaround Bag collection, Susan Lanci Luxury Purse collection, Cloudy Dog Carrier collection, etc. These luxury bags are made of softest faux fur which will keep the cutie pies cozy and warm.


Luxury carriers
Let us go outside with your pet dog in style Drop some jaws on the way by using a luxury dog carrier. Black Croco Bond Girl Collection, Louis Dog Viva Bag Fur collection, Tweed collection, etc are the most exotic ones to choose a bag from.

Traveler edition
These are the travel size bags for your pet friend. It is like a small room for your dog that can be easily carried like a travel case or a trolley. You can also use these bags to carry your pet on a flight.

Doggie Style Rescue Me Canvas Tote

Choose the best designer dog bags for your convenience so that you can travel with your dog in style. Create your own style statement to match your personality when you are outdoors with your pet.

Get these discount dog toys to enjoy a nice playtime with your pup

Imagine how bored your dog will be when you are not with him! The boredom will make him go for the various things present in the house and play with them. This is why the lonely dogs end up destroying your assets such as couches, pillows, clothes, etc. Avoid these mishaps and keep your dog extremely happy by creating a collection of interactive dog toys. The unique toys are sold in the reputed dog accessory stores online. Trust the best brands and get the best ones for your pup to keep them engaged and energetic all the time.


Best interactive discount dog toys  
It is said that the toys play an active role in the physical and mental development of the dogs. The pups will enjoy playing with the interactive discount dog toys from Posh Puppies Boutique, the leading online dog accessories store.

Big toys for big boys
These toys are specifically built for the bigger breeds. The tug toys, chew toys, and the plush toys with a squeaker are the best ones to choose. You can go for the ideal collection from Chomper Gladiator, Donutz, Beach Dog Bone, Snowball Gang, etc. The interactive shapes, beautiful colors and remarkable sturdiness of the safe fabric will become the best friend of your pup when you are not there.

Designer Inspired toys
This is a unique collection of toys that are inspired by the shapes and designs of daily objects we use such as coffee cups, bottles, foods, etc. You will find Tory Bark Shoe plush toys, Perignonn Champagne, Starbarks Puppermint Mocha container toy, Tory Bark Shoe toy, etc in the collection that will tickle the curious mind of the dog to play with them all the time.


Plush toys for fun
These toys have a great shape to make the dogs more curious and play with them. These toys come in the shapes of food, animals, figurines, bones, balls, etc. The fabric used to make these plush toys is soft yet very strong. It is safe for the dogs to use. The plush toys from Beach Dog, Holiday Christmas, Holiday Snowman, and other collections will be a great addition to your dog accessories.


Loopies toys
This is an elegant collection where you will find beautifully crafted toys such as Crunchy Leather Cigars, Loopies Lobster, Vintage Leather Chichen, Jokko Ball Cover, Water Loopies toys, etc. These toys are the ideal companion for your dog. They will become perfectly-chewable plush toys for the pet to spend a quality time playing.

Organic toys
These toys are 100% safe for the dogs and are made of plush organic cotton fabric. The collection contains Cotton Crochet, Scoop Ice Cream, Chiquito Banana, Organic Loofah collection, etc to choose from.

The discount dog toys in the collection of the online store are the ideal items for your pet. These items will keep your pet engaged for hours. Get these toys today at a discounted price and gift your pet.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Halloween offers 2018 designer pet products

Its Halloween time for everyone, then why not give a treat to your dog. Get wonderful Halloween products for your pet. This will make your pet a show stealer in the event, as he will get lots of attention and, as a dog owner, and you will get the appreciation. There are several costumes specially designed for the dogs to wear in the Halloween, you can choose your preferable costume that suits to your dog the most.

Posh puppy boutique offers a plethora of luxury dog accessoriesand that is perfect for this Halloween. This is a popular online dog boutique, where you can find different kinds of latest Halloween pet products. We will provide several dog accessories such as hats, costumes, ties, prince and princess outfits. These accessories will enhance the look of your pet and make them more attractive.

designer pet products

We make your pet looks magnificent and unique among other pets. There are various sizes of costumes available with us for any breeds. They will get a good fit and is comfortable for them to wear. Halloween is a celebration that brings funand designer pet products frolic for everyone. Similarly by wearing some special costumes,it makes you feel unique in the event and as well as for your pet, its very significant.

We at Posh Puppy ensure to give high quality Halloween costumes/products for your dog in affordable cost. You can get it online and make sure to choose the right outfit for your adorable pet. As you will be amazed to know that animals are capable of dressing like some scary characters and make the Halloween party more entertaining. If you are a dog owner, then get an attractive Halloween product for your pet.

Pumpkin Tie Striped Tank - Black and White

Dog lovers will surely understand the value of pets and by dressing them up, they would give them a special place in their home. Dog Halloween fashion is trending now a days. Luxury dog accessoriesare latest and cost effective. It’s always good to purchase something for your pet and dress them significantly. The dog will surely enjoy it and this will beautify their look as well.

Looking for some special Halloween dog products? Then you have bumped in the right place. We offer the best options for Halloween pet products and we ensure to give luxurious accessories for your dog. These unique accessories will facilitate more uniqueness to the appearance of your dog. Even you can find wonderful jewelry and hats for your dog. Your dog will look smarter and pretty with our Halloween outfits.

Halloween Cats and Witches Party Collars

Give your dog excellent bling with fancy dog collars this Halloween. The wide collections of dog collars are surely a right choice to replace with the ordinary collar. There are various designs and quality products available online, specially designed for Halloween. 


We have an array of collection that will surely match your dog’s style and taste. The beautiful patterns of various products would perfectly match any dog outfits. Gone are the days when dogs’s accessories are not countable, but now for any occasion dress your dog with a special outfit/accessory.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Designer pet accessories 2018 for Halloween

Halloween is considered as an amazing event. Presently people are celebrating Halloween very significantly. However, if you were a dog owner, you would love to dress your pet with amazing Halloween costume. Posh puppy boutique is largest online dog boutiques that provide extensive ranges of dog accessories and products. When its Halloween its important to put designer accessories to your dog as they look different and unique.


There are various designer pet accessoriesfor Halloween such as Bandanas, Scarves, and Snoods available in the online store. This Halloween you could buy these accessories for your dog and make them special.

Cuffs & Anklets
This is an excellent designer pet products for Halloween. This will enhance the dog’s beauty and your dog will look amazing in the Halloween event. This is a top quality product and available with free shipping.

Halloween hat

This will give a smart look to your dog. The designer Halloween hat will suit to your dog and it has different designs and colors available in the online store.

Frog Dog Costume


The Halloween sparkling necklace will give amazing look to your dog. Your pet will become a show stealer. This product is easy to put in your dog’s neck and a comfortable wear for your pet.

Hair bow & clip

This product is specially designed for Halloween with various designer logos. You can put it in your dog’s hair. It is easy to put and you will love to see a change appearance of your pet.


Designer pet accessoriesare the best options in this Halloween. You can choose vampire, batman, wonder women, skeleton accessories for your dog on this Halloween. This will match to the event and any kind of shapes available as dog’s accessories. It is cost effective and durable. The top quality products will not only an eye catcher but also when you would see your dog in a different appearance you will surely love your pet. You will get accessories for male and female pets. To ensure more entertainment in Halloween you should buy some designer Halloween accessories for your pet.

If you want to see the full list of designer pet accessories, then search for online boutique. You will find all different kinds of Halloween accessories with several colors. All pieces are unique and high in quality. Your dog will look fabulous with these accessories and you will surely get 100% quality assurance of it.
Halloween Skull and Crossbones Party Collars

Traditional pet accessories are available with numerous colors. The pet boutique will surely give you genuine Halloween pet accessories and you can choose your favorite. Most of the funny accessories will suit to your pets and they will look amazing at the event. The dogs will get a special attraction of the guests in the event. Grab your favorite Halloween accessories for your pet and enjoy the event with your dog.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Hottest styles fashionable dog carriers from the latest collection

At times, it becomes tough to carry your furry friend with you outdoors. All you need is the right dog carrier with you to make your companion a part of the sweet journey. The dog owners often do not find the right carrier to match their style. Worry not as the stylish dog carriers have hit the market. The designer products offer exclusive quality and a rich feel when you carry your friend in them. Every single design has been fabricated keeping the physical attributes of a dog in mind. From stylish designer bags to conventional carriers, all the products from the reputed brands are worth a try.


Best fashionable dog carriers for your pet
Posh Puppies is the best brand to pursue and find the latest fashionable dog carriers in the collection. The brand has handpicked the best items from the designer houses and also the homemade products in the infirmary to choose from. Find the best dog carriers mentioned below.

Backpack style
Imagine how easier it will be to carry your dog by fashionable dog carriers in a comfortable backpack. The dogs will find it easier to accommodate in the backpack. The design also comes with comfortable shoulder straps to carry the larger pups easily. You will not feel a thing when you carry your furry friend on your back. Your traveling and sightseeing will become very easy and convenient with the backpack carriers.


Posh leather carriers
What can be better than a leather bag to carry your dog? The genuine leather products will ensure that your dog does not feel uncomfortable inside. The majority of the designs resemble a side handbag for ladies. The shape is bigger and can accommodate a smaller pup easily. The ventilation system of the bags is also ideal for a dog to stay cool and comfy.


Luxury carriers
When you want to impart a style quotient to your dog parenthood then the luxury dog carriers are the ideal ones to choose. These carriers are specifically fabricated to keep the exotic and small breed comfortable inside. The meshed ventilation feature will keep the dog calm and comfortable. These bags are quite sturdy and can be washed for reuse.


Faux Fur carriers
The faux fur material used in the luxury bags will keep the pets very comfortable in the winter season. The body warmth will be properly circulated inside the bag. Your pet will also enjoy a small opening to peek out and enjoy the walk outdoors. These bags can be cleaned easily and used for a long period of time.


Sling bag
Do not let the small furry friend walk on the dirty road and hurt its feet when you can avail the best and trending sling bag style dog carriers. These exclusive fashionable dog carriers are the ideal choice for the modern day dog parents to go out and carry their little pup comfortably.


The fashionable dog carriers from the online store are all made of safe material. The impeccable designs are dog friendly and highly fashionable to adore.

Latest and trending cute dog clothes for your furry friend

How about exclusive clothes to adorn your pet friend and make him or her a fashion diva of the town? The dog clothes from the designer houses are the ideal ones to buy and add to your shopping list. The dresses are themed and look extremely adorable on the pets. This is not about the hideous costumes for Christmas. It is all about eth fashionable apparels for the pets that will not only make them feel comfortable but also make them stylish. It is time to drop some jaws when you are out for a walk with your pet.


Exclusive cute dog clothes to find
There are so many items to find in the online shop of Posh Puppies. The cute dog clothes from the online store are designed specifically to suit all the breeds and make them look cute. The designer clothes you can find in the store are mentioned below.

The chilling days of winter can be tackled easily with the aid of these elegant sweaters designed for the furry friend. The sweaters are made of the best quality wool to impart extreme comfort and style. They come in various designs and colors to adore. The sweaters will be a perfect fit for your companion. Just know the size you want and order them right away. Be prepared for the upcoming winter beforehand by making your own collection. The sweaters can be washed and reused. The fabric color is highly durable too.

The exclusive coats available in the infirmary will be a perfect choice for your pet friend. The coats are available in various designs and formats. The winter coats will keep the dogs warm and cozy. The summer coats will provide a style statement and keep the dogs cool in an uncongested way. In fact, some of the designs also come in a reversible style. The material used is safe and very much comfortable for the dogs.


Tracksuits and other outfits
Let us make the dogs look sporty with the tracksuit outfits. Imagine how cute they will look when you are with your dog jogging in the sun. The tracksuits come in various signs and colors to adore. You can also find dog pajamas to make them feel cozy and comfy. In the collection, you will also find elegant tuxedos to avail. The excellent finish and the rich look are what you need for your friend for a special occasion. Find the couture collection for the dogs such as tutu dress, Sir Winston tuxedo, and other elegant items in the infirmary. You will also find sports team themed tracksuits to avail and support your team.

Tees and sweatshirts
The sweatshirts are also available in various themes and colors. These designs are compatible with the physical attributes of the canines. They will find it lovely to wear and swag.


The cute dog clothes from the online store are ideal ones to buy and make your dog look like a diva. Find the best deals and come up with a new collection of dog clothes for your pet.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Selecting Dog Clothes for Big Dogs

There was a time when dog fashion was primarily for small breeds like Chihuahuas and their ilk. Things have changed and now pet owners can find the best fashion wear for big dogs as well. If you plan to add some new apparel to the wardrobe of your big dog, there are plenty of options available at online pet stores.

Premium online pet store retailers like offer an extensive collection of dog clothes and accessories. All you need is to measure your dog and read the size guidelines before placing an order.

Some of the most popular dog clothes and accessories from Posh Puppy Boutique you could buy for your large dog are: 

Trendy pullover
If you want to spruce up the appearance of your pet, then get him a stylish pullover, available in various designs and colors. Made from soft cotton fibre and stretchable they are easy to remove and wear. Easy to maintain these are machine washable and come in different sizes for large dogs.

Who says only small dogs need to look cute and adorable! Get your big dog a princess costume and they will make heads turn away wherever they go. Available in a pretty shade of pink, the dress comes with a hat and ankle ribbons. If you have a large dog you can order the appropriate size.


Fleece jackets
If you thought fleece jackets look great on humans, wait till you see your dog don a fleece jacket! Perfect for winter these are stylish and keep the dog cozy and warm. It will enhance the look of your pet and he will love all the pampering and extra attention it brings him. There is a hood, with long front sleeves with an opening in the belly area for easy movement and potty breaks.

If you live in an area where there is seasonal rainfall getting a stylish poncho would do well to keep him dry when it rains. The material is waterproof, covers the dog and protects him from getting wet. There is an adjustable belly strap, with elastic straps to attach to the legs. These are well suited for large dogs like German Shepherds, Labradors, and Great Danes etc.

Do you want your pet to get that street smart look with attitude. A hoodie is the perfect apparel to choose for your dog. Made froma soft cotton material, these are warm and lightweight. Machine washable these are easy to maintain. Available in various colors, size depends on length and chest girth of your pet.

There is nothing better to wear a nice warm pyjama when winter comes. If you love your PJs then why not get your darling pet a nice soft pair of PJs too. These come in cute designs, cover the legs and back with an open area for potty breaks.

There are snap-on buttons at the bottom, which make them easy to remove and wear. As these tend to be a bit large, get an accurate measurement and order one size smaller.

Select the Right Pet Carrier for Your Dog

As pet owners, we love and cherish our pets as family members. From living to playing, sharing food to sleeping with them, they are extremely special. So why should we not ensure that when we travel they travel with us in comfort and safety? The challenge is finding a pet carrier that is well suited for the pet. The carrier you decide to buy should have all the necessary features. After all, we would not want our beloved pooches to travel in discomfort!

The most important thing when selecting a dog carrier from Posh Puppy Boutique is its quality. The last thing you need is to have the strap snap or chase your pooch all over the place if the mesh comes loose. Selecting a high-quality carrier or bag is vital. Select a bag with a strap or leash attached within the bag to keep the pet fastened but comfortable. The pet should not break free and get into any harms’ way. The stitching must be durable and handles sturdy.


The pet must have ample space not to feel confined within the carrier. If you are travelling to a new city or location that would be stressful enough for the pet, so why add to the stress with an ill-fitting carrier. The carrier must have adequate space for toys, a blanket and a food bowl. If your pup is happy while travelling it will make the trip enjoyable for both. If you are buying a carry-on bag you need to have additional pockets for any pet items you will carry. It should have a secure storage space for your personal essentials like mobile, keys and credit cards. Having to keep them at the bottom of the bag would not be prudent, as your pooch might decide to chew on them.

The bag should be easy to carry at all times. Anything bulky will be burdensome when travelling. The straps of the bag should be comfortable and fit your shoulders snugly. If you but a sling on or carrier bag it should be lightweight enough to carry around with your pet inside. If you plan to buy a rolling style carrier it must be of a durable material with strong handles. Whatever yourchoice you need to take both your pet’s comfort and your own into account, before buying a carrier.


Another aspect to consider is that it should be secure but offer easy access to your pet. There may be times when either of you needs each other for comfort, to ensure that getting to him is not a hassle. Mesh is a good option as the pet can see you and get decent ventilation. Try to avoid carriers with multiple zips as these can be a hassle.

SUSAN LANCI SCOTTY PUPPY PINK PLAID CUDDLE CARRIER offers a wide range of pet carriers suited to all breeds of pets. These include faux fur, backpack, canvas style, rolling, leather and luxury carriers among others. Measure your pet and find a carrier with the right dimensions suited for your beloved pooch.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

How to Select Your Dog’s Collars and Leash?

Your dog needs and requires a leash or a collar for various purposes. In some areas, leashes are required by the law when you take your dog out for a walk. While you may want your dog to look pretty and beautiful at all times, you will also need to take care of your dog’s safety as well.
There is nothing better than a leash for your dog and a collar with all the necessary details for about your dog.
dog collar boutique

How to select your dog’s collars and Leash?

Here is how to select your dog’s collars and leashes:

·     The Size: when you choose a dog’s leash, make sure that you need your chosen collar and the leash to stay put on your dog’s neck. It does not make sense for you to purchase something that won’t stay on your dog. Be it a pup or a large dog, make sure that the entire thing has the scope of being used on different sizes of dogs.

·     The material: When you purchase a dog’s leash or collar, you should remember to look at the material of your chosen leash. You must keep in mind that the quality of the material of your leash will trump over the way it looks like. Apart from this, remember that nylon works fine for pups and puppies, but is not recommended for larger dogs. The reason behind this is that larger dogs can pull on the leash suddenly and this may cause the dogs to suffer from leash burns.

·      Durability: It is no secret that your dog’s love running around and love playing around. It would make sense for you to purchase something that lasts long. Dog collar boutique and leashes are available in many materials and come in various styles. You could choose which of the many styles suits your beloved pet and test for durability. If you want enhanced leashes which will last longer, you can opt for chain leashes. If you want to make sure your dog is safe, you can make use of retractable leashes as well.

     Safety: Although nylon and chain leashes are the most common kind of leashes you will be able to find, you should opt for cotton leashes if you are going to be near some water bodies. Cotton leashes are a bit hard to find but are extremely safe and comfortable. These leashes are the best kind of leashes to have if your dog loves to swim.

·    Comfort: Never make the mistake of buying something that looks pretty. Go for those options that are comfortable for your dog. Your dog deserves the best, and your choice of leashes should give your dog nothing but comfort. Leather leashes, cotton leashes, etc. are far more comfortable than nylon leashes.

Whether you buy your dog’s collars and leashes from your nearby pet store or opt to purchase these dog supplies from a dog collar boutique such as Posh Puppies Boutique, remember to keep the above-mentioned points in mind.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Some Luxurious Things to Get Your Dog

Your dogs aren’t just pets; they are your best friends. With our beloved dogs, there is nothing we won’t wish to provide. From dresses to various accessories, we wish to offer our dog the best of best comforts we can conjure and buy for them. Be it a wellness product or a simple luxury toy, we wish for our dog’s happiness

Luxurious things to get your Dog

Here is a list of top luxurious products to get your dogs:

·     Dog Collars: Be it for security purposes or for fashionable additions to your dog’s attire, every dog needs a collar. You can opt for various luxury brands and choose whichever dog collar you love for your dog. Be it a lighted dog collar, leather collars or beautiful jewelled collars; your dog deserves the best!

·   Dog Bowls: What better way to show your dog your love than by giving them a beautiful designer dog bowl. Depending on your choices and your methods of search you could get your dog the best designer bowl there is. Also, you could have your dog’s name engraved on it to add a personal touch.

·     Luxury Toys: Your fur ball needs plenty of exercise daily and a partner to play. And of course, you cannot expect to match your little one’s energy at all times, but you can get your baby pet some luxury, plush toys. These toys will keep your dog busy when you are too busy or too tired to play with your little ones. Furthermore, toys will keep your dogs away from spoiling your household materials.

·     Dog Carriers: Whether you are traveling from one country to another or taking your dog to a different city, you will need a dog carrier. Since your dog deserves the best, you need to buy your dog one of the best designer pet carriers in the market. You could choose the traditional style dog carriers or go for something more modern and trendy. There are various types and designs that you can choose to buy, but make sure the carrier should be able to fit your dog comfortably.

·    Dresses and Accessories: Regardless of the gender of your dogs, you need to get them some trendy clothes. Even dogs love to play dress-up, and you need to get your dog the best of best kind of clothes. Get your dog a tutu or a trendy t-shirt, and add some accessories to them. Other than this, dog boots are an absolute must! You need to help your dog stay healthy and protect your dog’s delicate paws!

·    Wellness Products: Just like us, our dogs need proper care as well. Be it clipping their nails, removing ticks, or washing hair; you need dog-oriented products that offer the best results. Make sure you purchase only those products that do not have any allergens or elements that your dog is allergic to.

To make sure that your dog has a comfortable life and is happy, you need to take care of your dogs and what better way to do so than pampering your dog with the best of luxury items?