Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Get the Right Pet Carrier for your Dog

Whether you have planned a holiday with your pet or need to take him o the vet, having a high-quality pet carrier is essential to carry your pooch in comfort. These are safe and a great way to travel with your dog on a road trip or fly overseas. 


There is a wide variety of pet carriers available both offline and online. The benefit of shopping online is that you get to choose among a wider selection of carriers and at very reasonable prices. Some of the things to look out for planning to buy a dog carrier are as follows:


Before you decide to choose from among any of the numerous fashionable dog carriers you need to ensure you get the right length and height of the dog. When you plan to buy a carrier it should be spacious enough for the pet to turn around curl up and stretch. When measuring the dog you need to measure from the snout to the base of the tail and add a few extra inches for comfort. 

When measuring the height you need to measure from the top of the shoulders to the ground. If you plan to buy a wearable carrier select one that is comfortable and snug for the pet to rest in comfort. In case you plan to buy a soft-sided carrier leave 2-3 inches and in case of a hard-sided carrier up to 5 inches.  Choose a slightly larger option when buying a dog carrier.


These days pet carriers come in a wide variety of styles and you need to ensure you select a carrier that is best suited to your pet’s needs.


The best way to carry a pet especially when you need to travel long distances. Carrying them around becomes easy as they have mounted wheels and are comfortable for the pet to travel without the hassle of being jostled. However, while these are great to use at the airport and hotel they are not meant to travel the countryside.


Wearable Pet Carrier

These are for small sized pets. They are convenient as you do not have to carry them and you can carry anywhere you need to. A great option would be a carrier that can be slung over the shoulder and the pet can keep their head outside. Maintenance is easy, they are light to carry and with zippers offer extra security.

Soft-sided carriers

These are perfect for pet owners that have small pets. Some of them are even approved to carry and place beneath the airplane seat. They are light in weight, portable and convenient to store.


Hard-sided carrier

These are durable because of the materials used and in the manner of construction. Plus the hard covering on the outside makes it safer for the pet. Cleaning is also convenient and dog owners who plan to travel by air need to confirm the dimensions specified by the airlines. There also is the option of top loading carriers.

Monday, December 11, 2017

10 Essential Commands You Can Teach Your Dog

Dogs are more than just lovable and loyal; they’re also pretty smart. In fact, researchers believe that the typical dog has the same intelligence level as an average 2-year-old, and some breeds are even smarter!

With their intelligence and your patience and diligence, your dog has the ability to learn several basic commands. Doing so will not only help improve your pup’s behavior and ensure his safety, but it will also foster a stronger bond between the two of you. 

What commands should your dog know? Here’s a look at 10 essentials to get started with…

1.             Come
When you say “come,” your dog should react by stopping whatever he is doing and draw near you. It’s an important command, as it helps give you more control over your pup, and it can also help to keep him out of harm’s way.

2.             Sit
The “sit” command may seem pretty basic, but it can help to control inappropriate behavior in your dog. For example, if your dog gets excited when he sees other people, the “sit” command can prevent him from jumping up.

3.             Stay
Teaching your dog the “stay” command can be useful for a number of reasons. It lets him know where is supposed to be, can prevent unwanted behavior, and can even protect him from dangerous situations, such as running out of the house to chase an animal or out in front of a car.

4.             Lie Down
The “lid down” command is similar to the “sit” command in that it can help to prevent unwelcomed behaviors. For instance, your dog can’t jump up to sniff the cabinet when he is lying down. This command is also important for learning more advanced commands, such as roll over.

5.             Leave It
As the title suggests, the “leave it” command teaches your dog not to pick something up. It can help to prevent your pup from destroying something, like a pair of shoes, or chewing on something that could be dangerous, such as a power cord.

6.             Drop It
Dogs can become possessive, which can lead to troublesome and even dangerous behavior. If your canine companion knows the “drop it” command, you can prevent him from damaging your property and help him avoid serious trouble, such as eating something that could cause an injury.

7.             Wait
The “wait” command teaches your dog that he is not to move until you give him the okay to do so. This command is very helpful in situations where you dog could potentially get hurt; for example, it can prevent him from running out of the front door or from crossing the street until you give him the go-ahead.

8.             Okay
This command is used to teach your do that you are permitting him to release from any other command he has been given. For example, if you have told him to “stay,” the “okay” command will tell him that you are giving him the clear to move.

9.             No
This basic command can be used to tell your dog that he is not allowed to have something, or that he must stop what he is doing. It can be used to avert his attention and prevent him from doing an unwanted behavior, such as chewing, digging or jumping.

10.   Off
This basic command will let your dog know when he is supposed to stay down and not jump up. For instance, you can use it to stop him from jumping up on someone else or to keep him off of the furniture.

Choosing the Right Bed for your Dog

If you plan to buy a bed for your dog to sleep on there are plenty of options available. The point is how do you know which would be the right choice for your pet? A few tips that might come in handy in helping you make the right choice are as follows:

The best place to shop for a dog bed is online where you will find a variety of designer dog beds in different sizes and styles at popular online pet websites like poshpuppyboutique.com among others.

Weight and Size

Probably the most important factor to look for is to select the right size. If you have a very large dog he will not be comfortable on standards beds made for pets. Similar is the case with small sized pets as they will feel comfy in a large bed. You need to choose a bed that matches your pets’ weight and size. The sizes generally available are small, medium large and extra large. The best way to go about this is to measure your pet’s weight and size. You also have to keep your dog’s growth in mind if it is a puppy.

The Material Used:  

If you own a dog that loves chewing everything they find, you need to choose a bed made from the right type of material. If you opt for a cheap bed it may not be very durable and not last a while. This is because they are made from cheaper material and do not have reinforced stitching. If your dog chews a lot he may shred it in a few days. Instead, opt for a bed that is expensive but made from a much higher quality material that will last long.

The Health of the Dog

If your dog is young and healthy any kind of dog bed would serve the purpose. If you have an older dog that is unwell or suffering from arthritis a special type of bed is required. For such dogs, there are orthopedic beds which come equipped with memory foam for the dog to get extra comfort.

Where you Place the Bed: 

When choosing a bed you need to decide where you will place it whether indoors or outdoors. Placement is important when selecting a bed. If you plan to place it outside it must be made of durable material to withstand the weather conditions outside. Preferably opt for water-resistant material. If you are keeping it outdoors choosing a raised bed will be easier to keep dry when it rains.  If you plan to place it on the garage floor it should have adequate protection beneath it to protect it from the cold floor in winter.

Easy to Clean

Dogs that are very playful and enjoy playing in mud or sand need a bed that is easy to clean and maintains. If the bed is pillow styled ensure that the cover can be removed and washed.

These are some of the factors that must be weighed-in before you decide to select a bed for your adorable pooch!

Monday, November 13, 2017


While there still is debate about whether pets, especially dogs need clothing it is always a good idea to keep them warm and comfortable, protected from the cold (in extreme winter). When your dog is well clothed in the thick of winter it prevents them from falling ill and helps to keep them cosy.

Dogs do have an inbuilt mechanism for them to beat the cold –their natural coat of hair or fur. However, certain breeds of dogs are built better to withstand extremely cold climates, with long thick hair or even a double coat of hair.

ZigZag Sweater

These breeds are totally at ease in very cold weather and low temperatures. On the other hand, breeds those have lightweight coats like greyhounds and Chihuahuas will benefit from wearing warm clothing in winter. The key to know if you pet is comfortable in wearing warm clothes is to observe their behavior outdoors without clothing. If they are not eager to step out or show signs of shivering, then having him wear warm clothing will help.  

Penguin Sweater

For dogs that have a warm fluffy coat of hair, but are groomed short on a regular basis, with breeds like poodles, a warm jacket of sweater can make it feel much warm and cosy in even the coldest of weather. Dogs that suffer from certain health problems like Cushing’s syndrome or hypothyroidism need to be protected in the cold. Also dogs that become elderly need dog clothes in cold weather to stay warm. 

Things to Consider

The flip-side to dogs wearing clothing is that their bodies heat up when they exercise, similar to us human beings. Dogs do not have the luxury of removing their natural coat of hair, when needed. For short hair breeds that are taken for walks in winter having them wear a sweater can help to keep them warm and cosy.


However, playing a game which involves strenuous activity can cause overheating in the pet. When the dog does not wear apparel and his body temperature begins to rise, the heat naturally dissipates from the folds of the skin. 

When they wear any clothes it compresses the natural fur and keeps the body heat within. If your pet is going to romp about the place and play in the park it is best to remove any protective clothing he wears.  It will allow any excess build-up of heat to escape naturally. 

Selecting the Right Clothes


When you do decide to opt for clothes for your pet, choose fabric that is light and breathable like cotton, which allows the animal’s skin to breathe, while offering protection from the cold. It is also easy to maintain and washable. 

The clothes should fit your dog well without them being too tight or loose. Also make sure there are no loose strings that can get caught up in furniture or elsewhere and cause your pet to take a tumble. It should also not hinder his natural body functions in any manner. 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


There are a plethora of accessories for dogs available both offline and online, and it can be a bit overwhelming trying to decide what to buy. You need to decide which would be best suited for your dog. If you do not a pet as yet and plan to get one soon, you need to be aware of the many different kinds of accessories that are sold in the market.

When it comes to selecting dog clothes and accessories the main objective is to ensure that the dog is comfortable at all times so that it remains happy and healthy. Once you have your pet with you for some time you will learn as to what accessories they would need and those that they do not require.

dog clothes

Some dogs have specific issues for which they need accessories related to the problem. Dogs that tend to strain at the lead require a dog harness and those dogs with thin hair or a short coat might require warm protective clothing in cold winters. The accessories that you will need to go in for are subject to the breed of dog you have and your own preferences.

Understanding Dog Accessories

Simply stated dog accessories are those specific products that are for use for your dog. These accessories are categorized into three types. Pet owners buy accessories for their dogs for three reasons either to make the dog more comfortable, for training purposes or just to make the dog look stylish and trendy. Some of the most common accessories include clothes, beds, collars, harnesses, training aids, leads, travel items, grooming kits, dog bowls etc.


Key Accessories

When you plan to buy accessories for your dog there are some that are very necessary or essential to have. On the other hand other accessories are only for external appearance and make the dog look cool. When browsing online for dog products it is easy to get carried away and order more than is actually needed.


Collar and Leash

When you take your outdoors and in public it is necessary for them to wear collars at all times. This must have an identification tag to ensure that he can be returned to the owner in the unfortunate event of getting lost. Also essential for taking a dog out for a walk is having a leash. The choice of leash and collar is subject to the size of the pet and there are plenty of variety and materials to choose from in various sizes and colours.


Dog Bowl

A dog bowl is a must for water and food. For larger sized dogs it needs to higher than the ground.


A bed is a necessity especially in winter, so that the dog is nice warm and cosy. Dogs love to sleep in snug beds.


Dogs need to be kept engaged, active and busy and pet toys are the perfect items to keep them distracted. It provides both physical and mental stimulation.


Grooming Products

These are must to keep them groomed and clean, especially for dogs with thicker coats. These include nail clippers, brushes, dog shampoo etc.  


Thursday, October 12, 2017


When it comes to the well-being of your pet various factors need to be fulfilled to give it the life it deserves. This means the owner has to keep tabs on the animal, examine its behavioral patterns, adjust the diet-routine properly and most importantly engage in physical activities so as to connect properly with the animal and altogether sustain a healthy livelihood.

In simple terms we can say that compatible lifestyle accessories that enhance the livelihood of pets are a great way to start caring for your puppy. Apart from regular meals and proper sleep one needs some basic utilities to bond with his/her fur-buddy. Collars are similarly an efficient tool. It keeps the animal under the owner’s control and is also designed not to pressurize the animal.



Pet-lovers can stream through an abundance of designs from the comfort of their home, that too at favorable offers.  



The convenience of online stores is not only remarkable but productive. Not only are orders safely delivered but are also certified tested. People can in-fact stream through reviews/ratings to know better about products.



Designs range from luxury to adequate ones. Discounted offers furthermore enhance the shopping experience by curbing the initial payments and giving the owner better options to shop.

Luxury Accessories


Such items are designed for the well-being and secure livelihood of the pet. There are carriers, backpacks, collars, bowls, interactive toys, so on and fourth that enhance the livelihood with comfort and fashion.

Designer Products
Apart from the wide range of pet-lifestyle items, the designer products further enhance the shopping experience. Designer items are widely preferred because of its utility, quality and distinctive appearances.


We went through the perks of online stores; now let us go through the innovative aspects of dog collars with reference to our distinguished collection.

The Dublin Dog Collection

Constituting a set of distinct collars, the name simply reflects the modern facet of fashion merged onto the conventional way of bonding dogs to humans. Dublin’s collection is well-suited for the animal’s comfort and indeed looks fantastic amidst public spaces.

Flower Bow


It is a creative design that brings together the comfort of luxury items and the unique looks of classical fashion. Such collars work great when it comes to taking the dog out for parties or simply lay down an impression on the streets.

Leather Collars


Leather materials are comfortable to wear and have an incredibly durable quality. It bears an outlook that reflects the simplistic ways of fashion and is also easy to maintain. One can simply wipe off stains/blemishes from the collar with a clean cloth.

Sports Collars

The sports collection include heavy-duty collars that are durable in quality, resistant to the harsh conditions potentially coming from the animal and is also perfect to go out with, for walking or exercise.

Luxury and Diamond Collars


Such items are meant for the distinctive personality and the majestic appearance of an owner alongside his/her pet. The jewels are embedded in such a way that it doesn’t cause discomfort to the animal. He/she will in-fact get used to the elegance and comfort of such accessories.