Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Every Day Is A Great Day To Groom Your Dog, Cat

Find John Paul Dog grooming products at the Posh Puppy Boutique.
Summer is officially here and that means plenty of dirt, grass and bugs in your pet’s hair or fur. The Posh Puppy Boutique, known for its huge assortment of fashionable pet clothing, collars, leashes and accessories, also sells many name-brand pet grooming products.
Among the best known lines is John Paul Dog from the makers of Paul Mitchell hair products for humans. These products, “are tested on humans first” the company states.
Start with a John Paul Grooming Care 3-Pack ($30) with a bottle of Waterless Foam Shampoo—to deep clean and deodorize while soothing your pet’s skin—and Oatmeal Conditioning Spray that stays on your pet while revitalizing and replenishing moisture to the skin. The kit also includes a Custom Grooming Brush with ball-tipped pins on a flexible pad to smooth tangles, distribute shampoo and massage your dog or cat’s skin.
One of our most popular John Paul items is the Oatmeal Pet Care 3-Pack ($30) with oatmeal shampoo to deep clean and moisturize, Oatmeal Conditioning spray and easy to use Ear and Eye Wipes.
Other popular John Paul Dog products include:
·         Calming Moisturizing Shampoo (16 oz. bottle: $14) made with aloe vera gel, sweet almond oil and chamomile extracts.
·         Instant Detangling Spray (8 oz. bottle: $14) designed to quickly detangle thick, matted coats and release unruly snarls.
·         Full Body and Paw Wipes ($15), perfect for travelling and after walks.
·         Tooth & Gum Wipes ($15) created to ensure your pet has a clean, healthy mouth.
The Posh Puppy also carries many other popular lines of pet grooming products including Cain & Able, Organic Oscar, Tropiclean Spa, Happy Tails, Nootie and Pet Head by Bed Head.
Pet fur and hair requires more than just shampoos and conditioners, though: a good brush or two are essential.
This Hartman & Rose grooming kit has three essential items.
Check out our selection of brushes. One great combination is a three-piece Luxury Grooming Kit ($46) from Hartman and Rose containing a dematting brush, pin brush and dig nail clippers, all with non-slip rubber grips.
Our Professional Dual Slicker Brush ($36) has a pin brush on one side and a nylon bristle brush on the other.
Our Paw Brush is soft enough to use on dry feet.
Treat your pup to a “peti-cure” with our ultra-soft Paw Brush ($10) that exfoliates dead skin either dry or with a touch of shampoo.
Complete your four-legged friend’s grooming with their own yellow Terrycloth Robe ($48), available in three size with the option of monogramming up to three initials for an extra charge. Several other colors are available such as this leopard/brown version ($48).

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Our Terrycloth robes can be monogrammed.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hello, Cat Fanciers

Thundershirts use acupressure to reduce stress on cats and dogs.
While “dog” is part of our name—our name is the Posh Puppy Boutique for a reason—we also cater to cats.
Check out our Cat Corner for numerous products designed for cats and small dogs. Since we carry a huge assortment of products in sizes as small as teacup, many of our clothing products will also fit your cat.
The best part is—and get out the suit of chainmail armor before you do this—many of our clothing items are based on measurements. If your cat is tiny—say kitten size—one of our smaller outfits might well fit him or her perfectly. If on the other hand your little kitty is a gentle giant—Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest Cats, Siberians or Rag Dolls can top the scales at 20-plus pounds—some of our larger outfits will look fantastic.
One item that is perfect for any area experiencing thunderstorms is the heather gray Thundershirt ($48). Available in small (up to 9 pounds), medium (9-12 pounds) and large (13 pounds or more), these shirts use acupressure to calm your pets. They create a snug, comfortable fit that is effective in treating anxiety such as that caused by travel or trips to the vet.
The Scratch ‘n Shapes Racer Scratcher ($30) is uniquely designed for cats. The attractive design has room for a typical cat to nap plus plenty of recycled paper to sharpen their claws and relax. It measures 19 inches long by 4 inches wide.
Our Mocha Thermo-Kitty bed ($89) is perfect for older pets, including dogs. It has a dual thermostat 4-watt heating unit buried inside to warm the surface 10-15 degrees above the air temperature. Two sizes are available: small (16 inch) and large (20 inch).
Hide those plain plastic litter boxes with one of two colorful covers: the Beach Bus ($60) or the Surf Shack ($60). Designed to fit over most hooded litter boxes, the front flap gives your cat easy access to their “rest stop” while providing a decorator look to the box. Made with 100 percent polyester, these machine washable covers will not shrink.
The Pet Igloo Pet Bed ($300) is made with 100 percent faux rattan with a composite wood top and bottom. Its hard shape makes it perfect for cats or dogs. Three sizes are available.
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Go Natural With Pet Products from the Posh Puppy

These Five Star treats are made with gluten-free coconut flour.
Most people think of food first when someone asks them about their favorite “natural,”  as in ecologically friendly products. Here at the Posh Puppy Boutique the only edible products we sell are dog treats. However, we have a wide assortment of eco-friendly products, some of which may surprise you.
Our treats include CocoTherapy Five Star Organic Training Treats  ($12) in coconut gingered pumpkin and coconut banana foster. Designed to support healthy skin, coat and digestion, these treats use high-protein gluten-free coconut flour in a training treat with 58 percent dietary fiber. Designed for small dogs, they contain only one calorie per piece.
Each 5 ounce bag of Lucky Duck treats ($12) is made with hormone-free duck liver, potato flour and honey. The mini bones are perfect snacks for dogs on a grain-free, raw or fresh food diet.
Natural treats, though, are only a small part of our eco-friendly selection. Check out our selection of more than 100 eco-friendly pet clothing products.
This shirt is made with 100 percent organic cotton.
For example, we sell this Save the Earth shirt ($18) made with 100 percent organic stretch cotton. It has the message, “Save (the Earth) it’s the only planet with puppies.” Sizes range from 2 extra-small to extra-large.
Designer Louis Dog makes these Organic Overalls ($86) with 100 percent certified organic cotton and an eco-friendly printed design. Sizes range from extra small to extra large.
These Louis Dog tanks are made with organic cotton.
Also check out this Louis Dog Organic Gelato Dog Tank ($82) made with cool organic cotton. It comes in cloud blue and baby pink. Sizes range from extra small to extra large.
Bamboo is one of the most rapidly renewable plants on the planet growing up to 39 inches (1 meter) a day. Processed bamboo is also a silky-smooth fiber that wears well and has natural anti-bacterial and UV protective properties. Mochi & Jolie uses only bamboo in its 100 Percent Bamboo Love Gigi Knitwear Sweater ($80), which comes in sizes from extra small to large.
This sweater is made from a grass: bamboo.
In addition to eco-friendly pet treats and clothing, the Posh Puppy also sells more than 200 bedding products, 50-plus organic collars (check out this apple green adjustable model made with hemp for $20), leashes and harnesses, organic grooming supplies and so much more.

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Take Your Petite Pets For A Stroll

The Jogger 1st Class Stroller is loaded with extras.
Big cities have lots of people, tons of traffic and a lot noises that can terrify tiny dogs. Sure, you may want to take them out for some fresh air, but they could be scared out of their minds.
The Posh Puppy Boutique has a simple and safe solution: a stroller made not for a human baby but for small dogs. Strollers let your dogs see out and enjoy the fresh air all while keeping them safe. Interior tethers connect to your pet’s collars giving them room to sit or lie down while keeping them inside.
Our Happy Trails Stroller in Sahara ($190) can hold dogs up to 30 pounds in style, comfort and safety. That could be several smaller pups, one medium size boy or girl or a combination. Complete with a waterproof fleece pad, it has rear brakes and front shock absorbers plus a fashionable Euro-Canopy.
The Travel-Lite Stroller ($125) comes in your choice of three colors: pink, ocean blue and sage. Its quick fold mechanism and removable waterproof tray make it a snap for carrying pets up to 15 pounds.
Dogs that like to travel in style and comfort will enjoy the Jogger 1st Class with Black Monogram Trim ($225). This limited edition three-wheel stroller has a Louie V style monogram with dog bone, bowl and treat pattern. Holding dogs up to 45 pounds, it can be folded with one hand. It also has a lower storage tray for treats, toys and other goodies.
The NO-ZIP stroller makes getting your pet in and out a snap.
Do zippers give you fits? If so, consider the Special Edition NO-ZIP Pet Stroller ($280) in chocolate or orchid from Pet Gear. The lack of zippers means a lack of hassle while a special front bar makes it easy for your pooch to get a dog’s eye view. Made with 600 Denier water-resistant material, it has a 45-pound capacity.
The Sports XL Stroller adds reflective bands for night-time walks.
The Sports XL Stroller ($190) has many features for safe use day or night. Features include reflective bands, machine washable removable padding, ample storage room and the ability to hold up to 40 pounds.
A bad back, bum hip, arthritis or rear leg problems is no longer an excuse to not take your pet our for a walk. Our Dog Wheelchair comes in several sizes from extra small to extra large. Prices start at $220. So long as they have normal front leg strength, the lightweight aluminum frame and deluxe neoprene harness make it easy to invigorate your dog by taking them for a walk.
Our dog wheelchair lets injured pets get outside.

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