Thursday, August 29, 2013

Find Quality Pet Fashion Products in One Spot

From small dogs to large, you'll only find the best dog products here.
Top quality pet fashion products is a simple description of the thousands of different dog and cat products sold here at the Posh Puppy Boutique.
Our products may cost more than similar items at chain retail stores but there are several key reasons why:
·         Quality: Many of our clothing items are handmade. Mass-produced garments made by people working in overseas sweatshops do not have the same look, feel or most importantly, durability, that something handmade by an artisan does.
·         Made in the USA: Many—admittedly not all—of our products are proudly Made in the USA. Ask yourself this question: would you rather see a neighbor unemployed because their job was shipped overseas or pay a slightly higher price to keep them employed?
·         Style: Our pet fashion products are made by the top fashion designers in the world. Where else can you find Diamonds in the Ruff Ruff high fashion collars sharing space with tutus from Central Bark Couture,  sweaters from Oscar Newman, carriers from Puppy Angel, luxury beds by Yvette Ruta and shirts and tops for your favorite puppy girl from Roxy & Lulu with Susan Lanci’s many products? And by the way, we carry about 10,000 more products from 20 additional designers.
A big problem for many dog owners is finding clothing that will fit. We solve that problem by not only offering fixed sizes, but explaining how to measure your dog for the best fit. By the way, many of our designers will also custom fit their products to your dog.
Let’s say you have a super small Chihuahua that you want to dress up with a special collar, but everything in the stores is far too big, too cheap or simply too tacky. No problem. The Chihuahua Paris Luxury Designer Dog Collar ($193) comes in lengths for necks as tiny as 14-19.5 cm (5.5-7.7 inches) around. This collar is covered in crystals and flowers. It will not get lost in a hairy mane.
These motorcycle come in sizes from tiny to triple extra-large.
Your motorcycle companion might be 100 pounds of pure play that you want to have look the part … but you can’t find a jacket anywhere in town. Try the Posh Puppy Boutique. We sell this black Born to Ride Motorcycle Dog Harness Jacket ($45), which is made from faux leather. It has heavy duty nail heads so it looks just like yours. Sizes range from double extra small to triple extra large … and we have many more fashionable dog products designed with big boys and girls in mind.
If you haven’t visited our online store recently, or you know someone—anyone—with a pet, swing by the Posh Puppy Boutique. Do it soon, like today, and you can save some cash.
Save 25 percent off your entire order by entering the coupon code “Labor” when you order before midnight Pacific Time Monday, Sept. 2.
At the Posh Puppy Boutique our products aren’t cheaply made … but our prices are fantastic.
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Sunday, August 25, 2013

These Pens, Interactive Toys Keep Dogs Safe, Happy

The Stay and Play pen (crate sold separately) gives your dog room to roam.
Back to school and back to work mean one thing for many dogs: back to boredom and loneliness.
While there are several great ways to help your dog beat the “no one is home to play or cuddle with” blues, like boarding your pet in a day care center, these options are not practical for many people.
The Posh Puppy Boutique can help.
First, consider the Stay & Play Soft-Sided Canvas Pen ($170). Measuring roughly 60 inches by 36 inches, it has some room for a small dog to roam. Multiple pens can be connected, expanding the space. It works equally well inside and out. A larger size is also available.
We also sell this Exercise Pen with Door ($92), which comes in several square panel sizes. The smallest panels measure 24 inches by 24 inches while the largest are 48 inches by 48 inches. Three intermediate sizes are also available. All come with a double latch step-through gate, making them function like a crate big enough to let your pup move around in until their human gets home.
Also consider our wood-framed and wire Expandable Pet Pen ($500). The largest size expands from 35.25 inches to 60.75 inches.
We sell several toys that can keep your dog entertained for hours on end.
This ball not only glows in the dark, it whistles.
Consider the Orbee-Tuff Whistle Ball ($16). This glow-in-the-dark ball makes a whirring whistling noise when tossed. The harder you toss it, the louder it whistles. It is buoyant, minty and recyclable. It’s 2.5-inch diameter means it fits in standard ball tossers. It’s also great if your dog has a place to toss it in the air by themselves.
Chewers may prefer our 2.25-inch hyper-durable ball. It bounces, floats and has a peppermint scent many dogs love. It’s also Made in the USA.
We also sell several interactive dog toys that will help your pooch stave off the blues. Our Halloween Hide-A-Pumpkin Toy ($25) is a soft puzzle. It requires your dog to figure out how to get each of three pieces out of the puzzle.
Another great way to reward your dog for being alone is with a treat toy. Our Dogsavers 3-inch Treat Ball ($10) is lightweight, flexible and can be stuffed with your pawed pal’s favorite snacks.
Drive your dog bonkers with a rewarding and challenging toy: The Tennis Slider Puzzle Game ($35). It has four hidden compartments for treats plus space for two included tennis balls to play with.
The moon Rover Rescue toy can be filled with treats and has a squeaker.
The Moon Rover Rescue Dog Toy ($35) has a squeaky removable plug that your dog can pull out. Made from translucent TPE rubber, this 6-inch diameter toy has a hollow interior you can stuff with treats or more toys.
Keep your dog safe and entertained with a pen and interactive toy from your pet’s pals at the Posh Puppy Boutique.
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Find Enchanted Home Pet Beds Now At The Posh Puppy

Enchanted Home Pet’s  line of quality dog beds has joined the Posh Puppy Boutique’s extensive selection of fashionable, designer pet products.
The Zebra Storage Chair is one of many unique, fashionable pet beds from EHP.
All hand-made Enchanted Home Pet beds are made with furniture-grade materials, can be easily and quickly wiped clean and have plastic feet, giving your dogs’ beds the look and comfort of human-grade products.
One example is the Zebra Storage Chair ($125) modeled after a human lounger. Measuring 21.75 by 13 by 14 inches, it has a unique feature: the top swings open, revealing a storage compartment underneath.
Storage beds swing open, giving you room to stash pet toys.
Some Enchanted Home Pet beds, such as the Ultra Plush Storage Bed ($130) in black basketweave, include the SNOOzZzONE ™ comfort system. Three different layers and a liner let you pick the one right for your pet and your home.
·         The self-warming thermal reflective layer keeps your pet warm by reflecting their heat.
·         The gel core comfort layer provides state-of-the-art pressure distribution and cooling comfort.
·         The memory foam layer, which is perfect for older pets and those with bone-related problems, conforms to your dog’s sleeping position.
·         And the allergen, microbe and dust mite liner keeps the bed safe from water, mold, dust mites and assorted other issues.
Other beds have an exterior pocket for your dog's favorite plushy pal.
These beds come in a wide range of styles, some models that look like casual human furniture and others resembling human beds. The Ultra Plush Headboard Pet Bed in pink and green ($140) has all of the comfort and style of a typical human bed plus the pet-centric features of the SNOOzZzONE ™ comfort system. It also adds an outside pocket for toy or leash storage.
Take a look at another example of Enchanted Home Pet’s craftsmanship: the Ultra Plush Snuggle Bed ($140) in tan micro velvet with a brown pebble exterior. It has a full loft cushion. With styles and fabrics designed to match your decorating style, there is no reason why your pet cannot have a bed you would be proud to showcase anywhere in your home.
Click here to see the full line of  Enchanted Home Pet’s line of quality dog beds now at your Number 1 spot for couture pet fashions and dog accessories, the Posh Puppy Boutique.
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Monday, August 19, 2013

Eye & Ear Wipes Reduce Unsightly Stains

Does your dog suffer from staining around the eyes?
Does your dog have tear duct issues, issues that cause staining on their light-colored hair? If so, the Posh Puppy Boutique and John Paul Pet Products can help.
John Paul Pet, created by the founder of the Paul Mitchell human hair styling products, has created a new disposable wipe. Using sea water as a gentle astringent, boric acid as a mild antiseptic and Aloe Vera gel for hydration, the John Paul Ear & Eye Wipes($15) are designed to help remove tear stains and matter that accumulates around your dog’s eyes and ears. Cleaning these areas carefully—be sure not to touch their delicate eyes—reduces bacteria buildup and protects against stains, infection and odor. Many small dog breeds, such as Chihuahuas, dogs with short noses such as Shih-Tzu’s, Pugs, Maltese and Pekingese, and white dogs in general, are prone to these stains.
John Paul Ear & Eye Wipes can help reduce these unsightly stains
John Paul Pet also makes several other wipes designed to make keeping your pet, regardless of color, looking great. They include:
·         Full Body & Paw Wipes ($15) that remove dander and loose hairs from their coat. These wipes are enriched with lanolin to clean, deodorize and moisture pet coats.
·         Tooth and Gum Wipes ($15) are designed to help promote dental hygiene in your pet. Soft and gentle, they use baking soda and mint to remove stains, freshen your pet’s breath and promote healthy teeth and gums.
·         Tearless Gentle Shampoo ($15) that uses a botanical blend to condition and add luster to your pet’s coat. This shampoo works great on young puppies and kittens as well.
John Paul Pet products are “tested on humans first.”
Grooming products are only part of the many items found at the Posh Puppy Boutique. Give your dog a “made to order” Bowser Bone treat ($12 for a half-pound bag) created with all natural ingredients. No artificial colors or preservatives are used, though the treats typically last 9-12 months.
Keep your dog treats in one of our Mexican Blue & White Bowls and Treat Jars. These bowls and jars are priced from $27-$79 depending on the size and type. All have a hand-painted, rich look.
These Mexican Blue and white treat jars and bowls are now available at the Posh Puppy.
Also check out our Palm Beach Paisley Treat Jars ($42) and Trellis Treat Jars ($42), which are adorned with a bone-shaped handle. The jars come in small and medium sizes as do matching bowls, sold separately.
Check out our New Arrivals!  page for the latest in couture dog fashion clothing, bowls, grooming products, toys and accessories.
These and thousands of other fashionable pet products and accessories can be found in one place: the Posh Puppy Boutique.
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Is Your Dog Ready For Some College Football?

Designer Oscar Newman makes this All Star belly band for dogs.
A full slate of college football games kicks off two weeks from today, Aug. 15. Is your precious puppy ready for some college pigskin action?
If not, get them outfitted in your favorite college or university’s colors with NCAA licensed gear from the Posh Puppy Boutique. Order by midnight Sunday, Aug. 18 and save 30 percent off just by entering the promo code ‘Summer13’ at checkout.
Easily find your favorite dog’s college football accessories by entering the school name in our search box near the top on the left side of our site.
Every dog is an All Star. Let yours show it with an All Star Football Belly Band ($25) from designer Oscar Newman. In sizes from double extra-small to large, it features bright blue and orange lettering. It has a “cashmere feel” and a slight stretch for comfort.
Our football jerseys can be customized with your pet's name on them.
Go team, go. Now your dog can root—or is that bark?—your squad on to victory with a personalized jersey of their very own. We sell jerseys from many different teams such as last year’s national champion runner-up, Notre Dame ($35 each). These jerseys come in sizes from petite (for dogs up to 5 pounds) to 5 extra-large (for dogs up to 175 pounds). These jerseys can be personalized for an extra $10.
So you’re not an Irish fan? No problem, we’ve got your pup covered with similar jerseys from schools such as Florida ($35), LSU ($35), Ohio State ($35), Michigan State ($35) and many more.
Don't forget the girls during football season! We have many cheerleading outfits to picks from.
We don’t forget the girls at football season, either. We sell many different dog cheerleader outfits for college and pro teams. Among the college teams is our NCAA USC Cheerleader Pet Dress ($35). Made with 100 percent cotton interlock, these outfits have a screen-printed team logo and Velcro closure. Sizes range from extra small to medium.
Is your favorite little girl a Boomer Sooner fan? We have her (the Oklahoma Sooner Cheerleader Dog Dress is $35) and her friends from all the major schools covered.
Another great way to show your school spirit is by giving your dog or dogs one of our Plush Football Dog Toys, such as this one representing the Oregon Ducks ($18). The football-shaped toy has an embroidered logo, rope tugs on both ends so two dogs can play together, plus a squeaker.
These and thousands of other fashionable pet products and accessories can be found in one place: the Posh Puppy Boutique.
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Monday, August 12, 2013

Bandanas Add Individuality, Style

The Tattoo Turquoise Bandana is one of several styles from In Dog We Trust
A simple way to dress up any dog, no matter their size or temperament, is with a brightly-colored bandana from the Posh Puppy Boutique. We have many to pick from.
For example, our Tattoo Turquoise Bandana ($20) from In Dog We Trust is lightweight, reversible and comes in many different patterns. Best of all, they come in five sizes from extra-small to extra-large.
Another, more feminine example is our Pirate Girl Bandana ($20), which is another in our extensive line of In Dog We Trust products.
Sports fans will find we carry dog bandanas featuring many popular team logos.
For example, there are the New York J-E-T-SPittsburg SteelersArizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers ($20 each) available in small or large. These bandanas feature a sewn-in loop that slides over your dog’s collar. They are made with micro-mesh polyester for a great, comfortable fit.
Baseball fans can still get a bandana with their team’s favorite color and logo on it. For example, we have the perennially popular Atlanta Braves ($20) made with the same materials and care as the NFL versions above. Are you a Dodgers fan? Go that route in blue with the team’s logo on it for $20.
If sports isn’t your style, check out a few of our bandana collars that combine the look of a bandana with the security and convenience of a collar.
The Flowers Bandana Collar combines the effectiveness of a collar with the style of a bandana.
Go western with our Western Bandana in red ($19) available in collar sizes from 10-24 inches. The Flowers Bandana Collars ($19) come in three colors and a host of sizes.
Outdoors-oriented pet owners may want to take extra care with hunting season starting soon in many areas. The Hunting Bandana Collar is bright orange so your dog will not be mistaken for another creature.
Puppy Angel makes several chic dog bandanas.
Designer Puppy Angel makes a new line of Hot Star Bandanas ($28), such as this one in gray. Made with 100 percent cotton denim, they feature a crown outlined in rhinestones. It also comes in Pink and Navy.
Consider other similar styles, also from Puppy Angel: the Ave Fenix Bandana in Pink ($28) with its distinctive denim and gingham pattern adorned with a wing motif in silver studs; and the Star Chain Bandana ($28) with a metallic chain decoration.
These and thousands of other fashionable pet products and accessories can be found in one place: the Posh Puppy Boutique.
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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Have An Emergency Bag Ready Before Trouble Hits

Be ready to grab your pets and go when disaster strikes.
High temperatures and dry humidity means people living in the West need to always keep their eyes open for one of Nature’s fiercest beasts: fire. Fire isn’t as big an issue along the Gulf and East coasts as hurricanes (the Palm Beach Post has some ideas for hurricanes), but being ready to evacuate because of one means being ready to bail from anything.
Have your pets’ safety and security in mind by keeping an emergency bag ready at all times. You are going to be highly stressed and in a hurry, so plan ahead and have your bag ready to grab and go.
Consider these tips from your friends at the Posh Puppy Boutique.
Start with a recognizable bag: Our I Love Dogs Tote ($20) measures 14 by 17 inches; our Doggy Rainbow Shopping Tote ($22) measures 19 by 15.5 inches by 5.5 inches deep. We have many other choices as well.
In it, keep a copy of your pets’ shot records, photos and most importantly, your contact information. Computer flash drives are inexpensive. Low-end drives start at $5-$6 and can easily hold all of this information. Our Protect My Cat ($15) and Protect My Dog ($15) kits have “passports” to record this information, stickers for your home to alert emergency service providers pets may be inside plus wallet and key cards.
The Hydro-Go canteen holds 36 ounces of water.
Have a back-up collar and fixed-length leash. We sell hundreds, if not thousands, of collars and leashes in every size, style and color imaginable. Our I Left My Heart Collar ($35) has a matching leash for $50.
Make sure you have a back-up ID tag on the collar that has your current contact info. One example is our Pink Dachshund Tag ($30) that is big and flashy enough to be seen immediately while also having room for your dog’s name and your phone number.
Your emergency bag should also have a collapsible food dish and water dish. One option that gives you some freedom from worry for medium and large breeds is Drinkwell’s Hydro-Go canteen and fold-out funnel bowl ($30). It holds 36 ounces of water. OurFold It Water Bowls ($12 each) come in gray or pink and take up very little room. Our Collaps-a-Bowl ($14) bowls hold 24 ounces of food or water and are made with food-grade silicone.
The Pet First Aid Kit has all the essentials to treat your injured pet.
Be sure to include at least one 12-ounce bottle of water and a zip-lock bag with dry food for several days for each pet. Ideally, you want to have food and water for two weeks. Clip the Pet Poop Snoop Lighted Waste Bag Holder ($12) to your leash. It combines poop bags (sold separately) and a small flashlight.
Do not forget two other essential items: A blanket—let your dog use it at times so it has his or her scent on it—and a plush toy. The blanket can double as a bed while the toy will help them handle stress. Our Harmony Flannel Blanket ($20) measures 20 by 16 inches. Our Chill Pill Toys ($12) come in several sizes and colors.
Our Pet First Aid Kit ($45) has all the essentials to take care of your dog or cat should they be injured. A simple manual is included.
Have an extra supply of your pet’s medicines in here as well. Check with your vet about storage life and rotate the drugs as needed.
Be sure to add a 2 ounce spray bottle of Canine Calm Natural Remedy Mist ($15) to your bag. Its natural, non-toxic ingredients will help calm your dog during periods of high stress, such as an emergency evacuation.
For additional tips on emergency preparedness for your pets, visit this ASPCA link.
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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Is Your Pet Ready For Some Football?

This shirt is made from vintage and recycled clothing.
Hey football fans, and football widows, the NFL Pre-Season kicks off with a fill slate of games starting this Thursday. The first game of the season pitted the Dallas Cowboys against the Miami Dolphins on Aug. 4.
Make sure your pet is outfitted in your team’s colors with officially licensed gear from the Posh Puppy Boutique.
Is someone in your house a New England Patriots fan? If so, check out this Patriots Football Vintage Dog Tee ($50). Available in large only, it is made from selected vintage, recycled and discounted clothing. They provide a soft, comfortable shirt with an attitude.
Take a look at our big lineup of NFL-licensed dog clothes.
Left Coasters, consider a San Francisco 49ers Plush Rope Football Toy ($20). This football-shaped toy has rope on both ends both to help clean your dog’s teeth and to let two dogs have a tug-o-wear game. It also includes a squeaker and embroidered logo. Add to the fun by dressing your bud in the San Francisco 49ers Dog T-Shirt ($32), available in sizes from small to extra large.
We sell a slightly different version for many teams, including the New York Jets ($20). This pebble grain toy is made from heavy duty vinyl with rope pulls on both ends. Your dog will love playing fetch. “OK, Rover, do a deep post and I’ll hit you over the middle.”
Our football items are not just for boys.
Toys work for boy and girl dogs. However, we also sell some cheerleader dresses designed just for your little miss. Take a look at this Super Bowl Champion NFL Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Pet Dress ($35). Made with a screen printed logo and team colors, it has a pleated skirt and Velcro ® closure. Sizes range from extra-small to medium. Click here to see our wide assortment of teams.
Pink jerseys, collars and leashes are available for many NFL teams.
Cowboys fans, we have your favorite team’s jersey designed to fit your dog. We have it Blue ($45) for the boys and Pink ($45) for the girls. Pink shirts are available in sizes from extra-small to large while the blue shirts come in small to extra-large.
Bronco and Bear fans, we have your dogs covered in warm NFL-licensed sweaters ($30 each). They are available in sizes from extra-small to large. We also have sweaters in many other team colors and logos, too.
We also sell NFL-themed bandanas with team logos such as the Ravens ($20). Created in the team’s primary color, each bandana has your team’s logo on it. They come in small and large sizes.
We also sell NFL-themed dog collars—like this Pittsburgh Steelers model ($28)—with matching leashes available at an added cost, plus many more NFL-related pet items. If you want a pink team-themed leash, you can probably find it here. For a complete list of your team’s gear, enter into the “Search” section at your #1 home for the fashion-conscious dog, the Posh Puppy Boutique.
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Thursday, August 1, 2013

‘Sleigh’ Prices With Our Christmas in July Sale

This Satin Crossover Tie is elegant any time of year.
Is it too early to start having your dog bark “Jingle Bells?” It isn’t if you hurry to the Posh Puppy Boutique for our annual Christmas in July Sale.
Enter the promo code “July” before midnight Pacific Time on Friday, July 2 and save 30 percent off your entire order. Note: this sale applies only to regularly-priced items, not those in our Super Sale section.
This Satin Crossover Tie ($25), which is hand-made in the USA, adds an elegant touch to any affair. The white collar and your choice of black, white, red or pink ties will let your pooch stand out in the crowd any time of year. Sizes range from extra-small to double extra-large.
Our I’m Off Santa’s Naughty List tank top ($25) is bright red with white lettering. Made with cotton and a touch of lycra for a secure fit, this top is machine washable and Made in the USA. Sizes range from double extra-small to double extra-large.
The All I Want For Christmas tank ($30) uses a three color design and is screen printed in the USA. Sizes range from extra-small to six extra-large. Color choices vary by size.
These pet pajamas will be perfect for the colder months to come.
Cool weather isn’t that far off. Be prepared with our colorful Christmas Dog Pajama—Santa’s Lil’ Helper ($30). Available in sizes from extra small to large, this outfit is made with soft thermal knit cotton for your pet’s comfort.
Remember, too, that Christmas comes in the summer for people in those warm southern latitudes.
Our Retro Tropical Flower Dress ($85) is made with cotton and has a lined skirt topped with a satin ribbon. This handmade dress also has a “D” ring for easy leash attachment. Sizes range from teacup to medium.
Christmas comes in the summer down under.
The Aloha Shirt ($34) has a one-of-a-kind tropical island pattern. Made with light cotton, it has a button-up design. Sizes range from double extra-small to large.
Perfect for the summer, or when you want that tropical state of mind, is our Tropical Palms Round Bed ($70). Made with 100 percent cotton, it has a removable slip cover over a poly fill insert. It is 24 inches around and 4.5 inches tall making it perfect for smaller dog breeds and cats.
Get a matching harness and leash set with our Blue Hawaiian ($29) and Pink Hawaiian ($30) combos. Both feature bright tropical prints and a centered “D” ring leash attachment for added control. Up to eight sizes are available for dogs weighing up to 25 pounds.
This is just the tiniest fraction—a single blade of grass in a meadow full of perfect couture products for your pampered pooch or purring pussy cat—of choices available at the Posh Puppy Boutique.
So how can you find out about special sales like this? Sign up for our email newsletter by clicking here. You get advanced notice of all the goodies, such as these special sales.
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