Thursday, March 29, 2012

High-End Dog Fashions Coming to Rocklin

Psst.It's a secret. The Posh Puppy is opening a new store.
Dog owners will soon have easy access to thousands of high-end fashion items with the opening of the new Posh Puppy Boutique retail store.
A 1,200 square-foot “bricks and mortar” version of the Posh Puppy’s on-line store opens soon at 6040 Stanford Ranch Rd. Ste. 200, Rocklin at Sunset Blvd. Hours are 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. Saturday.
Catering to well-heeled pet owners, the Posh Puppy Boutique sells dog clothes by designers such as Susan LanciJuicy CoutureOscar NewmanPuppiaPinkaholic New YorkPoochie of Beverly Hills and many others. Grooming products from John Paul of Paul Mitchell fame,Tropiclean Spas and Pet Head are also sold both in the store and online.
Pet beds, blankets and furnituredesigner-inspired toys and dog treats featuring healthy and natural ingredients are also sold at the Posh Puppy Boutique.
Sacramento-area dog owners can also order products on-line and pick them up at the store.
Call owner Jennifer Kirk at (888) 837-5230 with any questions. Visit the Posh Puppy Boutique online at to view more than 10,000 products.
Milk & Pepper products are now at the Posh Puppy.
Among the newest additions is the Milk and Pepper Line of hoodies and coats.
The Silver Snow Down Coat ($110) is 100 percent water-resistant polyester with a polyester lining and silver finish. Available in several sizes, this coat comes in lengths from 7-15 inches.
If you’re looking to have your pooch stand out in both style and comfort, take a look at the Inuit Lilas Parka ($125). It is water-resistant 100 percent cotton with a fur-like ruff, double row of snaps and a pocket with a rhinestone snap.
The Speak Lagoon Hoodie ($85) is 100 percent cotton fleece with the words, “I don’t speak English … But I understand everything” printed in black on sea foam blue fabric.
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Milk & Pepper's Speak hoodie.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Good Dogs Deserve Their Own Easter Baskets

Jojo Bunny shirts are perfect for dogs.
If your dog has been their good self lately, reward them with their very own Easter Basket filled with goodies from the Posh Puppy Boutique.
Start with our Easter Sampler Treats ($18), a set of cookies designed just for dogs. Handmade in traditional Easter shapes, each cookie is made with organically grown ingredients in flavors such as peanut butter, cheese and chicken.
Consider using the Spring Time Boxed Treats ($20), a dozen tiny treats featuring bone and paw print designs, as an alternative. Made with organic oat flour, honey and a carob and yogurt coating, these treats will keep your dog begging for more.
Add a Snuggle Bunny Plush Toy in Pink ($32) and watch them howl with tail wagging joy.
Consider stuffing your dog’s Easter Basket with a Carrot Cake Cuddler plus toy ($10) each. Available in brown, white and pink, these squeaker toys have a rabbit holding a carrot.
Stuff in a green Jojo Bunny Foo Foo Shirt ($45), available in small, medium and large sizes. Made in a vibrant green with white trim, this 100 percent lightweight cotton shirt is pure comfort and easy chic.
Tired younger dogs will look very cute when you dress them in their blue Funny Bunny Romper Suit ($58) made with 80 percent cotton and 20 percent polyester. Made by Puppy Angel, this medium size four-legged suit features a bunny head applique on the back and bunny ears on the hood. A larger version is available in pink.
Top your girl dog’s basket with one more treat: a colorful hair bow.
Our Flower Power Dog Hair Bow ($12) has a no-slip grip and a Swarovski crystal.
The Hop Hop Bunny hair bow ($10) has a white bunny hopping across a yellow crisscross fabric.
The Egg-cellent Hair Bow ($10) features an Easter Egg on a pastel ribbon.
These and many more gift ideas can be found at the Posh Puppy Boutique.
Remember, chocolate is poisonous to dogs. It only takes a little bit to seriously sicken your pet so keep all chocolate away from curious doggie noses.
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Boing! It’s the Easter Puppy

It's the Easter Puppy in her  Bunny sweater.
Your pup can be doing their best Easter Bunny impression wearing Sunday finery from the Posh Puppy Boutique.
Start by dressing them in our pink Super Soft Easter Bunny Suit ($38). Made with acrylic Chenille, this warm pullover sweater has leg holes. Sizes range from double extra-small to large.
Consider our Bunny Dog Coat ($30) if it’s cold where you live. The hood has bunny ears while the entire coat is made with soft pink swirl plush accented by satin bows. Sizes range from teacup to large.
Add a touch of humor with our perfectly pink Funny Bunny Bonnet ($29) in sizes from small to extra-large. The soft fabric has ears and trim covered in fleece and topped with a pink bow. The bonnet also has holes for your dog’s own ears.
Our Easter Bonnet comes in several sizes.
Make your pet the official Easter Greeter by attaching our Happy Easter Bandana ($20). Made with certified 100 percent organic Turkish cotton in the USA, they have a cover-stitch edge and silk screened lettering. Sizes range from small to large.
Give your favorite girl an Easter dress she can wear all Spring. We have a lot of great looking dresses to choose from.
These bandannas fit almost every dog.
Our Charlotte Ruffle Dress in pink ($30) has a daisy and seersucker print, tiered skirt with ruffle trim and a ruffle placket down the back. Sizes range from teacup to medium.
Take a look at our pink and white Handpainted Easter Garden Dress ($100) for something even more stylish. This sleeveless organza and satin design features a skirt with a satin underlay and has handpainted and beaded eggs and flowers. It is topped by a detachable satin waist bow. Sizes range from extra-small to double extra-large. This dress is also available in orchid and white and mint green and white.
Let your dog chase bunnies in their sleep after a busy Easter by keeping them warm in our flannel Smocking Pajama ($50). This pink design is covered with cute bunnies. Sizes range from extra-small to double extra-large.
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Sacramento, Calif. residents, get ready for the opening of our new Posh Puppy Boutique retail store. Stay tuned for details. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Save 20% During Our March Madness Sale

Save some serious coin on your favorite designer dog apparel and pet accessories at the Posh Puppy Boutique’s March Madness Sale. Hurry because this special 20 percent off sale only runs through midnight tonight, Tuesday, March 20.
Choose from our huge selection—we literally have thousands of items—of fashionable pet products.
Are your dog’s toys looking a little ratty? Heave ‘em then save 20 percent on their replacements. Our Lil’ Plush Caterpillar Toy ($10) is perfect for smaller dog breeds as well as being very cute in pastel colors.
Make a statement while giving your dog The Boyfriend Plush Toy ($10). On second thought, better buy two.
Dogs like their techno toys too. Just take a look at our iPaw’d Plush Toy ($16), which is sure to generate chuckles and conversation.
Our Sushi Plush Toy Set ($20) includes ultra-soft tuna, salmon roe and shrimp toys, all with squeakers.
Could your dog’s old bed be ready for the pound? Replace it with our Monkey Business Canvas Dog Mats in Ty ($35) and save 20 percent during our sale. Available in small, medium and large sizes, they are 100 percent cotton with 100 percent polyester filling. They come in a green boy print (Ty) and a purple girl print (Tiff, $35).
Older dogs will love having their own Luxury Pillow Top Mattress Bed ($147), which comes in several colors such as sage. Using a plush cashmere microfiber tufted top, these beds have a 4-inch thick medical grade orthopedic foam base and a machine washable zippered removable cover.
Go top-of-the-line with Barkley’s Lounge Collection Cowgirl Chic Bed ($650) designed for dogs up to 18 pounds
Use this special sale to stock up on new Spring outfits for your favorite four-legged little girls. Our Bunny Reversible Dress ($35) features a bunny on one side and solid pink on the other. Sizes range from double extra-small to extra-large.
Our Sparkly Easter Harness Dress is designed for small dogs.
Our Sparkly Easter Harness Dress ($60) features a bright yellow bodice with colored dots and a skirt covered with decorated eggs, topped with a pink ribbon. Sizes range from double extra-small to small only.
Hurry. This sale ends promptly at midnight Pacific Daylight Time on Tuesday, March 20.
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Never Miss Your Pet’s Meal Time Again

Our automatic feeder holds five of your pet's favorite meals.

Hectic lifestyles mean some pet owners occasionally have to delay their pet’s meal times.
Stop apologizing to your pet. Pick up the five meal automatic feeder ($95) from the Posh Puppy Boutique and your dog or cat will get their meals on time, every time.
A timer lets you set the times each meal is presented. Each slot in the dishwasher-safe food tray can hold up to one cup of wet or dry food. This automatic feeder is perfect for some pets who get one type at one feeding and a different type at another.
A similar option for dry food only is the Petmate Portion Control Lebistro ($110), which holds five pounds of food. Perfect for pets who may overeat, this feeder lets you adjust meal sizes from ¼- 2 cups per serving and offer up to three meals each day. A clear food reservoir lets you keep track of how much food is left.
If portability is more of an issue for you than automation, consider buying one of the Posh Puppy Boutique’s portable bowls. We have a wide selection to pick from.
Our Lapper Travel Dog Bowl ($20) uses a bathtub-like design to prevent leaks. Rigid sides keep the bowl upright. It holds up to 1.5 liters of water yet folds down to pocket or pack size. The Sipper version ($17) for smaller pets holds 20 ounces while folding flat for easy packing. Color choices are burnt orange, groovy watermelon and charcuterie grey.
Active dogs will love our Treat-N-Ball bag ($8), which is perfect for training and play. It includes a clip to attach to a belt loop or clothing. It also comes in dotty, plaid or swirly patterns.
We also have the Go Everywhere Bowls ($28) in both small and medium sizes. Lined with a durable waterproof fabric, they are perfect for short or long trips and active lifestyles. Color options include Air Blue, Parrot Green, Baybrown and Tangerine.
Frequent travelers may prefer an even smaller pet food dish. Our reusable Aqua Bol ($8) folds down to the size of a credit card. It comes in beige, black and pink.
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chocolate and Pets is a Deadly Mix

Chocolate may taste great to humans, but it is deadly for dogs.
When it comes time for treats, many people love chocolate. Some children and unaware adults may try to feed chocolate to their pets, potentially poisoning them in the process.
The Posh Puppy Boutique cares about dogs, and cats too. For that reason, we strong urge you to make sure all forms of chocolate—cookies, candy, etc.—are kept far away from pets.
Why is chocolate poisonous to dogs? Because it contains the stimulant theobromine, which is similar to caffeine. This natural chemical affects the nervous system and the heart. Too much of it can cause muscle tremors, seizures, coma and death.
How can you recognize chocolate poisoning? By your pet vomiting, having diarrhea or being hyperactive. As more of the stimulant is absorbed, your pet will become restless, hyperactive, show twitching muscles, increased urinating or excessive panting.
The amount of chocolate required to cause severe problems in your pet varies depending on the type of chocolate, their size, weight and health and the amount of time between ingestion and treatment.
Different types of chocolate contain varying amounts of theobromine. White chocolate has the least, requiring 250 pounds to poison a 125-pound dog. Milk chocolate is the next most powerful, with 2-3 candy bars enough to poison a 10-pound dog. Sweet cocoa is much more powerful, with only one-sixth of a pound poisoning a 10-pound dog.
Just think how much chocolate could be in an Easter basket or Halloween bag. A pound or two could be enough to kill your pet.
The most deadly form of chocolate is baking chocolate, with a single one-ounce square enough to seriously injure—and possibly kill—a 10-pound dog.
In addition to the type of chocolate, the larger and heavier your dog is, the more chocolate required to harm him or her because it takes longer for the stimulant to be absorbed.
What can you do if you suspect chocolate poisoning? Call your vet immediately. If your vet is not available, contact a 24-hour emergency pet clinic. You can also check with a Poison Control Center such as the National Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435 (your credit card could be charged a $65 consultation fee).
If no one is available, induce vomiting using small quantities of hydrogen peroxide. The suggested dose is mix three percent hydrogen peroxide to water solution and give your dog 1-2 teaspoons for a smaller dog or 3-4 tablespoons for a larger dog, by mouth every 10-15 minutes until your dog vomits.
Next, give your dog an activated charcoal slurry using a product such as Taliban (1 teaspoon for dogs weighing up to 25 pounds, 2 teaspoons for heavier dogs), which will absorb the chocolate. Check with your vet on how to obtain Taliban.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Feed Fifi With a Fashionable Fork

Fashion meets feeding with My Best Friend's Fork.

Feeding your pet can be fun and fashionable, especially when you buy your utensils from the Posh Puppy Boutique.
Whether it’s scooping out wet food or giving your dog a treat, nothing screams “fashion” like our new My Best Friend’s Fork ($25), which comes in three great colors: blue, clear and pink.
Designed just for dogs, these forks are made from stainless steel so they will not bend or break with normal use. The prongs have rounded outside edges while the inner prongs are shorter to fit your dog’s mouth better.
In addition, each fork has a Swarovski crystal embedded in it. These crystals make it easy to keep track of whose fork it is while adding a touch of elegance and class to your dog’s dining experience.
When traveling, consider adding our pink Round Dog Travel Bowls ($105). The latching pink outer carrier—it looks like a small pink purse—holds two stainless steel bowls that be easily removed for cleaning.

Our Fresh Flow Fountain is perfect for multiple pet households.
Keep your dogs and cats hydrated at home by giving them water in a way they will enjoy: with one of our drinking fountains. While dogs and cats will drink from any bowl, they prefer moving water.
Our Fresh Flow Deluxe Fountain ($105) from Drinkwell ® holds one gallon of constantly recirculating water that passes through a charcoal filter. The water spills down the sides into a bowl, letting dogs drink their fill from any angle. It’s especially great for multiple pet households.
The Platinum Pet Fountain ($115) has a 5-inch stream of freshly flowing filtered water. It features a snap-on lid and dishwasher-safe removable water reservoir.
For a great mix of style and functionality, consider buying our Rain Drop Stainless Steel Pet Fountain ($85). It holds 60 ounces of healthy water that is constantly circulated through a charcoal filter. The filter and stainless steel bowl helps protect your pets from bacterial infections as well. The modern raindrop shape is a perfect addition to any room. This design is also available in black or white ceramic ($75).
Express your pet’s inner yin and yang with our Fung Shui Plastic Pet Fountain ($45). This calming design features a black pump and reservoir with a white bowl.
Replacement filters are also available for each of these pet fountains.
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Posh Puppy Is Your Plush Toy Headquarters

A dog's lament: So many toys, not enough time. We have hundreds to pick from.

“Let’s play!” If your dog could talk, that is one of the first things he or she would say. Unfortunately, you can’t always play fetch or tug-o-war with them. When that happens, it’s the Posh Puppy Boutique to the rescue.
Your dog wants toys and we have tons of them. Our plush toys come in all styles and types from fashion designer inspired items such as our Small White Chewy Vuiton ($12) to our organic toys like our 100 percent organic knit cotton crochet Rockin Robin ($15).
We have toys inspired by food like our crocheted Blueberry Cupcake ($15) using natural dyes. We have interactive toys to engage your dog’s mind and their body, such as the Dog Worker Interactive Puzzle ($79).
For multiple dog households, consider a toy two can share: one of our many loopies. The brown Dog Talking Loopie ($16) has a barking sound chip that will entertain your dog for hours. It also has arms that are perfect for two dogs to grab on and play toss the toy or tug-o-war.
We also have a huge selection of fun plush toys. Your dogs will have a gas playing with Mr. Turtell ($10).
Do you know someone whose dog has a birthday soon? Give them a Sushi Pups toy assortment. Our 5-piece assortment ($29) looks like pieces of sushi, but isn’t.
Some dogs are tough on plush toys. Some young ones are chewers. Let these dogs massage their gums—and keep your furniture intact—by giving them a rubber or latex chew toy. The Nylabone Puppy Teething Pacifiers ($12) are perfect for young dogs both in color and shape. For something a bit more modern, consider our Red Rugged Tuffy ® Skulls ($12), which come in extra-small and medium sizes.
Our jack and ball combo will keep your dog occupied.
Another great option is our Jack and Ball Combo ($24), which is sure to occupy every dog.
Don’t worry if one of the above toys isn’t perfect for your pooch: we have hundreds of other toy choices, too.
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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Honor Your Lucky Pup With Our Scarves, Hoodies

Is your dog your Lucky Charmer?

Some dogs are born charmers. If yours is your lucky charm, then swing by the online Posh Puppy Boutique from some great St. Patrick’s Day gear.
Start with our Lucky Charm Bandana ($20). It’s simple,: a white background with a shamrock on it. Prewashed to avoid shrinkage, this bandana is made with 100 percent organic Turkish Cotton. It comes in small, medium and large sizes.
A perfect compliment is our Lucky Charm hoodie ($45). They are comfortable, stretchy and great for year-round wear. Machine washable, this hoodie is Made in the USA. Sizes range from extra-small to extra-large.
Check out our Lucky Charm hoodie.
Another great choice is our Lucky Shamrock Scarf ($15) in sizes small and large.
We also have some dog hoodies designed for St. Patrick’s Day. Take a look at our Lucky Rhinestone Hoodie ($35).With an embroidered shamrock and the word “lucky,” this hoodie can be customized for almost every dog. Sizes range from extra-small to triple extra-large. You also get to pick the color from among baby blue, black, cream, pink, red and gray. You can also choose the Happy St. Patrick’s Day motif ($35).
For something a bit more modern, check out our Tattoo Tees with Clover ($25). It has a horseshoe, four-leaf clover and the words “lucky dog” on it. Sizes range from double extra-small to extra-large.
You might also look at our Lucky Dog Tank ($25) in green with white lettering. Made with cotton and just a touch of lycra, it has a great fit for dogs in sizes ranging from double extra-small to double extra-large.
While you are having your post St. Patrick’s Day dessert, reward your pup with our Pint of Gold Box Treats ($15). These three peanut butter cinnamon treats use organic ingredients with a yogurt coating.
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