Thursday, September 29, 2011

Costumes Bring Out Your Dog’s Character

Halloween is a perfect time to make your dog’s personality shine by dressing him or her in a costume from the Posh Puppy Boutique.
If your son is trick-or-treating as Darth Vader, let him be accompanied by your pooch in his Yoda costume ($55). The outfit includes a costume and matching hat.
Show your dog’s super powers with by dressing him in his Super Dog costume ($43) in bright blue and red. His favorite canine lady can go asWonder Dog ($42) in this very feminine costume featuring a red and white skirt.
Consider this bright Pumpkin Patch Pajama Pals Costume ($39), which doubles as a bright orange hoodie. It has a drawstring neck and Velcro closures for maximum comfort and an adjustable fit. It also comes in sizes from double extra-small to extra-large.
Are your dogs always getting into trouble? Consider dressing one as a black and white striped Prison Pooch ($30) and another as a navy blue Canine Cop ($30). Both include a costume and hat.
Dogs of any size will love our selection of orange and black Halloween tank tops. Options include Boo ($20), A Little Batty ($19) and Little Monster($19).
We also have three perfectly frightful Halloween-themed soft mesh harnesses: the bright orange Pumpkin Face ($35), black with white lettering Lil’ Monster ($35) and the orange Ghost Hunter ($35).
Perhaps your dog can get some treats by performing tricks while dressed in this red and black checked Joker Sweatshirt costume ($44), complete with matching hat.
Is your little boy a shining knight? If so, dress him in this Sir Barks-A-Lot costume ($49) with its movable and removable faceguard.
These and many more costumes are available in the Halloween section at the Posh Puppy Boutique.
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hair Bows Add Style, Color to Every Dog

There is a simple, yet elegant, accessory that adds style, grace and femininity to any girl or woman, no matter if they walk on two legs or four: a hair bow.
Here at the Posh Puppy Boutique, we have numerous options to pick from. And the best part is, one size literally fits all.
Yorkie girls will bark with joy when they see this McKenzie Dog Hair Bow ($10), decorated with a Yorkshire Terrier wearing a red hair bow. We also have a small brown and red version ($15) with a paw in the middle that is perfect for many boy Yorkies.
Some girls might like our Saddle Stitch bows ($8), which come in six colors including black, pink, hot pink, navy, orange and tan.
Let your little girl dog strut her stuff while walking and wearing a Paw Print Hair Bow ($10) in brown and pink.
Dress up any outfit by adding a Pinkburst Hair Bow ($10). It has a 20mm French Clip. The Just Peachy Hair Bow ($10) is also a girl’s delight.
Boy dogs might like these two macho bows: Cool Bones ($10) in black and white with a silver skull and crossed bones or the Turquoise Leopard ($10) version with a cool blue and leopard spot pattern. We also carry it in pink ($10) for swashbuckling ladies, argh!
If summer isn’t quite over where you live, consider adding a spot or two of bright color with one of our many barrette sets, such as the Ice Cream Dream ($22),Pink Swiss Roll ($22), Mariposa Bow ($22) or Fuchsia Swiss Roll ($22).
These are a just a tiny sampling of our wide hair bow selection. To see the works, visit us on-line and enter “hair bows” in the search box.
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Friday, September 23, 2011

Airline Approved Dog Carrier - Designer Pet Carrier

There were times when you have to leave your pet behind when you are on a trip. And this happens when the trip is by air. We must mention that finally this particular issue has been solved. Since ARGO launches a big size dog carrier for your pet.  Teafco Argo Medium Petaboard Airline Approved Pet Carrier - Black ($85.00) is within your means of purchase yet it’s an elite carrier for the pet you have. With hard work and attention the design team has successfully designed a dog carrier where style and quality come. The Teafco Argo Medium Petaboard Airline Approved Pet Carrier - Black is also designed to meet strict IATA airline pet carrier regulations, with taking care of wellbeing and comfort of the co-passenger. This dog carrier slides easily below the airline passenger seat. It has an extra pocket for storage on its side, has three dual mesh windows for consistent ventilation flowing in and out of the carrier from different directions, the back of the carrier features a pocket and sleeve that slips over an extended luggage handle, the sleeve can also secure pet in the car with a seat belt. The carrier also comes with a removing padding that is easy to clean when you are on the go.  The Canvas Style Carriers is available in Black, Petal Pink, Kiwi Green, Berry Blue, and Tango Orange.  It is suitable for pets up to 12 Lbs.
Product Features:
*Airline approved dog carrier
*Ultra light weight design
*Great ventilation and pet visibility
*Rear fitting over upright handles for easy mobility
*Top loading mesh opening with triple closure securities
*Dual layer reinforced mesh windows
*Removable water-resistant cool padding
*Side and rear pockets for necessities and travel documents
*Actual weight: 2.2 lbs.  Recommended for pets up to 12 lbs
External Measurements: 16.5"L x 9.38"W x 11.25"H

Thursday, September 22, 2011

BHC II Costumes Dress Your Dog Like A Star

Get your dog ready for Halloween by putting them in costumes with character, or characters, since the Posh Puppy Boutique has several outfits from Disney’s Beverly Hills Chihuahua II, now on video.
One of our top outfits is this Flower Costume ($38), which is available in sizes from double extra-small to triple extra-large. It’s made from fleece and is cut slightly looser for greater comfort. The petal head piece attaches with Velcro. There is even a buttonhole opening to attach your leash.
Hot Diggity Dog ($30) surrounds your pooch with poppy seed buns topped with a dash of ketchup. It uses Velcro straps for easy attachment.
For something more feminine and perfect for year-round wear, consider our Beverly Hills Chihuahua Pink and Green Striped Harness Dress ($40). The lime green and pink dress is embroidered with flowers and has a lace collar. It comes complete with a visor.
Compliment her dress with some Green and Pink Striped Panties ($19). When equipped with a mini pad, they add a practical element to comfort and style.
Another colorful option is this twill Beverly Hills Harness Dress ($50). Made in the USA, it has pink ruffles and a rhinestone D-ring.
Boy dogs will prefer to accompany their beaus while dressed in casual style: wearing a Beverly Hills 90210 T-shirt ($52). This vintage design uses vintage recycled clothing, which means no two shirts are exactly alike.
Top your girl dog’s outfit with an Italian designer Lilly of Beverly Hills Collar ($85). They are finished at each end with Italian leather and accented with a polished, silver-toned buckle.
Another great collar option, both for Halloween or year-round wear, is the Ultrasuede Dog Collar, ($30) from designer Susan Lanci. Available in sizes from Teacup to extra-large, these collars come in a host of colors from amethyst to zebra.
These and other Beverly Hills Chihuahua II-related products can be found at our website. We are an officially licensed sponsor.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our Costumes Make Your Dog Roar

Your dog may not be the scariest creature going Trick-or-Treating, but he or she will be the cutest, especially when wearing a costume from the Posh Puppy Boutique.
Turn your dog’s bark into a roar when they go for a walk wearing this Tigerrr Costume ($35) with realistic looking eyes and whiskers. It also has a stay-dry belly and Velcro closures.
Your favorite four-legged girl will get all kinds of adoring looks from both canines and humans when she is seen wearing her Pirate Girl costume ($43). With a lace petticoat and lace sleeves, the ensemble includes a hat with gold trim, red bows and black lace.
She can be accompanied by her favorite first mate wearing his own Pirate Puppy of the Caribbean Costume ($30), complete with pirate hat. Argh, matey!
Do you want to drive the neighbors batty? Consider showing off your girl in this Green Bat Halter Dress ($60), a Posh Puppy Original Couture creation. This dress, with a wide green bow, is available in sizes extra-small and small only.
Shades of Disco, it’s the Rock Star Dog Costume ($35). This white rhinestone trimmed jumpsuit may make you think the King is back.
For something a bit scarier, while also adding protection for your precious puppy, consider our Black Spider Dog Costume ($43): it glows in the dark. The web pattern and eyes use a special paint plus there is a silver foil spider centered on the web for both added effect and added safety.
Give your precious human angel a devilish companion by outfitting him in this simple, yet elegant, red Devil Dog Costume ($30) complete with horns and filled bat wings.
These and many other Halloween costumes are available at the Posh Puppy Boutique Costume Shop.
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shop Online for Dog Jewelry

Getting jewelry for someone, expresses your love towards that person, and in the same way the dog lover wants to express there love towards there dog by getting jewelry for them.

When shopping for dog jewelry in the market you need to move around the market, but the best way we suggest for dog jewelry shopping under one roof is an online shopping. Here you can surf wide range of Dog Necklace, Pendent, Earring Studs, Rings etc. You can also select the desired metal for the dog jewelry. Let it be gold, platinum or silver, dog jewelry can be found in all of them. Some of the dog jewelry is mentioned below:

Dog Necklace: You can find the dog necklace in gold, platinum and silver. Some Diamond Pave Bone Charm Necklace ($675.00) has a diamond bone charm with genuine round brilliant cut diamonds.10 pts set in 18k gold. Available in 18k white gold, yellow gold and pink gold. Adorned with a sliding diamond pave bone charm.

Dog Pendant: Just like dog necklace, dog pendant also comes in gold, platinum and silver. And among the famous brands ELLIE ROCKS NYC's Couture Collection features exquisitely designed pendent made with 18k white gold and matte yellow gold. Encrusted with micro-pave hand-cut diamonds, make ELLIE ROCKS NYC is a fine jewelry line that is exceptionally beautiful and tasteful. This is worthy getting for your loved dog.

Dog Earring Studs & Ring: These are also made with metal such as gold, platinum and silver. Diamond 18k Bone Earring Studs - White or Yellow Gold ($1,200.00). ELLIE ROCKS NYC a fine jewelry maker, also design charms, rings, earrings and chains set in 18k white gold and matte yellow gold.

Since now I have brought all the dog jewelry in front of you, you can make a choice which jewelry you want to get for your dog!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

We Are Your Purrfect Source For Dog Costumes

Birthdays, back to school nights and all sorts of other fall events are the perfect time to let your pooch strut their stuff, especially in a costume showing their unique personality. There is no reason to wait for Halloween when the Posh Puppy Boutique has nearly 400 pet costumes and decorations available right now.
Prepare your pooch for the upcoming theatrical re-release of Disney’s The Lion King, then watch the old version together on DVD. While you are dressed comfortably, your dog can be, too: in this Chunky Monkey Pals Costume ($39), Loveable Lion ($35), Pink Hippo ($48), Piggy Pooch ($30) or Giraffe ($48). These costumes are fun, conversation starters and comfortable for your dog to wear.
Is your dog more a knight in barking armor? If so, dress him accordingly in our Knight Dog Costume ($43) as Sir Woofsalot. He can accompany your Queen of Puppies ($25) to the ball or a walk around the neighborhood. We also have Velvet Princess Costumes in red ($45) and pink ($43).
Is your petal the perfect flower? If so, dress her in our Bloomin’ Snout costume ($48). Her friends can come as a Honey Bee ($30), a Lady Bug ($30), a Daisy Bee ($30), a Bee ($42), Animal Planet Butterfly ($35) or Lady Butterfly ($43).
We also sell a Little Stinker Costume ($30) and a Sweet Pea Costume ($35).
Though not necessarily a costume, we also carry a School Uniform Shirt or Dress ($55 each). These outfits come with an attached tie and are made to order, so allow extra shipping time.
See our complete line-up of costumes at the Posh Puppy Boutique Costume Shop and our full selection of Halloween-related pet items. Many are available in a wide range of sizes from extra-small (perfect for small dogs and cats) to extra large for your bug buddy.
Call us at 888-837-5230 with any questions or visit us online at the Posh Puppy Boutique. We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Choosing the Best Dog Treat

Moving in a grocery store and selecting the right dog treat can be a tedious task.  And on top of it you too need to see which treat is best for your dog. Finding such kind of dog treat takes good time and research. The truth is, the best dog treat is the one that meets your dog's nutritional requirements, which vary based upon the dog's age, breed, body weight, genetics, and amount of activity... and one that fits within your budget. But for those of you that want to take matters in your own hands, here are the few treats.

Mr. Barksmith’s Cool Treats® Smoothies For Dogs® ($2.00) - It is a refreshing blends of fruit with a breath freshener mint - Naturally! Fruit available are Apple, Pear & Banana with a Hint of Mint.  You need to freeze and serve to your dog.

Berry Healthy All Natural Organic Wheat Free Dog Treats ($20.00) - This is a Cute Gift wrapped Box of 25 Bone shaped Treats. Each treats measures about 1.5 inches long. Perfect for any size Dog, can be broken easy for the smaller breeds. Baked Crunchy to promote tartar control. It is Wheat Free, Soy Free and Corn Free.

Organic Coconut Chips ($10.00) - It is a raw and dehydrated slowly at a low temperature, 98.6 F (37 C). This keeps the nutrients intact resulting in a raw coconut that tastes fresh, has a wonderful texture, and contains all the rich nutrients found in fresh coconuts.

These are the few dog treats and to find more you can visit

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pets Can Honor 9/11 Too

September 11, 2001 is a day every American will remember vividly for the rest of their lives. As we honor the tenth anniversary of this infamous day, let us all remember the sacrifices made by so many to keep us safe and our freedoms secure.

At the Posh Puppy Boutique, we sell pet outfits that let your animals honor the brave men and women—and the many innocent victims—who perished on that fateful day.

Among our costumes is a bright red Fire Dog With Hat ($30), complete with reflective yellow stripes on the back and front legs. It comes complete with a squeak toy fire extinguisher held on with Velcro. Sizes range from extra-small to extra-large.

Honor police officers with a Canine Cop Costume ($30), complete with blue cap and plastic handcuffs.

We also carry a wide assortment of pet clothing that will not only honor the military every time it’s worn, but provide added comfort and style for your pet.

Take a look at our Green Camo Vest ($108), which both wind and water-proof. Fleece lined, they have removable hoods and have drawstrings for the hood and hips, providing additional warm for your canine pal. This vest is available in sizes from extra-small to 5XL for even the largest dogs.

Another option is our U.S. Army Leather Dog Harness ($68), which can be purchased with a star crest, skull crest or tank crest. Each harness is equipped with a D-ring and Velcro closures.

Don’t forget girls when it comes to camouflage. We carry several items in very feminine camo color combinations. One example is our Camo Dog Tank in Pink ($22). This pullover is easy and comfortable to wear.

Our sleeveless Pink Camo Monster Hoodie ($43) is made with cotton and lycra. It even has rhinestones for that added girly touch.

No matter how you do it, though, take a moment to honor the victims and heroes of Sept. 11 on the tenth anniversary of that fateful day. We will.

Call us at 888-837-5230 with any questions or visit us online at the Posh Puppy Boutique. We are also on Facebook and Twitter.