Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Officially Licensed Dog Sports Apparel & Accessories!

Show your sports men’s spirit!  Get Licensed NBA, MLB, NEL Wear and Licensed NCAA College Sports Gear for your dog….now available at Posh Puppy Boutique!

Officially licensed dog sports apparel & accessories are very popular these days. Together with people, now even dogs can be dressed in sports team spirit. From dog tee shirts, dog bandana, dog bowl, dog collar, dog cap to dog jersey. We have competed line of dog sports apparel & accessories.

From here you can get desired dog sports apparel for your dog. These quality sports apparel will not only make your dog look super cool and sporty, but it also protects you dog on field or during jogging. You just have to remember to get something for your dog that is made with good quality fabric like lycra and spandex but be sure that the sports apparel you buy is highly breathable. That way, your dog will stay warm but not overheat. Most dog sports cloths are very durable and you can have it customized for your dog. Like dog jersey, they have Velcro fasteners, making it easier for you to put it on your dog!

We are sure that our collection of dog sports apparel and dog sports accessories will make your dogs wardrobe complete!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dogs Are Ruff And Ready For Football

Pet-owning college sports fans, put new batteries in your remote control, clean off your digital video recorder and get ready to watch some college football starting Thursday, Sept. 1.

Also make sure your favorite canine gets in the mood by dressing her or him in an outfit from the Posh Puppy Boutique.

We have cheerleader outfits and costumes like this Cheerful Hound ensemble ($32), complete with pompoms.

Most importantly, we have numerous NCAA-licenses pet products in our Sports Apparel section. For example, University of Kentucky fans will find a Kentucky Wildcats Dog Bandana ($15), Wildcats Dog Bowl ($25), Wildcats dog collar ($28) and leash ($35), Wildcats Cheerleader Dress($32), Wildcats Dog Jersey ($45) and other items.

Our apparel includes bandanas, cheerleader outfits, hats designed just for dogs, T-shirts, sweaters and collars. You will also find bowls, toys and many other dog-specific goodies, many (but not all) with the name of your favorite college football team on them.

At the Posh Puppy Boutique, we have NCAA-approved items for many other schools including: Alabama Crimson Tide, Arkansas Razorbacks,Auburn Tigers, Cal Berkeley Bears, Clemson Tigers, Duke Blue Devils, Florida Gators, Florida State Seminoles, Georgia Bulldogs, Iowa Hawkeyes,Iowa State Cyclones, Kansas Jayhawks, Kansas State Wildcats, LSU Tigers, Miami Hurricanes, Michigan State Spartans, Michigan Wolverines,Ohio State Buckeyes, Oklahoma Sooners, Tennessee Volunteers, Texas A&M Aggies, UCLA Bruins, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, University of Oregon, University of South Carolina Gamecocks, University of Texas Longhorns, Vanderbilt Commodores and many more.

Celebrate a win, or console yourself after a loss, by playing with your pooch. We have plush football toys with your favorite school’s logo on them such as the Oregon Ducks ($18), Texas Longhorns ($18), North Carolina Tarheels ($18) and many others.

Call us at 888-837-5230 with any questions or visit us online at the Posh Puppy Boutique. We are also on Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy the game.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Pup-Head ™ Mini Dog Potty - A convenient place for your dog to go potty!

Early there was no big issue with training your puppy for potty. People use to take there dog for a walk once in morning and evening. Now with the passing day’s dog potty training has changed. Today paper training puppies is obsolete! People dwelling in apartments and senior citizen find this type of dog potty training suitable to there life style. And indoor dog toilet training has become necessary.

An indoor potty training needs maintenance. And when maintained properly, they can be better and odorless since it might lead to disease or parasites. You can do this with the help of Grass Potties, an indoor portable dog potty. This Pup Grass is like a patch of grass for your dog to potty on. A Pup-Head ™ Mini Dog Potty ($60.00) is a two piece system which can be cleaned easily and can be taken along on a travel. The most important of all you do not have to take much effort at all since a look of a grass works with a dog's natural instinct to go potty on it. It just might make your dogs and your life easier. These indoor dog toileting products offer a safe solution in comparison to outdoor potty trips.

Since these Pup-Head ™ Mini Dog Potty can be used both inside and outside, they are perfect for homes, hotels, patios, recreational vehicles, apartments, and commercial facilities. A convenient place for your dog to go potty!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pet Steps Help Your Senior Dog, Cat

One unfortunate problem older humans, dogs and cats share is arthritis. As we get older, our ability to jump around is not what it used to be. For dogs and cats the inability to jump onto a bed can be cause of depression and anxiety.

Several new products at the Posh Puppy Boutique can help your pet and look very stylish in the process.

The Edmond Series Pet Steps ($525) is designed for medium and large breeds. Handmade of poplar, it has stainless steel rods and is painted or finished in several colors. Options are black, white, natural, walnut and mahogany. It has two non-skid steps and railings with a total height of 16 inches, making it a great for your senior companions.

We also just added three Mirador Pet Steps. The Series I ($750) uses six steps—perfect for smaller breeds and cats—while rising 27 inches to a mezzanine. It is also foldable and comes in the color options mentioned above.

The Mirador Series II ($590) is similar to the Series I but without the mezzanine. It also is not foldable and rises to 24 inches, not 27.

The Mirador Series III ($550) has only four steps instead of the six in the Series I and Series II and rises 16 inches.

Another option is the Barcelona Pet Steps line, which also has three choices.

The Barcelona ($775) is similar to the Mirador Series I with poplar, adding wrought iron, interchangeable gates and a removable door. Like theMirador Series I, the Barcelona also has a mezzanine.

The Barcelona II ($620) is similar to the Mirador Series II but adds wrought iron for a different look. It is also 24 inches tall.

The Barcelona III ($550) has four steps and rises 16 inches.

People wanting a multi-level look in a space-saver design should look at the Chicago series ($795). Like the Barcelona, it features poplar wood and wrought iron but adds a corner shape that provides two rest areas along with six steps. It also rises 27 inches.

All of these steps will give your senior dog or cat greater confidence and put less stress on their joints as they maneuver from the floor to bed with ease.

Call us at 888-837-5230 with any questions or visit us online at the Posh Puppy Boutique. We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Save 25% During Our Labor Day Sale

Americans can celebrate workers and save some money at the same time by enjoying the Posh Puppy Boutique’s Labor Day Sale.

Labor Day became a national holiday in 1984 following a railroad worker strike that involved 125,000 people at its peak. The three-day holiday held the first weekend in September also traditionally marks the end of summer.

But at the Posh Puppy Boutique, Labor Day means 25 percent off from Friday, Sept. 2 through midnight Monday, Sept. 5. Simply enter the promo code “labor” at check-out.

While you are at the Posh Puppy Boutique site, check out some of our hottest items like these dog feather hair extensions ($20) available in five colors: natural, orange, purple, rainbow and turquoise. Each extension combines five feathers plus a micro link clamp for easy attachment to your dog’s hair.

We also have special dog barrette sets from JOJOs ($22 each). Choices include Pink Blush Flower, Ice Cream Dream, Mariposa Bow, Pink Swiss Bow and Fuchsia Swiss Roll.

Teach your pooch to fetch the paper by training him or her with a Bark Street Journal ($15) plush toy. Your dog will have fun getting his paper and you will get a chuckle out of the funny sayings printed on it.

Even though summer may soon be over, high temperatures can hang around a lot longer. Keep your cool and safe with our Designer Cool-It Cooling Bandana ($8) in brown and blue. Each bandana contains non-toxic polymer crystals that hold up to 30 times their weight in water and keep your pet cool for several hours.

As you enjoy a nice barbecue to celebrate the fruits of your labor, your pet can be crunching down special Freezy Pups Kit Treats ($29). Each kit contains a special bone-shaped ice cube tray plus samples of four organic gourmet recipes your pooch is sure to enjoy: white cheddar cheese, juicy apple, chicken soup and sweet potato and maple. Refill kits are available for $13 each.

You can also your Labor Day Sale savings on preparing for colder weather. Consider a Pink Skull Hoodie with LED Lighted Mohawk ($65) for that ultimate fashion statement.

And while saving 25 percent during this special sale, you can also get $5.95 flat rate shipping and free shipping on orders over $100. Some restrictions apply.

Call us at 888-837-5230 with any questions or visit us online at the Posh Puppy Boutique. We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Celebrate National Dog Day This Week

Join the Posh Puppy Boutique as we celebrate National Dog Day on Friday, Aug. 26.

Created to both honor dogs and help adoptable pets find new homes, you can save lives and help make shelter dogs’ lives more comfortable while having fun in the process.

How? By donating pet food, blankets, towels, cleaning supplies, money and the most important gift you can give—volunteer time—to your local shelter or pure breed rescue organization.

The single most important steps you can take are:

· Adopting dogs, especially older ones that have problems finding homes, from local shelters.

· Make sure your pets are spayed or neutered to reduce pet over-population ad lengthen their life spans.

· Ensure your pets are current on their vaccinations and medical exams so they can live long, healthy lives.

· For other steps—including some fun ones—visit

There are several fun ways to celebrate National Dog Day, too!

For example, you can give your dog a new collar and leash then take them for a nice long, relaxing walk. Consider walking down Olvera Street in Los Angeles while your pet wears our Day of the Dead Handmade Harness ($250). It has hand-stitched details and deerskin lining.

Is your favorite little girl a diva? Get her a Diva Dog Monogram Collar (small only) for $28. Another option is to outfit her with a collar and leash from our Katrina Collection. Collars start at $34 while leashes start at $31.

Another way to celebrate this pet-friendly holiday is by giving your special four-legged someone a new toy. Our designer-inspired toy section has nearly 50 plush toys to pick from, like this Kate Spayed pink purse toy ($12) or this Chewy Vuiton Bone ($15).

A great treat for your pet—every second they spend with you is priceless to them—is to brush them. Groom them with comfort for yourself by using our Ergonomic Rake With Rotating Pins Brush ($25). The special ribbed handle gives greater control and helps reduce fatigue while the pin design remove loose hair and tangles with ease.

For these and many more ideas, visit the Posh Puppy Boutique or call 888-837-5230.

Beach or Park - Dog Cabana

Cabanas are movable tents made for sun protection. This can be set up in seconds to keep one shaded and cool in the hot sun. These cabanas folds for storage in your travel bag.

These cabanas are now available for pets too! When you take your dog to beach or park you can easily carry this dog cabana with you since it is potable and folds easily for storage in your travel bag. Provides great shade for pets on the beach, at the park, or anywhere there is no shade. Lightweight, portable tent sets up in seconds and collapses into the included travel bag for easy storage. Mesh windows on each side let in air to keep pets cool. Durable, easy-to-clean polyester nylon design.

How to Use Dog Cabana

1. Hold the cabana from the bottom with the opening facing away from you. Your hands should be gripping the sides where the two frame poles cross each other.

2. Fold the cabana in half by twisting it down and in with your left hand, while keeping your right hand steady.

3. Once the dog cabana has been folded, flip it over so that the bottom of the cabana is facing down. Adjust the folded cabana so that the frame poles on each side are matched up with each other.

4. Fold the cabana in again by twisting the left side down and in while holding the right side steady.

5. Place the folded cabana inside the included carrying case and zip closed. This dog cabana includes two ground stakes that can be used to secure it in place. Slot the stakes through the loops at the bottom of the cabana.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dogs, Class Is Now In Session

Many schools are now opening or are opening soon. Make your children feel more comfortable by dressing their dogs in back to school clothes of their from the Posh Puppy Boutique.

Start adorning your pooch with a Back To School Harness Vest ($39) in brown plaid. They combine a nylon mesh lining and lightweight cotton front in a stylish, attractive package. The harness is also available in dark blue ($39).

For something similar, but far more feminine, consider a Dotty B Harness Vest ($29) featuring white dots on a colored background. Color choices are black, blue, brown and pink.

Since some students wear uniforms, putting your dog in a School Uniform Dress or Shirt ($55) will make them feel right at home. Each item has brown accents, a white shirt (part of the garment) and a distinguishing patch.

Your pet will look like the pride or her class, obedience school class that is, when she shows up wearing a Beauty School Harness Skirt ($52) from Puppy Angel. Color choices are pink, brown and red. Each features a plain pleated skirt, polka dotted cotton vest and embossed butterfly plus strong Velcro closures and a D-ring for attaching a leash.

Give your girl dog that super stylish preppy look by dressing her in our School Girl Dog Dress ($62). This cardigan look features a polka dot bow, ruffled skirt and gray, black and pink plaid vest.

If your girl dog has a favorite boy friend, make him look close to her equal—beauty before brawn—by letting him strut his stuff in ourSchool Boy All-In-One Outfit ($68). The boy’s cardigan look includes a black bow tie with white polka dots, decorative gold buttons, comfortable black pants and the embroidered Wooflink logo.

For something a bit more modern, consider our Wooflink Back to School Dog Dress ($58). It has a blue polka dot tie, denim textured polka dot layered skirt and a cinched lacy waist.

These and many more stylish back to school pet clothes are available at the Posh Puppy Boutique. Call 888-837-5230 with any questions.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Brighten Your Day With A Funny Tail Chaser

Silent film comedian Charlie Chaplin once said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” Lighten your day, and the people around you, by outfitting your pet with one of the Funny Tail Chasers from the Posh Puppy Boutique.

Jaws will be dropping and humans—not pets—will be rolling on the floor when your dog shows up with this Humunga Tongue ($14). A rubber ball with a huge rubber tongue molded to it comes in sizes for dogs small and large.

People will be doing double takes when your dog arrives wearing our Humunga Stache and Beard ($14), which also has a rubber ball attached to a fake moustache and beard with fangs.

It’s not “five o’clock somewhere” for pets. Nope, it’s always “Yappy Hour” according to our black T-shirt ($28) with rhinestone accents.

If it’s not about you, “It’s All About Moi” ($35). This slim fit cotton shirt has that classic “muscle” look.

Make your pet look like a rock star, Lady Woof-Woof, by outfitting her or him with one of our classic curly and colorful wigs from Yappy Hour ($65). They are available in five colors including blue, pink and blonde. They have ear holes and an adjustable chin strap.

People will sit … up and take notice when your dog is wearing this “Does This Shirt Make My Butt Look Too Big?” shirt ($30). We also have many other dog shirts with humorous sayings.

Give your pet a brew, a Bowser Beer ($28) made from 100 percent beef or chicken broth. It does not contain alcohol, carbonation or hops that can be toxic to dogs.

Your pet will garner a lot of attention when they have their own Diet Poopsie ($10), which is a plush toy with squeaker.

When the bad puns start to stink up your home, clear the air with our “Doggie Fart Extinguisher” ($12). This room deodorizer and odor eliminator has a light, fresh scent.

These and many other fashionable and funny items can be found at the Posh Puppy Boutique. Call 888-837-5230 with any questions.

Be Stylish During the Dog Days of Summer

With the “dog days of summer” upon us, now is the purrfect time to dress up your favorite canine or feline the latest styles and fashions. Find thousands of options—literally—at the Posh Puppy Boutique.

No one color screams femininity like pink. Dress your favorite girl dog in the ultimate pink outfit: our Crazy in Love Pink Rosette Feather Harness Dress ($375). This stunning couture handmade dress is covered in hand cut pink rosettes topped with Swarovski crystals. It is complimented with soft pink satin bow, a fluffy feather skirt and topped with a pink Swarovski pin at the neckline for extra bling.

For something a bit more retro, consider our Funky Feather Dog Dress ($125). It features a cotton dress in a fun retro print augmented by an orange feather skirt, brown satin bow and Swarovski crystals.

Your favorite pup will look tres chic, while also being very comfortable, in our Black Cherry Dress ($43). Made with cotton and lycra, it has a keyhole neck and red lace trim. It is also machine washable (but no dryer).

Let your daughter have her pup be a hit at the next Girl Scout meeting when your dog shows up in this Girl Scout Dress ($70). Each dress features a variety of patches plus your daughter’s troop number.

Show your dog’s style—and your sense of humor—in this black or pink designer dog T-shirt saying, “My Other Leash is A Gucci” ($40). These V-neck T-shirts has Swarovski crystals around the neck for added bling.

Don’t forget that your favorite felines like their fashions, too. Our Tiki Time Sadie Sundress ($32) is the perfect summer cat dress featuring a logo on a green background connected to a blue skirt.

Cats with an attitude will appreciate our Convict Cat collar ($19) made from 100 percent hypoallergenic hemp webbing. Hemp is also ecologically friendly.

Dress up cat’s litter box with a fashionable cover such as our Beach Bus, Le Dresser or Surf Shack models, ($60 each). Designed only for boxes with hooded tops, they are made from 100 percent polyester for simple, easy care. Best of all, they will not shrink.

For these and other fashion ideas, visit the Posh Puppy Boutique online or call us at 888-837-5230.

Monday, August 8, 2011

New Items Are Constantly Arriving

New items are constantly being added to our inventory here at the Posh Puppy Boutique.

Among the most recent arrivals are several wooden dog houses:

· The Log Cabin Dog House, complete with porch. Selling for $260 for medium-sized dogs, $330 for larger pets, each house is made with kiln-dried cedar, has removable roof and bottom panels for easy cleaning, uses a raised floor to keep your pet dry and comes pre-stained for added durability.

· The Room with a View dog house ($180) has side steps leading to a fenced rooftop deck. Also built with kiln-dried cedar, it comes in panels, ready for easy assembly in 20-30 minutes.

· Also take a look at The Mansion Extra-Large Dog House ($620), the Barn ($550) and the Stable ($350), all made with similar materials.

New arrivals are not limited just to dog houses, though. We also just added our 22-inch Swinging Safari Elephant, Giraffe and Monkey plush play toys with squeakers in each extra-long arm and leg. Your pet will love playing fetch with one of these.

The World Series is right around the corner and the Bronx Bombers are one game out of first. The Posh Puppy Boutique just added several New York Yankees items to its sports lineup. Check out these Dog Jerseys ($45) in pinstripes, the basic black and white jersey ($45) and black and white Yankees logo collars ($28) with matching leashes ($24). We also have similar collars and leashes in pink for girl dog fans.

Are you thinking about going to a grape crush, since harvest season is right around the corner? If so, make your pet the hit of the event by dressing them in this purple grape cluster costume ($38). It comes with a headpiece leaf, too. The costume is available in sizes from double extra-small to triple extra-large.

We also just added several washable pee pads ($40) in three patterns, plus a variety of T-shirts, sweaters and dog dresses.

Visit us online or call us at 888-837-5230 with any questions. Check back soon for even more exciting new arrivals.

Our Treats Will Make Any Dog Drool

Every good dog deserves tail-wagging treats. Whether it’s for learning a new behavior, a pup pals party or a holiday, the Posh Puppy Boutique has literally hundreds of delicious—and healthy—specialized treats to paw through.

Our “Glam Pack” boxed gift set ($30), like many of our dog treats, uses peanut butter, whole wheat flour, oats, dried eggs, honey, canola oil and cinnamon. Each treat is hand decorated with all natural yogurt chips. If cosmetics are not your thing, consider our shoe version, available in orange, lime green or pink.

Now your dog can have their own slice of watermelon, a slice-shaped, watermelon-decorated peanut butter treat ($21 for three slices), that is. The all-natural treats are decorated with yogurt frosting.

Shoppers on the go may want to bring along a bag of Neimun Barkus carob chip cookies ($15). Made with organically-grown ingredients, the cookies come in peanut butter, cheese and chicken flavors.

Provides tasty party favors when your pet is having a pack over for a little birthday bash, starting with our Bow Wow Boe Tie Dog Treats ($18). Each treat is decorated with natural carob and vanilla yogurt chips.

Next, give your prince or princess a personalized “crown” of their own treats ($25) with their name on it. Each set includes a crown, two cupcakes (available in any of six colors) and three paw print treats, all made with peanut butter dough.

Share a slice of doggie birthday cake between your pet and their pals. Among your choices are our three-tiered cake ($30) made with human-grade ingredients and available in neutral (brown), pink or blue.

Another option is our hand-made 4-inch diameter, 3-inch tall doggie cookie cake ($18) in pink, blue and red. Each is made with peanut butter then decorated with creamy yogurt and carob.

Don’t forget your pooch when inviting the gang over to watch the ballgame. We sell treats for the ball obsessed ($8) pup. Each set comes with one each football, baseball and tennis ball. If you thrown one, don’t expect this “ball” to come back.

These and many more tasty treats are available through the Posh Puppy Boutique. Visit us on-line or call 888-837-5230 with any questions.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Forget Declawing Dogs - Use Claw Caps

Do you know that declawing is painful for your dog and it would find hard to walk. Dogs are meant to have claws since it defines its doggy personality.  Then the question arises, how to prevent your dog from damaging furniture or scratching. I like to suggest an alternative for it, Claw Caps.

Dog claw caps are a great alternative to declawing your dog. With claw caps your dog will not only have the benefit of keeping and using their claws, but will also prevent your dog from damaging furniture or scratching. Plus, they are adorable to look at and your dog will feel comfortable to wear these claw caps.

These dog claw caps are developed by a veterinarian, ranks high on the quality and comfort. It comes in a reclosable plastic container, which includes nail caps nearly enough for several applications, tubes of adhesive, and instructions for application.

How to use?

Trim your dogs nail tips.
1.    Fill the nail caps one-third full with adhesive
2.    Slide the nail caps onto the nails, one by one.
3.    Wait a minute or so to allow adhesive to set, and then let your dog go.

Until you feel completely proficient with the process, you might want to just do one nail at a time for steps 2 and 3. You can also take the help from veterinarians who will handle the application for you, for a small fee.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Make Your Pet's Coat Glisten With Pet Head

Give your dog the perfect hairdo and a glistening coat, or make a dramatic fashion statement, using some of the many Pet Head grooming products available at the Posh Puppy Boutique.

Your pet’s skin gets dry and irritated on hot summer days, just humans. “Life’s an Itch” ($18) is a pet shampoo designed to relieve skin irritation caused by dry skin and insect bites. Key healthy ingredients are oatmeal and aloe vera to soothe the skin, tea tree oil for hair purification, plus wheat protein plus vitamins and chamomile to nourish the skin and condition the coat.

Feeling Flaky” shampoo ($18) helps rehydrate your pet’s coat. Designed for those with sensitive skin, it contains yucca and chamomile extracts and silk proteins to soothe and nourish the skin, plus shea butter and vitamins to prevent dryness.

Dirty Talk” shampoo ($18) helps clean your pet and neutralize noxious odors. It uses baking soda and ordenone for cleansing and deodorizing plus vegetable and soy protein for a fuller looking coat.

When bathing time is short, give your pet a bath with “Quickie” quick rinsing shampoo ($18). It has a mild, non-drying formula and a long-lasting scent for a fresh and clean coat.

For an even faster “bath,” mist your pet with Pet Head’s “Dry Clean” waterless spray shampoo ($18). It cleans without water making it perfect for trips and quick fresh-ups.

Cats will like “Feeling Frisky,” a waterless shampoo ($12) designed just for them. Just spray and brush then your cat will have a clean coat.

Pet Head also has other grooming products just for cats: Purrtastic skin soothing shampoo ($12) with a passion fruit scent and Pretty Kitty detangling spray ($12) to detangle knots.

Give your dog a decidedly different look using Pet Head’s Color Me Bad Woofalicious Pink Dye ($15) or Color Me Bad Barkin Blue Dye ($15). Both are temporary hair colors designed just for pets.

Don’t just bathe your pet, massage them and groom them with a Pet Head brush. The Super Slicker brush ($18) is great for general use. The Undercoat Rake ($14) removes loose hair and knots with ease.

Once your pet is clean and ready to go, top their head with a Wizard Dog pet hat ($75) featuring emerald greens, plush turquoise, rainbow-hued feathers and bold bow accents.

These and many other pet grooming products are available now at the Posh Puppy Boutique. Call 888-837-5230 with any questions.