Saturday, April 30, 2011

Get your puppy dressed for wedding!!!

You are attending a wedding and want your best friend (dog) to accompany you for the function. There the thought arise what will make your pet look good. On the present date there are lots of dog wedding dresses available for dogs to wear on the wedding.

Like wise the male dog can wear tuxedo. Since there are dog tuxedo that is designed for weddings and special events where quality and elegance is required. Exquisitely tailored and fully lined. Satin lapels and collar. The dog shirt is integrated into the dog jacket and made of beautiful imported cotton. Custom-covered satin buttons give it a finished look. Velcro closings make it easy to get on and off. Removable dog bow tie available in black, ivory, blue, pink and red & black polka dot.  And remember, tuxedos are not just for boys only.

As the bond between humans and our pets grows stronger, this tuxedo is a must for every fashionable dog.

Like wise there are dresses for female dogs too. A handknit halter dog dress in a natural color palette of whites, creams, and caramels. The backside of the bodice is adorned with a fabulous amber centered broach surrounded by many large swarovski crystals. The cream colored tulle skirt is attached with a combination of satin and chiffon ribbons.

This design is the perfect gown for your special friend to accompany you for wedding!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo in Fiesta Style

Every puppy can celebrate Cinco de Mayo in fiesta style, courtesy of the many wonderful pet products at the Posh Puppy Boutique. And the best part is: they are on sale!
Just enter the coupon code “cinco” and save 20 percent when placing your order before midnight May 5, 2011.

While you and your family enjoy a meal of tacos and enchiladas, and toast Mexico’s Independence Day with a margarita, your pets can enjoy the day, too.
Start by equipping them with a Maderas leather collar and leash, available in pink/chocolate and tan/navy ($32).
Next, dress your favorite little doggie senorita in this Spanish Queen Tutu with its red polka dot flower ($40).
Boy and girl dogs will be the toast of the party when they arrive dressed in their Taco Dog Costume ($35).
Once your dogs are dresses, let your popi puppies play with some Cinco de Mayo-theme plush toys. These include:
· The Puptron Silver plush toy ($15) shaped like a silver tequila bottle.
· The Muttgarita plush toy ($12), which looks like a margarita, complete with slice of lime.
· The CatAroma bottle squeaker toy ($12).
· The Diet Poopsie plush squeak toy ($10).
At day’s end, dress your little girl dog with this Mini Mouse hat ($32). Now it’s time for the family to watch Disney “Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2” on DVD and Blu-ray. The Posh Puppy Boutique is an official Disney partner, having supplied many of the pet costumes used in this movie.
Families with children ages 8 and up can also spend quality time playing Chihuahua-opoly ($39), a board game based on the breed named after a Mexican state.
Regardless of your dog’s breed, the Posh Puppy Boutique has plenty of clothes, toys, beds and thousands of other pet items.
Call 888-837-5230 with any questions.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Treat Your Dog Like Royalty

Celebrate the wedding of England’s Prince William to Kate Middleton by treating your pets like royalty with clothing and accessories from the Posh Puppy Boutique.

Be daring and elegant by taking your favorite girl pooch to the spring ball wearing this ball gown-like limited edition Lady in Red Silk and Satin Rosette dog dress. Each rosette in the many layers is sewn by hand while the dress is embellished with red Swarovski crystals, all of it hand-made with precision.

A perfect accent is the royalty red Swarovski and pearl necklace that slips easily over your dog’s neck. With the splendor of this necklace and the safety of her royal dress, which is also a harness, who needs a collar?

If casual is more your favorite four-legged princess’s style, dress her in this pink Royalty Dog Hoodie with crown. It is also available for princes in blue and in sizes from extra-small to large.

On warmer days, you can easily and safely walk your dog in this simple, yet elegant, Tail Bow Heart harness in royal blue. Complete with a Swarovski crystal heart on a blue bow, the harness features a step-in design and quick-release buckle. The design means your dog will feel your leash commands on their shoulders, not their delicate neck.

You can even take your smaller princess pooches on shopping trip, carrying them in comfort and royal style with this Royal Sweet Treat Snuggle Sack. Designed to be worn across the chest, it keeps your hands free while her highness is right where she wants to be: next to your heart.

When she needs a little pick-me-up, show her you care by giving her a heart-shaped treat. Made with wheat-free peanut butter and honey topped with royal icing, the treats are free of trans-fats.

When your shopping day is over, let your prince or princess dream of romping in royal fields while sleeping on a bed fit for a king or queen: The Constantine Throne Bed with gold accented dupiono silk.

For these and 10,000 other pet products, visit Google’s #1-rated dog boutique, the Posh Puppy Boutique. Visit us or call 888-837-5230.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Protect Your Pooch With Style, Substance

Protecting your precious pup is a serious matter at the Posh Puppy Boutique. To that end, we carry several important products that combine safety, an important function and style.

For example, let’s say your four-legged family member needs some medical work done. Letting them lick sutures is a great way to cause more problems. Instead of attaching a plain, boring white surgical collar, consider dressing your pet in one with pink dots and stripes.

Some dogs, just like humans, need to take their vitamins and medicine. Keep your dog’s pills organized with our distinctive bone pill dispenser. It has individual containers for seven days’ supply of pills and capsules.

Traveling with your pet can sometimes become a lesson in bureaucratic delays. Keep your dog’s—or cat’s—medical records neatly organized with our Dog Health Passport. All of your pet’s immunization records are readily available, speeding you on your way through airport screening lines and at some boarding facilities.

Make sure you and your pet are never separated for long: equip them with a highly distinctive tag, like this Lucky Me tag in pewter with its scrollwork and shamrock. Larger dogs might prefer instead this red and gold fire hydrant version, with a three-dimensional front. Both have room on the back for engraving your dog’s name and two phone numbers.

Walking your dog at night can be dangerous for both you and your pet. Increase your dog’s night-time visibility with one of our blinking LED safety clips, visible up to a half-mile away. Available in several colors, they warn motorists, pedestrians and cyclists that a precious four-legged someone is nearby.

While dogs instinctively love to swim, many are unable to escape swimming pools. Protect your dog or cat with the two-piece Safety Turtle system. The water safety sensor signals a base station the minute it is submerged. The base station sounds a loud alarm, letting you know your pet is in the pool and needs rescuing, now.

Available in several colors, and designed for any size dog or cat, the Safety Turtle system comes color coded. Every sensor of the same color shares a base station, allowing you to protect all of your pets.

For these and other safety ideas, visit the Posh Puppy Boutique on-line or call or 888-837-5230.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Harnesses Reduce Stress on Your Dog's Neck

Dog collars, while functional, do not give owners the same degree of control over their pets as an alternative: harnesses.

Accidental strong shocks transmitted to your dog’s through their collar can choke or hurt them, such as if you fell and pulled their leash. This is not an issue with harnesses.

Collars transmit human commands, such as jerks, to your dog’s neck where the leash and collar connect. While not perfect for controlling your dog, collars are excellent in terms of picking your posh pooch out of a pack. Good collars combine good taste with tags providing your pet’s identification and rabies vaccination. The best ones are not only stylish, but provide or reflect light, making your canine companion visible at night.

Harnesses, though, shift the leash connection point from the neck to the shoulders or center of the back, depending on the design. These devices also wrap around your dog’s chest and their belly, securing them. This design means forces that a collar transmits to your dog’s neck instead are distributed over most of their body. One example is the Ultra USA “Choke Free Harness.”

A harness’s design reduces the impact of yanks, jerks and sudden movement on your dog’s delicate neck bones. By shifting the connection point for your leash, you not only protect your pet, but gain more control over their movement. A short tug on a harness often gets dogs to stop in their tracks some trainers say.

Harnesses come in a wide range of sizes, colors and shapes. This variety makes them perfect for the fashion-conscious pet owner. Your pet looks like your perfect companion, dressed to the nines, while also being safe and secure. One example is this pink and lime bow model.

The Posh Puppy Boutique carries harnesses designed as dresses, vests and T-shirts, in leather and from designer Susan Lanci. Step-in models, which are easy to attach, are also available.

The Posh Puppy Boutique carries stylish harness dresses for fashion-conscious female dogs. Girls can’t have all the fun, especially when there are many handsome designs for boys.

When safety, comfort and style are your top pet concerns, consider starting with a collar then complementing it with a stylish harness.

Visit the Posh Puppy Boutique on-line or call 888-837-5230 with any questions.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Easter!

Easter eggs are special eggs that are given to celebrate Easter or Spring.  Old customs colored the eggs while modern times prefer to substitute the colored eggs with chocolate eggs or plastic eggs filled with sweets and treats like jelly beans.

Celebrate and follow the tradition with your best buddy. Yes with your dog!

Getting your dog sweet colored egg cookies, made with peanut butter dough. Hand dipped with all natural yogurt chips and decorated with human grade sprinkles. For sure your dog will enjoy every bite of these cute Easter truffles. And other than cookies and truffles you can get good kind of clothing for your puppy. The dress design commemorates the Easter egg and spring season. Easter tops and underskirts are made like a floral print on white or light color material while the overskirt features a green gingham fabric with the same floral, butterfly and Easter egg print. The dress is accented around the neck and over skirt with white venise lace.  Same time there are Easter tee’s and tanks for the male dogs with print and the words:  Happy Easter.

For sure your dog will enjoy every bite of the Easter or Spring season with these eatables and dresses.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Grooming Products Keep You Dog Looking Great

Very few people want to show off a dirty dog. Keep your pet clean and comfortable using some of the Posh Puppy Boutique’s many pet grooming products.

One of the most common sources of infections in dogs is their ears. Regular use of Cain & Able’s All Natural Ear Cleanser helps remove the moisture, wax and dirt buildup that can lead to infections. Your pet will also smell nicer.

One of the best ways to bond with your favorite friend is by brushing them. The Posh Puppy Boutique carries a broad selection of brushes, one of which goes right to the source of many tangles and knots: the Pet Head ™ Undercoat Rake.

You can easily brush your pooch in style using any of several Swarovski brushes—plus those from Wahl, So Cool and others—such as these flower models.

Day trips mean one thing to many dogs: Play time! And to you this means dirt, and lots of it. With Vets Best Natural Waterless Dog Bath Foam, you no longer need to bring a bucket or hose.

Pet Head ™ also makes Feeling Frisky Waterless Spray Shampoo for cats. A quick spray plus brush and your feline friend will look like a million.

An alternative to foam is the K9 Shower Portable Dog Bathing. Holding 2.2 gallons of warm water, it is large enough to bathe even the biggest pooch. Add the water, attach it to a car window and let the soothing water flow.

Treat your pet’s hair or fur with the same high-quality you’ve come to know and trust from the man behind the Paul Mitchell line: John Paul DeJoria. The John Paul Pet Care 3-Pack contains oatmeal shampoo, oatmeal conditioning spray plus ear and eye wipes.

Don’t let your dog scratch an itch and risk infection: use Happy Tails’ Itchin’ For Relief targeted anti-itch spray gets right to the irritation source for both quick relief and infection prevention.

Treat your pet’s paws like you do your own toes: give them a “pet-icure” with Haute Dog’s Restore Paw Butter. This blend of coconut, calendula and lavender oils is a perfect restorative to paws exposed to the harsh outdoor environment.

Once your favorite friend is done with their bath, keep them clean and let them relax in a soft, plush terry robe, available in several colors and sizes from teacup to large.

These are but a small sampling of the Posh Puppy Boutique’s grooming and beauty product. Check us out online or call 888-837-5230.

Celebrate Easter in Four-Legged Style

Your favorite four-legged friend can still celebrate Easter in style with a basket full of goodies from the Posh Puppy Boutique, Google’s #1 rated dog boutique.

For girl dogs, start with a Peachy Southern Belle Dog Dress and Bonnet combination ($78). If she doesn’t like wearing hats, add an Egg-cellent Hair Bow ($10) to add that feminine touch. Add a Lil’ Chicks Collar ($20) and she will be decked out, ready to showcase her beauty to her most adoring fan: you.

For the younger crowd, consider an alternative: a pink bunny costume, complete with rabbit ears, designed just for her ($42). Children will get a kick out of seeing the Easter Doggie make an appearance.

Easter is not just about clothes. It’s also about treats. Instead of human sweets, give her a set of six dog-friendly Easter Dog Treat Truffles ($18). Help her burn off those calories and that energy with an Easter Bunny plush toy ($15).

Girls shouldn’t have all the fun, especially not when there are some great gifts waiting for your favorite boy dogs, too.

Let him strut his manly stuff in an Easter Duckie Matching Vest ($50) augmented with a Happy Easter Collar ($20). If your boy likes to play a lot, give him a more casual look with an Olive Official Easter Egg Hunter Scarf ($15), perfect for any size dog.

Show him your love this Easter where he wants it: with a gift-wrapped box of Gourmet Easter All Natural Organic Mini Peanut Butter and Yogurt-Dipped Hearts ($15). After his snack, let him run around and delight everyone while he plays with his new Carrot Plus Toy ($15).

All of these treats—and many more—are available now at the Plush Puppy Boutique’s Easter web page. Order now and get your pet’s basket of goodies in time for Easter. Questions? Call us at 888-837-5230.

Environmentally Friendly Dog Bags

Eco dog bags are classy and elegant, yet so friendly to our environment. Right mix of these elements prompts people to purchase them.

These environmentally friendly dog bags are great for getting groceries, running errands, or carrying your best friend's toys to and from the park. These tote bags can be found online. Available is various shapes and sizes.

What you should go for is an eco friendly dog bags made on the trends of fashion alley. There are dog bags which support the environment which is so crucial for all of us, and yet, they have the right fashion quotient enough to take you to top echelons. Eco-friendly dog bags have become the talk of the town these days. Enter any upscale place and you can see fashion-conscious people strolling with eco-friendly dog bags on their shoulders. These dog bags are a way for them to make fashion statement. These help them sport chic and sexy, and yet, a socially responsible look!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter Basket Finds For Your Precious Pup

If you’re like many pet owners, your precious pup is as much a part of the family as your children are, and you enjoy fixing up Easter baskets for it as much as you do for the children. In fact, if the children are old enough, they may enjoy helping you, especially when you have so many things to choose from.

If you’re wondering what to put in your precious pup’s Easter basket, there are several places you can look. If you want to “go all out”, you can shop at a luxury dog boutique. You don’t have to run all over town looking for one, either. You can find a good one, The Posh Puppy Boutique online by going to.

Gift Basket Ideas For Your Pet

You can add just about anything you can imagine. You can purchase Easter dog accessories such as ultra suede collars or designer clothing for your pet. These include dresses and shirts and ties, so your pet will look as spiffy as the rest of the family.

If you’re not quite sure what all to buy, consider purchasing gift baskets for dogs. These baskets contain different items. Some may contain only food, while others contain food, chew toys, play toys, and other fun things for your pet.

Some places that sell gift baskets keep the owner in mind when making up the baskets. These gift baskets can food, treats, and chew and play toys for Precious Pup, and goodies for the owner. And, we do mean goodies. They can be anything from specialty treats to luscious bath items. Photo frames or other keepsakes are also included in some gift baskets for dogs. All of these baskets can be customized for different occasions and/or holidays.

One good thing about using a luxury dog boutique or purchasing gift baskets for dogs is that you know the products are safe. The clothing is made so that it will fit your pet well without rubbing and chafing, and all Easter dog accessories in the gift baskets are safe for Precious Pup. You don’t have to worry about feeding your beloved member of the family something that may sicken, or even worse, kill it. You’ll be able to enjoy Easter without worrying.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Different Types of Dog Collars and Its Uses

Dog Collars are a very important accessory when you have a dog at home. A good collar helps you keep your dog under control. Collars are also used for identification, fashion and safety. Dog Collars are often used in combination with a leash. A common alternative to a dog collar is a dog harness. Dog collars are the most common form of directing and teaching dogs.

Dog collars are not as simple as they seem. Many different types of dog collars are available in the market to meet your needs and specific functions. Buckle collars are meant to fasten your doggie and are frequently made with nylon, cotton or leather.
Quick release collars are adjustable dog collars that can easily be put on and removed quickly. Quick-release collars are designed to help your dog pull itself free, keeping from being strangled when caught on an object.
Slip collars can be tightened and loosened with pressure from the lead. Other collar types include Electronic Collars, Prong or Pinch Collars, Head Halters and Harnesses.
Check out our huge selection of dog collars at the Posh Puppy Boutique.