Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pamper your pet pooch

Your pets are like a member of your family. Their presence brings joy into your lives. This and your love and fetish for them make you care more for your pet. You want to dress them, gift them, celebrate and party with them.

Just like any other family member you cannot bare to see them unwell. Here we are specially talking about dogs which are the most demanding animals as a pet worldwide. To pamper your loved ones you should go to a specialized shop for pets, known as a pet store. These pet stores provide you with A-Z of your pet’s needs. They can even get customized things for your pets.

Let us talk about a few things that these pet stores provide and you might need them as they are considered as the basic necessities nowadays. Like dog life jackets are very important when you intend to holiday with your puppy. These jackets come in comfortable fit and have easily adjustable Velcro tapes that help in adjusting the jacket according to your pet’s size. Kyjen Pet Saver Jacket, Outward Hound Kyjen Pet Saver Life Jacket and Paws Abroad Designer Jacket are some really famous ones used for protecting your dog. You can chose among these according to your price and the dog’s comfort and size.

Dog harness is a smart and stylish choice that covers two of your purpose: firstly, it removes the excess stress from your dog’s trachea which is very sensitive and its disease can also be congenital. A collar or tug on the dog’s throat can cause problems like congestion and irritation. These harnesses evenly distribute the pressure over your dog’s body and since it comes in a lot of variety you can chose one which even looks like clothing for your puppy.

For people who tend to try everything on their dogs, they would surely love to experiment with some crazy clothing. These types of people will even get dog costumes in various avatars such as Halloween costumes (the most famous one), cop and police dog costume, dinosaur dog costume, hot dog costume and the list just goes on and on. Another stylishly smart selection for your dog can be dog bandanas. Dog bandanas are very fashionable and in nowadays and make your pooches look not only wonderfully cool but also has a cooling effect in summers. You can go for the designer or stylish ones or even make them yourselves.

And if taking your dog with you wherever you go does not seem a good option to you all the time, you can carry the small sized pups in carriers meant just for them. Dog carriers are very much in trend, thanks to celebrities such as Paris Hilton who have made this reach the headlines. You can choose any type of dog carrier according to your price range and your dog’s convenience. Leather dog carrier is considered a premium and preferable choice. Now since most of your queries must have been cleared, you can easily go and shop at a pet store for what you think is a must buy for your lovely pooch. You and your pup will surely enjoy this shopping session, have fun.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Marilyn Monroe Collection available at PoshPuppyboutique

Posh Puppy Boutique has been presenting the best from latest dog fashion collection to dog lovers. The latest addition of Marilyn Monroe® Collection again proved the commitment of Posh Puppy Boutique for its style loving customers.
Dog Boutique
Now dog owners can dress up their pooches in the same style as portrayed by Marilyn Monroe in several Hollywood flicks. All the costumes of this collection is not only unique in terms of style, charm and elegance but are also made of fine fabrics to provide maximum comfort to fur babies.

Posh Puppy Boutique – Fine Example of e-Business Transformation

Posh Puppy Boutique, an online dog fashion boutique dealing in designer dog clothing and dog fashion accessories is a fine example of e-Business transformation. The concept of selling dog cloths and other essential accessories for modern doggies through online portals was unique. The initiator Jennifer Kirk started selling awesome dog fashion stuff through eBay in the year 2002.

However, she has a broad vision of making dog fashion a household name. The idea of selling dog fashion products became hit instantly and Jennifer started getting boost in sales quickly. However, the margin of profit was too less due to the costs of listing products on eBay and other charges incurred in the process. She also had to spend huge sum on Google AdWords in order to attract more sales.

Dog Boutique

In summary, it was not possible to get expected profit using eBay as a platform to sell dog fashion products. Even, it was tough to manage it through eBay. In the year 2007, Jennifer planned to move her virtual dog fashion store off eBay and start her own e-Commerce portal selling all the fashionable stuff that she had for modern doggies. Jennifer planned to use e-Commerce technology offered by Volusion. She launched her own e-Commerce website in 2007 using Volusion’s CMS for e-Commerce portals. It helped in easy management of online store as well as in getting top search engine ranking due to SEO friendly architecture offered by Volusion.

Very soon, Jennifer has multiplied her business using innovative e-Business concepts. She started offering all dog fashion stuff (dog costumes, dog collars, dog beds, dog bandanas, dog carriers, and many more products) designed by prominent dog fashion designers. Posh Puppy Boutique became a popular name among dog owners. The online dog couture shop became one stop destination for all kinds of dog fashion shopping. With her unique and bold step of selling dog fashion and grooming products in front of the world, Jennifer presented a whole new opportunity of business in dog fashion.

Pet boutique

Nowadays, Posh Puppy Boutique serves essential as well as luxury requirements of every distinguished doggies. The unique and innovative business idea of Jennifer Kirk has now become a fine example of e-Business transformation.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Posh Puppy Boutique Owner - Again featured recognition!

Moving from eBay to its own web site boosts sales for one e-retailer

Upscale dog clothing retailer Posh Puppy Boutique began selling its products on eBay in 2002. Almost instantly, sales were good, says owner Jennifer Kirk.
But as the retailer’s sales grew, Kirk found herself frustrated with the expense of listing items on eBay. “There were continual costs on everything we listed, every photos and each item had time limits,” she says. To attract sales, she paid an average of $1,000 a month on Google AdWords.
In 2007, she decided to move the store off eBay. “I was ready to become an independent site so that I could retain all our revenue and take our business to the next level,” says Kirk.
Working with e-commerce technology vendor Volusion Inc. she launched The vendor enabled Posh Puppy Boutique to add features such as live chat.
Volusion staff also helped Kirk better understand how to develop a search engine optimization strategy. Paying heed to their suggestions helped the site garner the top organic listing on Google for keywords such as “dog boutique.” They helped us bolster our Google rankings so that we were able to completely stop using Google AdWords, which produced significant savings, says Kirk.
Posh Puppy Boutique has increased its annual sales by more than 20-fold, she says, although part of that comes from expanding its product inventory since moving off eBay. She declined to disclose the dollar figures.
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dog Costumes and Accessories – Best Means of Providing Stylish Look To Doggies

Dog costumes and accessories are among the best means of providing stylish look to modern doggies. The popularity of designer dog accessories and costumes are increasing among dog owners. People nowadays love fashion and style and want to provide the most stylish look to their loving doggies. Presence of numerous designer brands in dog fashion market has made options wider for people.

People can easily find latest designer costumes and dog fashion accessories in attractive design at online dog boutiques. These boutiques provide comprehensive solution for providing stylish look to doggies of all breeds. People can buy designer dog costumes and other useful accessories for their doggies. It doesn’t matter whether they own a Chihuahua, a Labrador or a German Shepherd.

On special occasion (like Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, New Year’s Eve, or Christmas), dog owners want to provide special thematic looks to their doggies. Dog fashion designers present special editions of their unique creations on such occasions. Through these unique designer costumes, people can easily differentiate their doggies by doing a complete makeover of them.

For fashion freak dog lovers love to complement the looks of their canine babies using specially designed dog fashion accessories. Caps, shoes and socks, necklaces, dog id tags, and helmets are some of the most popular fashion accessories in demand nowadays. They serve dual purpose of providing unique style sense as well as serve other needs like security or comfort. Dog collars, expensive chains, and leashes provide wealthy look to the fur babies. These are not just fashion accessories; they are in fact necessary requirements for any dog.

Like humans, style and fashion has become an essential element for upscale doggies. Dog owners have the facility to dress up their modern doggies in every season. Online dog fashion boutiques offer costumes and special wears for winter and rainy season. Fashion designers design specialized costumes for winter as well as summer to provide comfort during any weather condition.

In summary, dog lovers can provide the most stylish look to their doggies in any season or on any special occasion. Thanks to the prominent fashion designers who create wonderful costume designs, as well as to online dog boutiques who make it possible for everyone to buy these exclusive creations.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Client Featured As TOP DOG With Volusion

Wednesday, July 7, 2010Client Featured As TOP DOG With Volusion

Long time Kari & Company client - Jennifer Kirk, owner of Posh Puppy Boutique - an online store featuring upscale dog clothing, dog toys, pet accessories and more - was recognized by Volusion E-Commerce as TOP DOG with growing sales and success - and having been selected as the official outfitter for a cast of canines in an upcoming motion picture - due out in 2011.

Volusion's press release is right on the money as far as their e-commerce platform being cost-efficient, easy to learn - and hands down - the best way to sell online. Volusion is by far the best way to sell anything online because the store comes packed with SEO features, easy inventory management and order processing - and tons of other great features.

However, Volusion appears to take credit as the designer for the Volusion store design, and Volusion template which is used on Posh Puppy Boutique. This is obviously a small oversight in their excitement to spread the word about this site's success. It was Kari & Company who designed this store - and continues to provide graphic design to support Jennifer as her business grows.

In my opinion - having worked with Jennifer on her designs for the last few years - this site's booming success should be credited to Jennifer herself - as she is one of the few e-commerce store owners who really seems to 'get it' with regard to marketing her site. She's all over the web - and it's due to her hard work with regard to social networking, blogging, internet networking and marketing - and getting her name and products in front of buyers worldwide.

Click here for the press release.

Read more: Kari & Co.: Client Featured As TOP DOG With Volusion

Posh Puppy Boutique is Top Dog in Upscale Pet Accessories Market with Volusion-Powered Website

Posh Puppy Boutique is Top Dog in Upscale Pet Accessories Market with Volusion-Powered Website

Former eBay seller doubles revenue every year and lands gig for major feature film

Austin, TX (PRWEB) July 6, 2010 -- Volusion, the leading provider of ecommerce software and services for online merchants, today announced its award-winning software platform powers The upscale dog boutique was chosen recently to help outfit characters for a major feature film due in 2011. Posh Puppy Boutique was selected because of its wide selection of more than 10,000 products and its professional-quality website.

Posh Puppy Boutique switched to Volusion from eBay in 2007 and despite the economic downturn, its revenues have been doubling every year. Volusion enabled the company to incorporate new features such as wishlists and live chat as well as improve its search engine rankings to secure the number one spot on Google for the keywords “dog boutique.” Additionally, Posh Puppy Boutique has streamlined inventory management and saved time running the site with Volusion’s helpful customer support and video tutorials.

Volusion’s support team is out of this world. They were there for me at any time of day to walk me through processes I didn’t have time to figure out. I wouldn’t have launched our new site as quickly and successfully as we did without them.

The Challenge

Jennifer Kirk was making a decent living selling kids clothing on eBay 8 years ago, but after watching her four daughters play dress up with the family’s two pet chihuahuas for hours, she saw an opportunity and decided to focus on selling upscale dog clothing and accessories instead.

Posh Puppy Boutique took off almost instantly, but as the company grew she ran into some limitations. eBay took a sizeable percentage of its sales, which kept Jennifer from investing further in the company’s inventory. Additionally, Jennifer was running the company by herself with little time and technical knowledge. She often needed guidance, but it was difficult to obtain the help she needed with eBay customer support.

Jennifer also wanted to improve the SEO rankings and visibility of her products.

The Right Platform

Jennifer started researching and testing ecommerce platforms and after spending a great deal of time comparing them, she started a trial with Volusion. She realized that the simple, all-in-one solution was ideal for a small business owner like herself.

Jennifer found the Volusion platform to be easy to use and the video tutorials were extremely helpful. Jennifer worked with a designer to help customize a Volusion web template and was able to take her site live within three weeks.

Volusion offered the following features and benefits that were critical to the success of the project:

Out of this World Support™ and Video Tutorials– 24x7x365 customer support allowed Jennifer to call for help at any time of day. With a growing family it was necessary that Jennifer handle technical calls in the late evening.

Custom Design – Posh Puppy’s web designer found the flexible Volusion platform easy to work with and customize.

Integrated CRM – Previously, order management was arduous, but with Volusion’s advanced ticketing system and all-in-one admin area, Posh Puppy can manage the entire order process and customer experience from a single area of the store.

Unlimited Scalability – The easily-scalable architecture with advanced load balancing & dynamic resourcing helps Posh Puppy meet growing spikes in traffic.

Mission Critical Hosting – With 100 percent redundancy, virtualized hardware-independent systems, and continuous data backups with data clustering, Volusion offered Posh Puppy the same technology infrastructure that powers systems for financial institutions.

Stringent Security – Data is secured against theft or manipulation with integrated IP blocking, 24x7 surveillance and advanced encryption. PCI/CISP certification also ensures maximum protection of card-holder data. Volusion provides Posh Puppy with a guarantee that its customers’ credit card information is securely collected, protected and stored.

Email System and Newsletter Features – Built-in email system enabled Posh Puppy to easily build newsletters and improve communication with customers through one central location.

Click to Chat – Free click to chat service has helped the company close sales on products.

Built-in SEO – System allows for easy metatag optimization as new products come on board.

Supporting Quotes

“While we grew with eBay, I was ready to become an independent site so that I could retain all our revenue and take our business to the next level,” said Jennifer Kirk, owner of Posh Puppy Boutique.

“Without our improved search engine rankings and the professional-quality site that Volusion provides, we would have never been noticed by Hollywood,” said Jennifer.

“Volusion’s support team is out of this world. They were there for me at any time of day to walk me through processes I didn’t have time to figure out,” said Jennifer. “I wouldn’t have launched our new site as quickly and successfully as we did without them.”

“After switching to Volusion our site did extremely well. We also really improved marketing and communication with customers that just wasn’t possible with eBay,” said Jennifer.

“Entrepreneurs like Jennifer Kirk are faced with a million different things vying for their attention – the last thing they need to worry about is their ecommerce software," said David Mitzenmacher, Volusion's Chief Customer Officer. "We created ‘Out of this World Support™’ in response to the needs of the modern online business owner, offering real help from a real person any time of day.”

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Age Dog Fashion

There are some people who like to dress up their dogs while others don’t. If you fall in the first category, then you are searching for us. We are the one of the very best dog boutique shops in the world. We are the proud messengers of dog fashion. Our one stop dog boutiques house everything starting from clothes to treats and if you want to give your pup a life changing experience then take him along and visit us.

The boutique will give you everything that you need, literally. One thing that often proves to be a headache for the dog owner is toilet training. In the boutiques you will get PetaPotty that will help you train your doggy and you will also wet toilet hydrant with it. Don’t worry if you have to take your pet out somewhere, you will also get diapers for the purpose.

Now coming to luxury dog clothing you can find dog clothes for all occasion. You will find tees and shorts for regular wear and skirts, dresses and tutus for parties and special occasions. To keep your doggy warm in the winters you can take a pick from the wide range of coats, jackets and sweaters. If you want to make your pet a designer dog then you can choose from the Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier collections. You can also buy jewelry and accessories to adorn your dog with. The heat in the pavement can burn your pet’s paw pads or your pet may hate getting its paws wet. To solve this problem you can get dog shoes. There are shoes for all seasons and range from sandals to boots.

Want to take your doggy for a holiday to the beaches but worried that your pup can’t swim? You will get life jackets so that you can dive into the cool waters without having to worry. You can also get sunglasses to protect the eyes of your pet from the sweltering sun of the beaches. Now you can also get doggy attires for different occasions. You can get your pup customized stockings and santa outfit. You can also get Christmas dog collars. Foe Easter you can get your pooch bunny hop, bunny collar and a floral dog collar.

If you want to give the luxuries of a spa to your pet then you can do that too. You can treat your doggy with aroma therapy and other similar botanical remedies. For this purpose you can buy your pet spa robes and towels.