Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Want to make your beloved pooch feel like a diva? If the answer is yes then all you need to do is stop by a dog boutique that will cater to all your doggy desires. Dog fashion has caught on like a rage and now you pet can become other pet owner’s envy and your pride. The dog boutiques will provide you with a wide array of things like dog clothes both designer and high street, you will also get beds and blankets, harnesses, collars, baths and shoes.

If you want to dress up you pup for a special occasion you can try out the range of designer apparels available at the boutique. There is a wide array of luxury dog clothing. You can try the Christian Audigier and Ed Hardy clothes that are style statements in their own rights. You will also find beautiful dresses, skirts and tutus to adorn your doggy in.

When it is warm, you go for a bath in the nearby pool. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your dog joins you there? To make this happen, we also sell doggy bathing suits. This will keep your dogs away from the heat.

If you want to take your pet out for a walk you can buy the tracksuits and the shorts. At home you can make your doggy wear the comfy pajama and robes. Wondering what will go with the outfit? You can take your pick from a variety of accessories like necklaces, cuffs, anklets and dog collar. You can find all these at a single place when you choose to buy from us. We also offer other types of accessories such as dog carriers. These carriers will help you to carry your dogs everywhere. They also look like a stylish bag so that it will give you a fashion identity.

A new trend in dog fashion is that of eco friendly fashion. You can buy your pet organic overalls and towels. You will get organic leashes and harness along with different organic toys. You can also get eco friendly and healthy food like natural organic dog bones, vegetarian fresh mint dog treats. There are also eco friendly, organic cotton barnyard toys available that is a very safe option for your pet.

Who said that fashion was only for humans? Come visit us and you will prove them  wrong.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dog clothes – reinvented!

A requirement that has been growing steadily over the years is that of a pet store which will cater to every conceivable need of your doggy. An outlet that will be able to deal with all such necessities is finally at your service. At our dog boutique, you can now find a huge variety of doggy apparel, accessory, furniture, diapers and smashing doggy treats. Our outlet is a perfect one stop place that will gratify all your dog related needs.

Is the birthday of your puppy round the corner? Want to make your puppy feel cherished and well loved? Come at our store and get that perfect birthday outfit for your cute puppy. Dog clothes at our store ranges from staid and conservative daily wear to slinky numbers designed for that special occasion. With a superb collection of accessories you can now ensure that your doggy is as fashionable as you want it to be. We at our place offer you the option of getting exclusive designer apparel for your dogs. Designer dog clothing can now be easily procured. Ed Hardy dog clothing is one of the most sought after. We feature his collection on a regular basis. Therefore if it is a special occasion or you simply want to pamper your dog our boutique is the perfect place for you.

As a perfect one – stop outlet we also deal extensively in all kinds of doggy accessories. One of the specialties of this boutique is that we have an entire section dedicated to dog carriers. Here at our outlet we provide the unique canvas style dog carriers, luxury carriers, sling style carriers and leather dog carriers. You can choose the best suited carrier for the comfort of your dog. Accessories help in restyling the look of your puppy. A variety of dog collars are available with us that will help in your puppy or dog getting that trendy look. Get a cute duke and daisy collar for that fresh look or one of the exclusive pieces from our luxury and diamond collection. With our snap collar and ruff stuff collection you can get the cool guy look for your doggy. With the help of our amazing collection of harnesses in every style and shape; you can now choose a matching harness with a particular dress. Make your puppy feel special on all festive occasions. Whether it is Chanukah or Christmas, Halloween or Easter get that perfect dress and let him be a part of the festivities.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Get the best in Dog Fashion

Getting the proper type of dog clothes for your puppy has become very essential these days. The era has finally come that not only you want to look the best but also want your dog to look stylish and cool. If you are one of those who care about the fashion of your doggy then our boutique is the best place. One of the leading providers in designer dog clothing, you will find an irresistible variety at our boutique. As a fashion conscious person I am sure you do not wish your dog to look dull and drab. For that really unique look you can drop at our outlet and get the best that one can offer in dog fashion

Pet stores often offer simple and standard clothes for your doggies but for that special look you’ve simply got to visit our place. We provide an absolutely out of this world collection that will make your puppy look the cutest. We provide not only the best in quality but also a stunning variety to choose from. From the softest pink to the palest blue to the brightest red you name the color and we have it. Get a one that compliments your puppy the best. Our exclusive dog boutique caters to that special need that is unique to each and every individual puppy. We provide different types of luxury dog clothing by various well know designers. Christine Audigier, Chrome Bones and Ed Hardy dog clothing are few of the designer wear that we offer. Here at our specialized outlet we offer clothing for all types of occasion. Are you searching for that perfect birthday wear or a beautiful Christmas outfit? We can assure that the best deals can be found at our exclusive one stop Dog Boutique.

Here at our outlet you will find everything from the best in accessory like stylish beaded neck bands to really comfy leather dog carriers. These carriers have been designed keeping in mind the utmost comfort for your puppy. Now you can carry you doggy around the country easily and in the most stylish way. Your dog looks stylish and well tended for in that cute dog carrier.

So what are you waiting for? Come and let your puppy have the taste of luxury Dog Clothing.  Bring your puppy to our boutique and let him feel all the love that you feel for it.