Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Take your Pet to College? Absolutely!

Is your college kid missing their pet? As funny as it sounds, my son calls to talk to our dog on the phone in hopes to fill his “void” of his buddy! Funny how a 19 year old young man still has the need to be with his dog. We all remember Elle Woods taking Bruiser to school with her in the hit movie “Legally Blonde”.It worked for her!

Pet friendly colleges are on the rise and studies show some kids just make the transition easier. How much fun would it be to be able to get your dog or cat a new bed for the dorm while you are buying your own bedding for your dorm. Why not a collegiate collar as well?

Authorities are starting to realize that having your “best buddy” around you at college can be very helpful and in most cases a easier and more relaxed start to the new college year. Researchers say taking your pet to college with you is like taking a family member to school with you which can help with the transition. Pets can also help with homesickness and exam taking as it gives the student a “homier” feeling.

Of course you must check out to see what your University or college will allow and not allow.

Strict restrictions have been put in place if you do decide to take your pet to college with you:
  • Up to date shots
  • Spayed or neutered
  • Registered with the housing office

Eckered College has a special “pet dorm” where dogs and cats are allowed but have restrictions such as weighing less than 40 pounds etc.

CALTEC will allow cats in their dorms, as will the State University of New York. The University of Pennsylvania will allow hamsters, birds, and rabbits.

So, if you are sad about leaving your buddy, check with your school and their policy on pets. You may be surprised.

Monday, September 28, 2009's getting chilly!

The chill is in the air, and if its not where you are, it will be soon!

With that "chill" means snow, cold rain and of course cold harsh temperatures.

You must not forget your dog and his need for warm fall fashion when walking him or her in this chilly weather. Don’t wait until there is snow on the ground to get your pup his doggy rain shoes or scarf.

This years top trends are selling out quick and a must have for the Fall! Important things to keep our BFF's warm!

They must have a coat! Its the "in" thing!

  • Many people think that because dog’s have fur that it keeps them warm. WRONG! Dogs get cold too so get your little on a fashionable jacket or coat to wear. Why not try Posh Puppy’s Fargo Jacket? It’s a Hooded winter coat with Faux fur trim. Reflective tape on the back. Comes ready with leash hole. Shell and Lining are both 100% Polyester. Colors: Red, Light Pink, Royal Blue.

Don’t forget their footsies!
  • How cold is it walking through the cold grass or concrete especially after a rain.would you go without shoes?
  • There are many types of shoes for your dog out there, but make sure they are waterproof if it is raining. A great shoe is the Guardian Gear Dogs Boots. They provide durable, long-lasting protection during any outdoor activity and helps prevent injuries from heat, cold, salt, ice and stones!

What about their head?
  • Make sure you cover their little “noggin”. Try out this black and white hat! Its fully lined!
Where to sleep? Not the snow of course!
  • Don’t forget the most important thing and that is making sure your dog has protection from the outside elements this fall season. It has get windy and cold quick so make sure that they have warm bed to cuddle up in.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Multipurpose Designer Dog Costumes and Dog Fashion Accessories

Nowadays, you can find every dog lovers looking for the best places to buy different fashion accessories for their loving doggies. There are several online dog fashion stores promising dog lovers to provide the best dog fashion costumes and accessories. However, very few of them give real thought towards the best value for money.

Dog lovers have become smarter when it comes to the value of their money invested in buying dog costumes and accessories. They want vibrant looking but multipurpose costumes, serving both fashion and essential needs of their puppies. It means, modern smarter dog lovers don’t just look for attractive looks of dog costumes they also want it to be useful for their pets. However, this case does not apply when buying designer dog cloths on special occasions like New Year, Christmas, or Halloween. On such special occasions, dog owners want their dogs to look most attractive and different from others, therefore they prefer a designer dog costume with the best looks and design.

dog fashion

All popular dog fashion brands have understood this change in shopping behavior of modern dog owners. To cater this demand of multipurpose dog costumes and accessories they have introduced a completely different set of dog fashion costumes and different dog accessories.

Modern dog fashion designers are focusing more on the usefulness of dog fashion products to make the shopping options more variable for dog lovers. They are now presenting new series of dog fashion products serving all needs on special occasions. Next time, when you plan a luxury beach holiday to Caribbean, you don’t have to spend much time on shopping for your dog, as you can find a complete line of dog beachwear. You can even find specialized winter wears for your dog, so you don’t have to think twice when you plan for a winter holiday to Alaska or Colorado.

Nowadays, the concept of online dog accessories shopping is having immense popularity and it has become one of the hottest trends in online shopping. Some online dog fashion boutiques are offering new and innovative products serving multipurpose needs of consumers. You can get the best value of your money spend on dog fashion products. The best thing about the online dog fashion stores is that, they provide best dog fashion collection designed by top dog fashion designers like “Christian Audigier, Deni Alexander, Bone Diggers and Molly & June” along with several others prominent names in dog fashion.

Next time when you plan for shopping of designer dog fashion costume or useful accessories for your pet, give a serious thought to prestigious online dog fashion boutiques. It will provide you a complete shopping satisfaction by offering useful dog fashion products and best value to your money.

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Advantages Associated with Shopping from Online Pet Boutiques

Pet store is a great way to find unique items for your dog. Nowadays, pet boutiques have made their own unique place in the market and are appreciated by pet lovers up to a great extent. The reason is that they offer an incredible collection of luxurious dog clothing and accessories that pet lovers love to gift their dogs.

Pet store

We all are living in a modern age of Internet, which has become the biggest source of information and shopping in current scenario. Most of the modern pet lovers prefer to opt for an online pet boutique to shop from. This preference is supported by some very strong facts, which are listed as follows-

  • Saves Times- Shopping through online pet boutiques saves precious time. In this busy world, people hardly get time to even have their meal properly; then it is really difficult to take time out to go for shopping. But the online shopping facility provided by online pet stores allows pet lovers to shop from anywhere anytime, even when they are at work. This feature of modern pet stores, have made shopping a matter of relaxation and ease.
  • Get Quick Access to Wide Collection at a Single Click – There are hundreds of online pet boutiques available but being a smart shopper you select the one which is an authorized dealer and has a commendable collection of branded and other dog items. Online pet boutiques have not restricted the access for anyone. You are free to access the collection at various online pet stores by a single click and decide which pet store you want to opt for or as per your dog’s requirement, which item you should buy to your dog?
  • Quick Shipping with Great Sense of Responsibility- Online pet boutiques put every possible effort to deliver your order at your doorstep in 2-3 working days. However, due to some reason, if they do not get success in it, they give you a call on the contact number provided in contact details and inform regarding the situation as they understand that your order is solely their responsibility till it is delivered to you. Even after delivery they are there to assist you if you find any defect in any of the products.

All above explained facts are more than enough to make anyone understand, why pet lovers prefer to opt for shopping from online pet boutiques. So if you have still not enjoyed online shopping facility provided by modern pet boutiques, give it a chance to make your pet look distinct from all without interrupting your busy schedule.

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Make Your Dog A Style Icon by Following Latest in Dog Fashion

People love flaunting their unique fashion sense in front of others. They want people to compliment their selection of costumes and fashion accessories. However, do you know that you can get more compliments by providing a stylish look to your loving dogs? It will also help you in making your unique identity as a diehard fashion lover. People will recognize you as a person with extra sense of style and fashion.

How to give stylish look to your dogs?

Giving stylish look to your favorite dogs is not that tough. There are several online dog boutiques, where you can find excellent designs of dog costumes and accessories by all prominent dog fashion designers. These online dog boutiques provide almost everything (regardless of breed) to make your dog a style icon.


You can think of buying special dog costumes, dog collars, apparels or dog carriers from most sought after dog fashion collection by Christian Audigier. You can also try to give unique look to your doggie with help of Linda Higgins dog couture collection. If you want your dog to illustrate a funky look then collection of jackets and dresses from Deni Alexander is the best option.

Designer Dog Costumes for Special Occasions

There is great demand of designer dog costumes on special occasions like Christmas, Halloween, or New Year. Dog boutiques offer exclusive costumes and special accessories that will make your dog a fashion icon illustrating the best in terms of dog fashion. Even after feeling envy with you and your dg, people will admire your selection of dog costumes and accessories.

Halloween is on the way, you must be planning a lot of things to do on Halloween this year. Why not think over your dog costumes in advance. Although still there is time for Halloween but online dog boutiques are filled with several unique designs of dog costumes. From specially designed dog hats, to harness tops, and adjustable dog collars; everything is there to offer a distinguished look to your dog.

When it comes to giving stylish look to your favorite doggie, designer dog boutiques provide wings to your imagination. No matter your doggie is small or big, you will get designer fashion elements for a perfect makeover of your dog. Through the unique makeover of your doggie, you can certainly make him/her a style icon.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Don't forget a costume for your Halloweenie!

While getting ready to carve your pumpkins and get out your scarecrows, don’t forget to shop early for Halloween costumes for you kiddo AND your pet!~ Yes, I said your PET!

Pet costumes are a BIG thing these days. Doesn’t matter if you have a small, short, big or dumpy dog, there are costumes and outfits for each one. There are also many sizes as well. Maybe you have a large dog, or a super petite baby, whatever.. they have it!

We always know what our kids want to be for Halloween as they start to tell us months early however since our dogs cannot express what they want to be; we must go with their personality.

Maybe your dog is rough and would like to be a biker , or soft and sweet and could be a fairy princess. Maybe he is short and squatty like mine and wants to be a hot dog, or a little grumpy and would like to be a witch. Whatever your dogs “mood” or “demeanor” there is a dog costume for yours!!!

All outfits are pet friendly to fit well, allow mobility and very affordable. Buster may or may not really want to dress up but hey… what’s one more complaining? Isn’t that what parents are for?

So, don’t forget your “man’s best friend” and the one that is “always there for you”. Get an outfit, or toy or even just a neck scrunchy for your dog but please don’t leave him out.

Posh Puppy has the latest Pet Halloween costumes and in order to get in time, order early!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What a Gala Event!

Why not roll back to the 60’s and celebrate Dogs and Cats everywhere! The Sacramento SPCA will host the 23rd Reigning Cats and Dogs Gala will be Saturday, October 24, 2009 from 6:30pm – 10:00 pm at the Sacramento Convention Center.

This great event will be a great time with delicious food from over 30 restaurants, wineries and breweries like Carvalho Wines at Old Sugar Mill, Ehrhardt Estates Winery,
Ironstone Vineyards and Sacramento Brewing Company. Some of the food will be from such eateries as: Paesanos Pizzera, Pronto. Sun Flour Baking Company, Trader Joe’s and Sweetwater Restaurant just to name a few.

There will be silent auctions, live auctions and great jamming music by the Indestructibles and a special performance of songs from the musical Hair, presented by Artistic Differences.

Ticket information is: General admission is $60 through October 16th and then 69.00 after that. Also available are VIP tickets for $100 and many VIP sponsorship levels. Tickets will be available at the door as well.

If you are interested in being a part of this wonderful event, please visit: