Saturday, May 30, 2009

Working Hollywood Dogs - Where Are They Now? (And What Are They Wearing?)

We all know People Magazine has great celebrity style know-how. In it's most recent issue - they offered a pet-enthusiast style feature - and just had to share and comment. This article and photo feature showcases some celebrity pups (and more!) in their drop-dead gorgeous accessories and apparel - trust us, this is top of the line stuff here.

In the latest issue of People, they featured a “Where are they now?” article on popular animal actors throughout the years. What a great idea! Inquiring minds DID want to know. You can even see them in 3-D!

Of the doggie celebs - of course, Bruiser is my FAVORITE! I know that we all have our favorite animals in movies, (men won't admint it, but they do too because I know that my husband still mourns Butkus from Rocky) and we wonder where they are now?

Among the famous actors was the Taco Bell Chihuahua (Gidget), who can be found lounging in the California sun. She pretty much sleeps all day now. Wouldn't you? Acting is no easy job - even for the two-leggers! Leading the pack in a group of 22 was Clyde (his real name) from Marley and Me. (No offense, Clyde - your performance was tremendous, but I still have a tough tear-ridden time with that movie)

On a full page spread is Eddie, the Jack Russell terrier from the popular sitcom Frasier, sporting an outfit by Hip Doggie!

Hip Doggie is a dog outfitter company that creates clothes for dogs so that they can model after their stylish owners! I have heard of dressing like your children, but going out of your way to be twinkies with your dog, too - it doesn't get better than that!

You can check out these designs for your twinkie-to-be by visiting another fabulous online pet boutique - Posh Puppy Boutique to get some duds for your doggie.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Molly and June

Certainly, buying a nice scarf or high-end apparel for your best friend or loved one isn’t out of the question ! I could NOT believe my eyes when I saw the precious reversible scarves for the furry-canine-types from Molly and June.

I mean, who would hesitate to put their TRUE best friend in this precious and colorful little accessory ? Or maybe you live in a rainy part of our beautiful planet - try one of their super-waterproof raincoats !

Back to the reversible scarves. These are designed to lay perfectly on the back of your pal’s neck , and are made of 100% cotton . Fully reversible in two colors, and you can choose from two different styles.

Isn't it truly amazing when your doggie can look as good as you ?

Molly and June provides a unique and affordable fashion statement especially if your fur-bound baby is a only child. Be it cashmere, faux fur, wool ... it's only the best for our little ones .... .

Molly and June was created by designer Simard and named after her two best friends, Molly and June. This doggie clothing line is top of the line , well made, functional and while fashionable too. They even have specialty clothing for the bigger doggies, so even my sweet Copper (A Pit Bull Mix ) isn't left out.

This high-end canine clothing line is available at more than one dog apparel boutique, or or you can see the latest news and offerings from the designer directly a Molly & June online. These are handmade in Canada , so you know it's something to bark about!

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Proper Doggie

We all know Ellen loves her dogs! On her show yesterday we saw and were introduced to her guest and featured expert Hollywood dog trainer, Tamar Geller - of The Loved Dog Foundation - and Author of The Loved Dog - and she's also a dog and human life coach.

When the Doggie Bloggie Goddesses saw this; we knew we had to share with our readers interested in all things canine. We reviewed her website, and learned more. Tamar's methods include playful instruction based on twenty plus years of experience and observation of wolf culture; and surprisingly - human learning during the toddler years. She's developed training programs that have proven successful for dogs of all breeds, sizes and personalities.

Having been featured on Ellen, Oprah (here's an informative video of Oprah and Tamar training Oprah's dogs NOT to jump!) and Animal Planet - she's now written a book, The Loved Dog, and has a world of resources, Q&A, helpful tips and articles on her foundation's website The Loved Dog.

We're going to watch some of her videos; learn some of her techniques - and we hope you do too. Here's one of her videos we found on YouTube to introduce you to her - and let her explain to you how she came to her training methods and love for dogs. Enjoy!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Four Legged Fashion: Canine Meets Couture

If you're in the Dallas area, and have had a hankerin' for a canine fashion event - you are in luck next week!

The Four Legged Fashion Show and Designer Showcase will be taking place May 15th at the Dallas Trade Mart Grand Pavillion.

The evening will include full reception, VIP Table Seating, a line up of runway superdogs on the "Dogwalk" to sport off the serious style of several designers who've designed and donated unique, one-of-a-kind fashions EXCLUSIVELY for this show.

There will be a silent and live auction of the apparel and accessories; from which a portion of the proceeds will benefit local animal shelters.

Why, this festive event is even hosted by one of our furry friends - meet FRANK!

Learn more about Four Legged Fashion, the Four Legged Fashion Fund, and this very neat event on their website -