Monday, November 14, 2016


Johnny Depp in one of his sayings described dogs as the only creatures that have evolved enough to express pure love. These lovely creatures do not only play major roles to enrich lives, living with us, playing, safeguarding the home, but also adding inimitable affection to the home and for this reason, they have found a lasting position as part of the family. The U.S. Travel Association in one of its evaluations found out that a reasonable portion of travelers in the U.S. today, consider their companions as part of the family, and a large number take their four-legged friend with them on retreats.

 However, it’s challenging to hop on the plane or another transport system with your pet as it is risky and could possibly endanger the life of your pet and other and passengers, therefore, it is important to consider using a carrier. Furthermore, analysis has shown that a significant number of dog owners often invest for their little or medium-sized pooch to ensure safety during outings to the veterinarian or on vacations and sometimes place their mutt in a carrier when waiting at the subway station, airport or rail terminal. This equipment is the perfect choice to protects the dog and give it a sense of security in an entirely new environment. Therefore, here are some criteria to consider while choosing dog carriers:
Dog size :- 

The dog body size is a crucial factor to consider and if fallacious could bring about accidents that would affect your dog's well-being. Pets experts recommend owners to go for crates or carriers which can accommodate the dog perfectly and would enable it turn around and play easily. However, the most important part of getting the right size carrier is to measure the backbone length from the neck where the collar rests to the base of the tail and add about 3 inches to define the carrier’s length and ascertain the Carrier height by measuring from the ground to the top of shoulders and adding an inch to give room for toys and provided the dimensions are midpoint between sizes it is advisable to go for the bigger dimensions closer to the values obtained.


Weight is an additional factor to reflect on while choosing and it is imperative to select carriers of comparatively feathery mass bearing in mind the stress one might face hauling a heavy carrier while trying to catch up with a bus or flight. Therefore, weight should be used as a guideline only.


The quality of the carrier should be considered even though might be high-priced but in the long run, save time and cost. However, we strongly recommend you get a good-quality carrier.

 Accessibility and comfort:-

Carriers designed with wheels and attachable handles will be of help, provided your dog is hefty, as this equipment will make it stress-free for you to move it through the airport, terminals and passageways.


It is important to carry out a thorough check on the carrier to ensure the hinges and locks are strong and durable and made of overlapping steel wire so that the dog can look through it easily. Also, it is crucial to ensure that the door on the pet carrier is not spring-loaded but made of metal latch and firmly secured as spring-loaded door has been known to slam shut, holding up the dog’s tail or foot in the process


Ventilation is essential to ensure air circulation in and out of the carrier and for this reason, the door of the carrier should be metal lattice pattern to allow air into the carrier with the sides of the carrier designed to have openings so that dogs can look out and see what is happening in the environs.

Durability and Stability:- 

The material from which the dog carrier is made should be sturdy to keep them from escaping or wandering loose in a public area and to provide some level of protection in case of impact or jarring. However, the carrier should be durable, secure and challenging to knock over.

In Conclusion, it is important for dog owners to ensure the carrier is secure, a comfortable fit with enough space inside to accommodate blanket, toys, and other items, affordable and durable. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Find Creative and Designer Dog Clothes and Accessories

Dog Clothes

Agent K-9 aka Spot may have raised the reputation of the federal agency several notches with his stellar performance in the movie of the same name. Unfortunately the agency thought it fit to save on apparel for its top notch K series agents perhaps in the mistaken belief that being a natural would help them sniff out culprits in a better way. However, as a pet owner, you may not expect such rigorous duties from the darling of your house and heart.  Instead, you can pamper him, dress him to the nines and show him off to your friends and possible dog suitors with a sense of sartorial style.

Cute Dog Clothes

The trouble for most puppy lovers is the size and variety of dogs where the usual human sizes and styles would not apply. The Shih Tzu, whose bark could be worse than his bite, may need threads that fit his style and size. The giant Great Dane or the St Bernard may, in dog terms, be beyond XXXLL. A dog may walk in not wearing much except his fur and walk out a fully attired dog gentleman with the canine equivalent of hat, coat, tie and even shoes. 
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 A lady Pomeranian may primp and preen before the mirror with a hat sitting between her ears, a scarf looped around her neck with a necklace to match and her dainty feet suitably outfitted with shoes and socks. You do not want her delicate paws getting hurt or dirty, would you?
Designer Dresses

From the zany and wacky to breathtakingly stylish and smart, you can get a range of designer dog clothes and accessories for dogs of any breed or type or size from Posh Puppy Boutique, the online supermarket created from the canine’s perspective. Are dogs judgmental? You never know but you can try sticking a nice blue wig on their heads and let their wisdom shine through. Should you get your poodle a lovely tiara for her wedding?

K9 Optix Sunglasses
Sunglasses, as you might know, are not just worn by the Hollywood elite to distinguish themselves from the general populace. Dogs love them too. Especially when you take them to the beach where other dogs will be scrutinizing them to see how well they have trained their masters to dress and accessorize them. Sunglasses, according to dogs, are a nice camouflage and allow you to sniff out likely prospects on the beach without seeming too interested. They can also help you look menacing says an expert beach doggies.


Giving food and shelter is not sufficient. A dog must have his day, every day and what better way than to outfit them with clothes and accessories. He is like your baby, in a manner of speaking. You would not want your baby running around in the buff would you?

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

10 Ways a Dog Shows Its Love

Studies have shown that since dogs and humans have been intertwined throughout history, they have developed ways to show their love for humans.

But you may be wondering:  How do these dogs show their love?

1.  They Lick You
This is an obvious sign of affection dogs and even wolves show - assuming you don't have any sauce on your face that they want to taste. Licking you, especially your face, is a signal of friendliness and submission.

2.  They Wag Their Tails

A dog can express many different emotions by wagging their tail, and sometimes, it may not be due to being happy.  However, if other signs of comfort are displayed, then you can safely assume that your dog is showing you that they feel happy being with you! A relaxed and non-intense wagging is more likely to be about comfort and happiness than any other emotion.

3.  They Roll Over

When a dog wants a bit of scratching or rubbing on their belly, they tend to roll over.  And who would they want to rub their belly, other than someone they trust? Nobody, so if they let you rub them, it means that they trust you enough to expose their vulnerable belly to you.

4.  They Follow You
A devoted dog doesn't want to let their owner go anywhere without them - at least in the first few weeks. If they follow you, it's because they want to feel protected. They are social beings and tend to form packs, and if they follow you often, it more than likely means you’re the pack leader.

5.  They Jump on You

As puppies, they want to lick their mother's face and have to jump in order to so. This behavior persists through adulthood when they see you as their "parent." You might feel uncomfortable when your dog jumps on you, and that's fine, but all they want is to innocently show you their love.

6.  They Play with You

Sometimes, your dog will be eager to start "wrestling" with you. This is completely normal since this is a way to create stronger bonds with others. This wrestling can include biting or swiping at you.  While this can be a sign of love to them, it should be toned down to avoid hurting others or unnecessary vet bills.

7.  They Lean on You

If they see you as a person they trust, they will also lean on you occasionally. It's not a thing they do only when they're tired; they do it to show you are the one they can count on.

8.  They Bring You Their Favorite Toy

Image result for dog bring you their favorite toy
Bringing their favorite toy to you is their way of saying: "Here, you will like it a lot!" There is nothing more beautiful than sharing, and dogs know it too. The toy might be all torn apart and useless to you, but to them, it may be the most precious thing they have.

9.  They Cuddle with You

Dogs are not really fond of cuddling, but if they don't get upset when you cuddle with them, then they're just enjoying your company.

10.  They Sleep Next to You
Nothing feels safer than sleeping with someone strong that you can trust, right? Dogs often say yes to this question, too. If they come near you or on your bed while you're sleeping, it's because they want to feel protected.
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Monday, August 15, 2016

7 Best Interactive Dog Toys To Keep Dogs Super Busy And Having Fun

Our pets needs us to be around them all the time, but that can’t be possible because we have to socialize, go to work, go to school, and do what humans do. It can be absolutely boring when our dogs are left alone on this kind of days. Whenever you are not around and they are bored, it can be predicted that disaster will happen. It should be avoided because this behavior is not a promising one. 

When you are not around for the whole day, we have brought about seven amazing interactive toys that you can use to keep your dog busy and they are easily obtainable at our discount dog toys store.

Kong Classic Dog Toy

This is the number one on our list because it has proven its value to most pet owners. It is a classic toy that let your dog have fun for hours. Treats can be added inside the toy to guarantee that your dog will not go hungry when playing with the toy. 

Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Mazee Ball

Your dog’s senses can be stimulated if your dog plays with this ball. It is built with an internal maze inside; as the toy rattles, it throws treats pieces when it rolls around. With every poke, prod and nudge, the food will continue to rattle, roll and shake, much more interesting than a usual tennis ball. This Orbee Tuff ball will keep them busy. It is simple to wash with hot water and can be put in the dishwater.
Entertaineze Puzzle Ball

This toy can spark your dog’s curiosity. For stimulating clever dogs, puzzle balls are a great option. It is made of durable rubber, the toy is slightly soft, therefore, it bounce level is decent. It is easy to put treats or kibble inside the toy because of the small hole on the toy that you can push treats into. The treats will not fall out easily since there is a little flap just inside the hole that makes sure the treats only becomes loose while the ball has been well toppled and thrown around by your dog. This is a great outdoor toy; it is easy to wash after play.

Orbee Tuff Snoop Ball

This toy can accommodate treats and smaller sized balls, this toy has a very irregular bounce because of it shape. It rolls and tumbles well and it is designed in a way that allows a dog to sniff out treats that are held inside the ball. After playtime, they are easy to clean and are ideal for both outdoor and indoor play.
AFP interactive food maze dog toy

This toy is a large one that keeps your dog stimulated. Not like the other toys mentioned, this is not a chewy or a ball toy. This toy is an interactive food maze that looks like a doggy puzzle. This toy permits you to leave treats on the crevices of the maze. Your dog will enjoy spending time licking, wiggling and biting them out. One of the benefits of owning this toy is that food will not be scattered around the garden or house.
Kong Wobbler

This toy is unique and it will really keep your dog curious. Kong wobbler shakes and sways releasing treats inside because of the wobblers curved shape with every nudge. It encourages your dog to play more just like other Kong toys. It takes a little more effort than just a simple chew and shakes tricks to dispense treats.
Aussie Dog Home Alone

This could just be the toy for you if your dog is always left at home for a prolonged period of time. This toy can be tied to a pillar or tree for your dog to play with during the day. It is essential you fill the ball up with dry food so when moved it will make a rattling sound. The toy is designed in a way that the more it is played with, the more treats it dispensed. The toy also has the tug of war features so your dog can still have plenty of fun while they are alone.