Thursday, April 12, 2018

Excellent Collection of Designer Dog Collars For Safe

Designer Dog Collar Collection

Trying to get the perfect look for your dog and feel as though something is missing? Do not worry about it, try adding a dog collar to it.

Dog collars are the classic way of making your dog look cool. Additionally, you add other information which may prove useful in case of emergencies. However, the choice of a dog collar is what hard.

If you are trying to look for the perfect dog collar, and want something that is safe for your dog, then here is what you can choose for your dog:

Martingale Collar: 

Designer Dog Collars

A martingale collar is probably the oldest kind of choice there is for dog collars. These collars are flexible and super versatile. You can adjust the straps according to your preference. Other than this, these are made with great materials, which are easy on your dog’s skin and does not pose any discomfort. Furthermore, these collars come in many colors and are fun to use.

Diamond or Pearl Collars: 

Dog Collars

If you want to get your diva of a pet something different and sparkly, then the designer dog collars with diamonds and pearls will be perfect. These collars come in amazing colors and have the perfect diva touch. You could choose different kind of stones for the collar or go for different collars, and use them with various apparel choices for your dog!

Ribbon Collars:

Designer Pet Collar

If you are looking for something cute to match your pretty dog, then these are the ones you should be looking for. Ribbon collars come in various colors and sizes. Add some of these beautiful colors to your pet and help them find their perfect look. Additionally, you can look out for pretty prints such as hearts and other things on the collars for an additional touch.

Nylon Collars:

Dog Collar

These collars are widely used and are popular for only one reason- their ease of use. These type of collars usually come with a fastener, which is hard for your pet to get off on their own. Other than this, these collars can be adjusted as per your needs and requirements, which help you maintain the level of comfort for your pet.

Dog Collar Boutique

Additional Tip:

If you are looking for something different to do with the boring looking collars, here is an idea for you. Try looking for pretty sliders. These sliders can be bought separately and added to your pet’s collars. Sliders come in various designs and sizes; this will help you in adding new designs to your collars without changing them!

When you choose a pet collar, always make sure you put your pet’s comfort above everything. Even if you like a specific collar too much and want to get it, stop to consider the comfort the particular product has to offer your pet.

Once you sot that out, get your pet any kind of collar you think will match your pet’s personality!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

5 Essential Dog Clothes and Accessories Useful For Style Dog

Dog Clothes

Dogs, just as humans love to be dressed! If you think your dog is any different, then think again! That said, there are many options out in the market for all kinds of dogs. However, how is it that you know which of those choices are essential and which will fit your dog perfectly? Well, we’ll help you out with it!

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Clothes for Your Dog

When you look to get your dog some new clothes, here is what you need to know:

Always check for the specifications of the dog clothes. Too tight or too loose of apparel will make your dog uncomfortable.

Designer Dog Clothes

Check the material of the apparel you choose to buy. A prickly or rough material will also make your dog uncomfortable and will make your dog sad.

Clean the dog clothes after use. Do not wait to clean them later.

Do not look at prices tags, for just because something is expensive, it does not qualify as the perfect fit.

Essential Clothes and Accessories for Your Dog

Here is a list of essential clothes for your dog:

Cute Dog Clothes

Polo T-Shirt: If you have a large dog, the choices of your dog clothes and accessories are quite limited. Get your dog a polo shirt, with solid colors to add life to your dog’s attire.

Tutu: If you are going out to a party and you need to take your dog as well, add a tutu! These look well with small dogs or lap dogs. Tutus only add to their adorableness.

Sweatshirts: Winters here? Worry not! Get your pet a couple of pretty sweatshirts. Large or small, all dogs look amazing in sweatshirts!

Vests: If you have a formal event to attend or a costume party with your dog, add a vest to your dog’s attire. Vests look decent and amazing; your dog will definitely rock it!

Essential Accessories for Your Pet:

Designer Pet Accessories

Hair Dye: If you are one of those pet parents who love colors, then this is one of the best things for you. Dog hair dyes are composed differently to avoid allergies for your dog. Choose your color and go crazy!

Tiaras: When your dog is a princess, you will need a tiara to match. Get the best-jeweled ones from a store and add sparkles to your dog!

Scarves: If you think, your dog’s attire is not complete, then add a quirky scarf to it and see the difference!

Wigs: Halloween party or a quirky new look for your dog is possible, only if you have the perfect wig picked out. Go for natural colors or something as crazy as turquoise blue to add a new sense of excitement to your dog’s attire!

Dog apparel is not only for dog shows! You can dress up your dog, whenever you feel like and however you feel like. Add new colors to your life as well as your dog’s life by choosing to do something different.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Keep Your Dog Clean Without Having To Give Them A Bath

More dogs mean more dirt. Whether you keep a pug or a Labrador, you need to be responsible enough to maintain the dog. Many dogs might not like having a bath, but still, they need to be clean. 

This is important as dogs might leave an odor or their furry skin might become a playground for ticks and lice. So yes, dogs need not fear to go for the haunting and dreaded activity called bath time with such tips that can help them be clean otherwise too.


Obviously, this does not mean that you are free from giving your pets a bath at all. But here are some strategies withsome luxury dog accessories can help your dog sport a clean when bathing isn’t required.

Keep the Surroundings Clean

Living in a clean environment, your dog will start valuing cleanliness. You also need to ensure that his stuff is clean always. This includes everything from his mattress to his chew toys to his food plate. This would prevent accumulation of dirt. Simple cleaners, which do not cause allegories to your dog, are great products for keeping your dogs’ toys and clothes clean.



Grooming your pet’s hair is required to keep the fur healthy and free from fleas. Various brushes for grooming the hair and tools for de-shedding are available. Shedding of hair can be troublesome even for you as the dog would leave trails of hair all over your house. Often such tools have small high quality stainless steel blades to maintain the length of the dog’s hair and keep their coat shiny and healthy.

Dental hygiene

Your pooch needs to take care of his teeth too. To maintain their oral health, you can always use toothbrushes that are different for different breeds of dogs. Such oral care kits also include oral care water additives, and sometimes even chews can prove to be useful in keeping the dog’s teeth clean. 

There are certain dental chews for dogs which help to freshen up the dog’s mouth from inside out. Bad breath is also an issue among many pets. For this, you can use products like the Instant Fresh Breath Foam. This not only gives your dog a fresh, fragrant mouth but also loosens plaque. The foams got a good taste, so it’s totally pet-friendly.



Pet wipes are a quintessential part of the pet grooming kit. Dogs are messy creatures, so these wipes come handy when you need to clean them without a proper bath. A company called John Paul makes great wipes catering to different needs of dogs. 

There are ear and eye wipes and tooth and gum wipes. Then there are biodegradable pet wipes are useful for removing dirt from the dog’s coat and paws after they come from a walk or playing outside.

Hence, you can use such products and techniques to keep your little family member healthy and fresh, and he wouldn’t have to crib much for bathing. You can find all the products you require at Posh Puppies Boutique’s website or at the store!

Easy Ways to Dress up Your Pet for Every Occasion

Dogs are a human’s best friend. Simply keeping your dog happy will not cut it for most us, we need to see them dressed and are driven by the passion of finding the most comfortable clothes or apparel for our pets.With dogs, it is especially easy. A number stores and websites offer you the choice of many apparel options for your dog to look pretty in! Ours is one such website, and here are a few great ways and ideas to fix up the perfect outfit for your dog:


Formal Party Apparel
Need to go to a formal black dress and black tie party and want to bring your dog along? Well, worry not; dress up your dog in the aptest fashion with the help of a vest and suit specially designed for such purposes.

Casual day-out Apparel
Leaving for an appointment at your favorite spa or going out for a beer with your friends and you are in no mood to leave your adorable dog behind? Dress your pet in cool vintage t-shirts or in a pair of polo t-shirts especially suitable for larger dogs and take them out!


Saturday Night Party
Going out to friend’s place for a party and do not know what to dress your dog in? Here is a quick tip- add a scarf and a hat to your dog’s image. To top it off look for a beautiful designer dog clothes for your female dog or dress your dog in t-shirts and pants!

Winter Night-Out
Going out for a stroll or looking to have dinner on a winter’s night and don’t know what will keep your dog warm? Dress your dog in the most fashionable sweater, be it with cool characters on it or simple textured design, your dog will definitely feel warmer!

Rainy Day-Out
Pouring rain outside and you have to go out to enjoy, but can’t leave your dog behind? Grab a pair of shoes for your dog and leave your house with no worries. You could even make a DIY raincoat for your pet from older raincoats!

For the Princess in your Dog
Dogs require pampering too! And what another way to pamper your princess of a dog than getting them the best frilly dresses and tutus! Your dog is definitely going to give you a lick or two after getting beautiful dresses!

For your Dog’s Cool Side
Want to keep your dog warm as well as make them look cool? Get them the trendiest sweatshirts and hoodies. Get solids, or with pretty characters on them, your dog will look awesome in it regardless!

The after shower Needs
Tired of letting your dog go out without apt clothes after a shower? Pamper them with the softest dog robes and PJs! Choose the color you like, with the design which suits your dog’s personality!


Dogs love to dress as much as we do! Grab the dog clothes for your dog with our website and make your dog stylishly comfortable!