Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Best Dog Raincoats and Rain Boots, According to Professional

Many breeds of dogs cannot go out in the rain due to their short hair and lack of thick undercoats. Raincoats greatly benefit them as it protects them from the cold and mud on the streets. Professionals suggest many types of raincoats for pet dogs.

Polka Dots & Daisies Raincoat

Most professional dog walkers refer a dog rain poncho as their favourite. It is like a standard raincoat with added style. It makes the dogs look cuter and more attractive. It comes with a hood and is a great option for making a fashion statement. It is a best-seller among designer pet accessories on various shopping websites.

Disposable/Reusable Dog Boots in Medium Blue

The owner of Paws on Pine beast in the financial district Heather Curatolo prefers a classic raincoat because of its affordable price and added options of velcro around the neck and stomach and a hole for the leash.

Mesh Leash in Many Colors

Another more technical and full cover option for designer pet accessories during the rain is a sun shower dog rain jacket from Ruffwear based in Oregon. It is made up of water-resistant nylon of ripstop variety which has a large flap which helps in protecting the underbelly of your dog from getting wet.

Hurtta is a Finnish company which specialises in technical designer pet accessories. Their products are made up of human-grade fabrics which make the dogs more comfortable in them. The main causes of the popularity of this outfit are it makes you aware of the movements of dogs and their variable sizes, so a lot of options are available in this segment.

Furry Runner Coat Black

The Kurgo North Country Coat is ideal for Labradors.  This designer pet accessory is fitted with LED lights to ensure that your dog is visible to cars and other computers even in dark and stormy weather. In order to keep dogs warm, the jacket is lined with fleece and has a waterproof shell. The ripstop material protects the animals from wind gusts and keeps them try.

Another of the designer pet accessories useful in the rains is the Vert. It is made by Ruffwear and is recommended by professionals. Quite like the sun showers rain jacket, this one is additionally lined with fleece.

Even though finding designer pet accessories for long-legged dogs are easy, finding a perfect raincoat for short-legged dogs can be freaky. Custom made raincoats come to the rescue of pet owners in this case.

Adjustable Raincoat - Yellow

apart from raincoats, designer pet accessories also include waterproof dog boots. Rubber booties made by Pawz is recommended by professionals because of their sturdy nature and salt free texture.
An alternative to dog booties is paw plungers. 

They are filled with water and a light soap while the brushes inside the paw plunger wheel efficiently and gently wipes out mud or salt that might have accumulated inside the paws of the dog. You will just have to dunk the feet of your dog inside it.

These varieties can be easily bought from your local market for from various online shopping portals. Get hold of these items and protect your dog from the rain and mud during monsoons.

How to Take Care of Your Dog When It's Raining

Dogs are wonderful creatures, and nothing should stop them from living their ever-playful life. However, during the rainy season, the day to day activities of your dog is hindered. Apart from being cold, the weather also becomes wet which is detrimental for the health of your dog. As an owner, you must take every possible step to prevent your dog from catching any kind of disease during the rainy season. At the same time, you must also ensure that your pet does not miss out on any of its day-to-day activities. Taking him out on a walk should never be missed as staying indoors might make it cranky and affect its psychological and physical health. Even though dogs have a protecting cover of fur on their bodies, they still need to be shielded from the rains.

Rainbow Collection Dog Raincoat- Teal

Steps you can take
Human beings feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a shower. However, the rainy season is not exactly ideal for dogs. They are uncomfortable and are prone to diseases during the monsoons. Therefore, you need to be extra careful and attentive towards your dog during the rainy season. Many dog clothes and accessories are available which help this purpose and protect dogs from the rain.

Keep the fur of your dog dry
Damp or wet fur causes the growth of bacteria and fungi. This might irritate the skin and cause incubation. To prevent this from happening rub your dog down properly before and after you take it out for a walk. A blow drier can also be useful for this purpose. Apart from regular dog clothes and accessories, try to use a dry shampoo instead of regular baths.

Faux Mink Stole in Black

Keep the paws of your dog clean
Paws are among the most sensitive part of a dog's body as they are always in contact with the ground. They develop infections quickly. To prevent it, get hold of proper dog clothes and accessories like protective shoes or boots especially during the rainy season.

Basic Hiker Boots in Many Colors

Maintain dry bedding
A dog should sleep in a dry and warm bed. This acts as a comfortable resting area for it. Because of the cool surroundings during monsoons, the joints of your dog could be harmed. Wet bedding can also promote the accumulation of bacteria.

Sleepypod All In One Carrier/Bed/Car Seat - Strawberry Red

Clean the ears of your dog
The ears of a dog must also be cleaned regularly during the rainy season. Dog breeds with closed ears like Labradors, Basset Hounds and Dachshunds are prone to accumulation of moisture. Moisture can cause infections in the year after it meets the ear wax. Get the best dog clothes and accessories to prevent this from happening.

Rescue Remedy 10ml Bottle

Thus, special care needs to be taken of your pet dogs in the monsoon season to keep them healthy and active. Various dog clothes and accessories are available in your local market as well as on different online portals which can help this purpose. Online stores offer you discounts on the product and get them delivered to your house so that you don't have to go out and buy them yourself.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Where to Find High Fashion Dog Clothes in the USA

The clothing line for pets has undergone considerable change since the eminent designer labels have stepped into the industry. The dog clothes have been at the centre of this focus. With dog parents interested in dressing up their pups in different styles, the clothing line has expanded to include all kinds of styles that suit every breed.


Evolution of the clothing line:
Dog clothes are now found in the designer shops and the quality and design of those are superior to the retail shops. The customized dog clothes for the breeds can be adapted to the style of the pets. The comfortable fabric offers protection from the elements and keeps the fur clean. The clothes are convenient while going outside for walks, traveling, or attending events. With the focus on elegance and maximum comfort, the brands build clothes that are easy to move in and are machine washable. The inclusive collection of dog attire is suitable for pups as well as big dogs. The collection offers a wide range of..

·         coats,
·         dresses,
·         tutus,
·         skirts,
·         hoodies,
·         onesies,
·         outfits and tracksuits,
·         pajamas and robes,
·         pants and shorts,
·         shirt collars and ties,
·         tees and tanks,
·         vintage tees,
·         shirts and blouses,
·         sweaters,
·         swimwears,

·         hats,
·         shoes and socks,
·        vests and more.

It is indeed a style statement which emphasizes the personal style of the pet, but the core focus is on providing comfort to the pet. Some owners prefer to match the style of the pet and coordinate their outfits. In such cases, there are outfits available for both the pets and pet parents. A more presentable appearance of the pets encourage time outside and reduces the worry of the owners of having to bathe them after every walk. Especially the socks and shoes protect the paws of the animals from the sharp objects present on the roads and keep them from getting dirty in the mud.


Quality use:
The usage of dog clothes is not restricted to its pleasing appearance. The clothing materials are different for season-specific collectins. The weatherproof wardrobe can make the experience of your little friend fun. While it effectively reduces the worries of the owner by protecting the pets from the elements of nature, the rain gears keep the pet dry and make rainy days more enjoyable for the pet. Similarly, in winter, the snuggly sweater can bring warmth to an elderly pet. The importance of little boots cannot be expressed enough. For itchy skin or post-operative stages, the clothes provide an added layer of protection to prevent biting. Additionally, shirts help people who are allergic to dog fur.

The dog clothes are an important thing to consider before stepping out of the house with your furry friend. With degrading environmental conditions, protecting the skin of the pets is important for the parents. The clothing lines employ quality materials to make these attires as comfortable as possible to protect the furry little ones. The collections are accessible through websites and shopping portals.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Evolving Pet Fashion: Designer Clothing and Poo Bags for Dogs

As animal lovers are looking out for the comfort of their pets while traveling, the requirement of pet clothing is increasing rapidly. Style and elegance are the core focus of this line with an emphasis on the comfort of the pets.

Designer Pet Carriers:
There are luxury brands available in the market that makes designer dog bags at an affordable price. The dog carriers are of multiple styles and suit the requirement of various purposes.


Backpack Style Carriers
Measure your pup before buying a backpack carrier. It is useful for taking your small dog onto long hikes and trips and keeps them secured in crowded spaces like airports. They come in various colors and sizes and are easy to carry around.

Canvas Style Carriers
This style is suitable for both you and your pet. The pets can be comfortably accommodated in the open carriers, and it becomes an accessory of your attire. There are various options of designer dog bags available online, and you can choose styles and designs according to your preference.


Faux Fur Style Carriers
This style is more suitable for winter days. The faux fur layering on the inside of the carrier provides the pets the much needed extra warmth on chilly days. The sizes of these carriers are bigger to be of comfort for the pups. You can choose from a wide range of collections with different designs, colors, and sizes.


Leather Dog Carriers
The rich material creates the most fashionable line of the collection in most designer shops. The sturdy bags come in different sizes, as small purses, as well as large containers. The easily cleanable and stylish designer dog bags are the most popular items among pet lovers.


Luxury Carriers
The luxury carriers for pets are what luxury clothing for us is. The comfort of the bags is unparalleled. Celebrities are often spotted carrying their pets in these bags. It adds to your fashion statement, and you can carry around your pet in style.

Pet Fly’s Carriers
These designer dog bags are recommended for flights. With these carriers, you can take your dog on the plane with the security that it would remain safe. The styles are airline approved and come in multiple designs.


Rolling Carriers
These carriers are easy to walk around with. The stroller sort of design makes it convenient for the dog parent to push it around in market places and around the city. This carrier is especially suited for long walks. The sturdy structure and wheels offer the necessary support and comfort for the pets.

Sling Bag Style Carriers
The light carriers do not hamper your style and help to keep your dog close to you. In other carriers, the pet is secured in the designer dog bags but with the sling bags, skin contact is established which is important for some parents.

The most important purpose of designer dog bags is taking your pet with you wherever you go. Not leaving the pups in hot cars for your supermarket visit and at the care of another while you are traveling abroad, is ideal for both the owner and the pet. With these stylish carriers, you have more options to consider.