Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Fun Indoor Activities with Dogs during Winter

You can be certain that it’s really cold outside when your dog pokes its head out the front door and then quickly, without even venturing forward, retreats back into the comfy confines of home.

But while your pet can be forgiven for its reluctant to brave bone-chilling temperatures, it still needs the right amount of physical activity since a sedentary lifestyle can lead to health issues.

First things first. You can’t keep your dog inside all winter long since fresh air is good for man’s best friend. When it’s nippy outside, just be sure to outfit your pet in doggy clothes, jackets, and boots that are suitable for the weather conditions. And limit the amount of time spent outdoors.

When you can’t take your dog outside as often as you’d like, you have to get creative. So, what follows is a look at a number of fun indoor activities with your dog this winter so that your pet can stay fit, engaged, and happy during the cold weather months.

The Shell Game

If you're looking for a fun indoor activity that will stimulate your dog mentally, than the shell game will do the trick. All you'll need for this easy problem-solving game are three cups and a treat. Turn the three cups upside down on the ground, place a treat under one of them, and shuffle the cups around. When your dog finds the hidden treat, be sure to praise it and let it eat the treat.

Stuffed Kong

If you don't have a Kong toy -- or something like it -- for your dog, go out and get one. You can stuff a Kong with some of your dog's favorite snacks, and then give your dog the delicious challenge of retrieving the tasty eats from the toy. For a fun treat idea, try placing some frozen peanut butter into the Kong, and then let your dog have at it.

Tug of War

You've probably already discovered that dogs love a good game of tug of war. You don't need any fancy apparatus to play this fun indoor winter activity. If you have an old towel or your dog's favorite toy, that'll do just fine. Grab one end and have your dog grab the other end with its teeth -- and then let the tug of war begin. Be gentle, though, so that you don't hurt your dog's teeth.

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek isn’t just something you can play with your kids; it’s something you can also play with your dog. Give your dog the command to “stay” or “sit” and then go and hide somewhere. Make sure that it’s a place where your dog can safely and easily access. After you’ve found your hiding place, command your dog to “come” or call its name. You can give some verbal cues if it’s heading off in the wrong direction, and be sure to reward it with praise and a treat when your four-legged Sherlock Holmes finally tracks you down.


While the game of fetch might be more fun in the backyard or at the park during the summer months with its balmy temperatures, your dog can have a great time playing the same game indoors. Whether in your living room or in a hallway, get one of your dog's balls and toss it so that your pet can scurry after it. Your dog will be engaged and entertained during this activity.

Again, don't let winter stop you from giving your dog the exercise that it needs to be healthy. There are a lot of potential health problems that your dog can develop if it fails to get enough physical activity, so keep it active indoors when the cold weather limits its time outdoors.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

How to Impress Your Pet on This 2018 Valentine Day?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it is right about the time when people start fussing on dates! But if this valentine’s day you choose your dog as your valentine, then you have already made the right decision.

We all know there is no better company than the company of your beloved dog.

How to impress your pet on this 2018 Valentine Day?

So, choosing your dog as your valentine was the first step, the easiest one perhaps. Next, what should you do? Well, here is a list of considerably fun things to do with your pet this Valentine’s day:

Grab Your Blankets and NETFLIX!

There is no better joy than a good movie and warmth of your blanket! Choose the classic Turner and Hooch or the utterly emotional Hachiko or put on the beautiful Eight Below, to enjoy your Valentines date with your pet.

Plan a Day Picnic

Waiting to show off your pet’s new dog clothes and accessories, well do not wait anymore. Take your dog in a backpack, and doll up your pet before leaving. Take your pet to the nearest park or take your dog on a trip to a different state or city. There is nothing better thattraveling with your dog.

cute dog clothes

Beach and Sunset
How romantic would it be to watch the sunset on a beautiful beach! Well, make it a reality with your dog. Take everything you need for dog clothes and accessories to your pet’s favourite toys and watch the sunset. Spend the day at the beach, and enjoy the nature’s serenity!

Gather up the Squad

Plan a date with your friends and your pet’s friends. Travel to a different location or make the most out of your house, allow your dog to enjoy as you enjoy. Play games and offer treats to your dogs and simply have fun!


Treat your Dog

All dogs love the food their owners or parents eat, and usually, you will not allow them to stock up on the food your pet should not be eating! But since it is Valentine’s day,and you decided to have fun with your pet, feed them until they are totally full! Treat your pet with everything your pet loves. Pop into your favorite restaurants and eat until you’re full!


Go out and Take your dog with you

Do not have the time to visit some far-off beautiful place or do not have enough funds to eat whatever you wish, try going out. Visit local areas, walk with your dog and exchange some pet and owner time. Go to your favorite haunts, feed your dog and make the most out of your day. Pamper your dog with dog clothes and accessories and enjoy!


Valentine's day is a beautiful occasion to spend time with your dog. Be it going out for fun walks or be it simply chilling at home and watching random movies, make sure you make the most out of your day. Remember to plan a day which fits your and your dog’s regime.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Dog Makes the Best Valentine’s Date Using Designer Pet Products

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and while some of us are distressed for we have no dates, there are some who have the best dates! Wondering what kind of a person would make the best date for this Valentine’s Day? Well, here is a simple answer- Your Pet Dog!

cute dog clothes

Why do Dogs make the Best Valentine’s Date?

Given below are some of the top reasons which explain why dogs make the best dates:

A dog will never be late for a date. Be it dining out at a fancy restaurant or cooking a massively difficult French dinner, your date is going to right next to you, enjoying every moment of it. Your dog will not MISUNDERSTAND a single word or feeling. Dogs have the tendency to read the mood, so unlike humans, they understand for just the way they are and do not make it hard to have a conversation with them.


Another plus point: They do not talk unnecessarily and do not annoy you with weird questions!

No need to dress up and spend time with your appearance. It does not matter to your dog if you look like you just slipped out of bed,or you look as good as Brad Pitt, they will  love you all the same. They are definitely not going to nag about being “un-presentable!” (What a relief right?)

No sharing of Deserts! Wow, that’s the biggest reason to hang out with your dog this Valentine’s day. Dress yourself up and dress your dog by choosing verity collection of designer pet products. Even if your dog looks at you expectantly for some dessert, remember that sweets are not good for your dog’s health.


What can you do?

Well, now that we are done with stating why dogs should be your Valentine every year from this year onwards, here is what you can do with your dog to enjoy your day:

Spend the entire day indoors. Binge watch movies and bawl your eyes out or binge watch on the TV series you have been waiting to watch with your dog next to you. Did you know, nobody snuggles better than a lovable dog?

Spend the day outdoors! Dogs love being outdoors, play with your dog, exchanges some throws or take the dog on a hike along with you. Spend the day running around and enjoying every bit of it. After all, who does not love being outdoors?

Travel! Go to a beach or take your dog across borders to meet a friend. Whatever, just hop on a flight or rent a car, and go wherever you have been longing to visit!


With numerous plans and ideas, you could find this occasion to get your dog a beautiful present of designer dog collars. Show-off your new beautiful designer dog collars and makes the most out of your date! 

Take your dog to a nearby eating parlor or take your dog to the beach or simply spend your day indoors do what you do best- chilling, this Valentine’s Day!


Friday, January 12, 2018

Use Safe Grooming Pet Product Your Dog

Taking care of dogs is something every pet owner takes pride in. With many options out there, we know that you may be wondering which product to use for your dog. Additionally, you must worry about the safety of your dogs.

And which is why we are here to help you. With luxury dog accessories and luxury care products that we provide for your pets, it is easy to take care of your dog.

Grooming Products for your Dog

Pet owners, you do not have to worry about the safety of your dogs anymore. Here is a list of luxury care products for your dogs:

  • Angel Eyes Shampoo and Ear Rinser: Angels Eyes shampoo is a unique tearless shampoo which helps your dog’s coat to maintain its shine. The Angel Eyes ear rinser is made use of a unique formula to get rid of accumulated wax inside your dog’s ears.
  • TropiClean Teeth Gel: Looking for something to get rid of your dog’s smelly teeth? Here is Tropic Clean Teeth gel made with natural ingredients, which effectively removes the foul smell.

  • TropiClean Ear Wipes: The TropiClean Ear wipes are specifically engineered to give your pet’s ear a soft yet thorough cleaning. The wipes remove all kinds of debris as well as earwax from your pet’s ears without making a mess.
  • Bubbles & Beads Shampoo & Conditioner: Available on our website, poshpuppyboutique.com, is a nourishing shampoo which gives your dog a bath packed with nutrients. The beads present in the shampoo is packed with vitamins, which makes the bathing experience more fun for your dog.


  • Organic Oscar’s Itch Relief Shampoo: The shampoo is infused with tea tree oils, neem extracts and organic citronella, which works well for the dogs who are healing from bug infections and bug bites. The shampoo is made of organic products which makes it a good product for dogs with sensitive skins.
  • Hot Spot Cream: Hot Spot Cream available at stores and on our website, is a steroid-free and fragranced cream. The cream reduces pain, inflammation, and swelling. Furthermore, it also moisturizes dry skin and works well on insect bites.

  • Antibiotic-Free Vegan Eye Pads: These pads are an essential part of your dog’s hygiene. The product is made of vegan products and does not include any elements derived from animals. Plus, this product is gentle on your dog’s eyes and fragrance-free.
  • EYENIMAL Pet Electronic Flea Comb: EYENIMAL is a pet-friendly brand. And its product, electronic Flea Comb, is quite effective in the fighting off the problem of fleas for your dogs.

At Posh Puppies, we hope to provide the best care for your dogs. We understand the need for safe products, which is why we help dog parents by giving them a variety of luxury dog accessories and luxury care products. Your dog and its care will be well taken care of at our place. Visit our website or a store near you for the collection of these products.